european nations settle north america n.
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European nations settle North America

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European nations settle North America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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European nations settle North America. Chapter 20 section 2. Key Terms. New Netherlands French and Indian War Metacom. New France Jamestown Pilgrims Puritans. Explorers Establish New France. Giovanni da Verrazzano 1524 sailed to America to find sea route to the Pacific

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key terms
Key Terms
  • New Netherlands
  • French and Indian War
  • Metacom
  • New France
  • Jamestown
  • Pilgrims
  • Puritans
explorers establish new france
Explorers Establish New France
  • Giovanni da Verrazzano 1524 sailed to America to find sea route to the Pacific
  • Sailed for the French and discovered New York harbor
  • Jacques Cartier reached eastern Canada
  • Cartier named the Saint Lawrence River
  • Quebec became the capitol of new France
french dutch and english colonies in the americas
French, Dutch, and English Colonies in the Americas
  • French had many colonies in Canada (New France)
  • Hoped to find silver and gold, did not
  • Found fish, furs
    • Lynx
    • Otter
    • Fox
    • Beaver sold for high prices
new france
New France
  • French did not send a large number of colonists
  • Only small groups of traders
  • French not interested in settling down
  • French did not enslave Native Americans
  • Native Americans were the main source of furs
new france1
New France
  • Many French married Native Americans
  • Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec
  • French explored the Mississippi
    • Thought it flowed to the Pacific ocean
  • La Salle claimed land around Mississippi region
  • Called Louisiana after King Louis XIV
the english colonies
The English Colonies
  • Did not set out to establish colonies
  • Jamestown the first colony in 1607
  • Hoped for silver and gold and route to the Pacific
  • 1620’s Pilgrims sailed to Plymouth because of religious persecution
the settlement of jamestown
The settlement of Jamestown
  • More interested in gold than planting crops
  • Seven out of 10 die from hunger and disease
  • First permanent English settlement
  • Farmers discovered tobacco
  • High profit cash crop
the dutch of new netherlands
The Dutch of New Netherlands
  • Located on the Hudson River
  • 1629 Governor bought Manhattan from Wappinger people
  • New Amsterdam became New York City
  • Fewer than 4,000 people in all of New Netherland
the english colonies1
The English Colonies
  • Pilgrims were self sufficient in five years
  • Did not share same relationship with Native Americans as the French and Dutch
  • Native Americans had helped the colonists
  • Colonists view Native Americans with distrust or anger
puritans create new england
Puritans create new England
  • Puritans sought religious freedom
  • Made a large colony in Massachusetts Bay area
  • Wanted to build a model community
  • Numerous families helped to build the colony
the dutch found new netherlands
The Dutch Found New Netherlands
  • Dutch established relationship with the Iroquois Indians
  • Trading posts along the Hudson River
  • Formed Dutch West India company
  • 1621 Dutch government gave permission to colonize
  • Dutch
  • Germans
  • Scandinavians
  • Start settlements
the dutch of new netherland
The Dutch of New Netherland
  • Dutch more focused on colonies in other parts of the world
  • They were more profitable because they got goods not available in Europe or the Americas
  • Produced sugar in the Caribbean
  • Spices from Southeast Asia
the english oust the dutch
The English oust the Dutch
  • New Netherlands separated Northern and Southern English colonies
  • Charles II gave Duke of York permission to oust the Dutch
  • Dutch surrendered after a naval blockade
  • English renamed it New York
  • 1750 1.2 million English colonists
  • 13 colonies from Maine to Georgia
british french conflict
British-French Conflict
  • Mid-1700’s British tried to settle in French Territory(upper Ohio River Valley)
  • Tensions grew war broke out 1754
  • English and French both with Native American help
  • Called the French and Indian War
british french conflict1
British-French Conflict
  • First war went badly for the British
  • French had more soldiers
  • British took Quebec
  • French surrendered gave up all land east of the Mississippi and Canada
british french conflict2
British-French Conflict
  • British controlled more of North America
  • War was costly
  • English King placed cost of war on the Americans
  • Led to resentment
  • Planted the seeds of the revolution
native americans respond
Native Americans Respond
  • French and Dutch mostly cooperative
  • Mutual benefits
  • Natives did most of the trapping
  • In return they received
  • Guns
  • Hatchets
  • Mirrors
  • beads
a strained relationship
A strained relationship
  • Dutch fought some over land claims and trading rights
  • Early relations with the English were cooperative
  • English sought to populate North America
  • Pushed natives off their land
  • Religious difference heightened tensions
  • Settlers considered them heathens
settlers and native americans battle
Settlers and native Americans Battle
  • 1622 Powhatan tribe attacked colonial villages around Jamestown
  • Killed 350 settlers
  • Settlers struck back and massacred hundreds of Powhatans
  • King Philip’s War 1675
  • Metacom-known as King Philip
  • Attacked colonial villages throughout Massachusetts
  • Both sides massacred hundreds of victims
natives fall to disease
Natives Fall to disease
  • Diseases devastated native population in North America
  • 1616 smallpox caused one tribe to go from 24,000 to 750
  • South Carolina to Missouri whole tribes fell to smallpox, measles, and other diseases
  • Disease caused a shortage of labor
  • Colonists turned to Africans by the million