chemical engineering for kids n.
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Chemical Engineering For Kids! PowerPoint Presentation
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Chemical Engineering For Kids!

Chemical Engineering For Kids!

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Chemical Engineering For Kids!

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  1. Chemical EngineeringFor Kids! The youth deserve to suffer learn too! ______ ______

  2. "Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?" -George W. Bush “No, our children is not learning!!” -Mitchell Niehoff

  3. Why is education important? They might become Psychology Majors!!!

  4. Whom shall we send?

  5. A “Book” Idea

  6. Our story begins, as most stories do With a small, little boy, but he wasn’t a Who (Copyright Dr. Suess inc. 1984) He was just an engineer and he had a problem He had a million equations and just couldn’t solve em! When all of the sudden came a gray-haired old man Whose belly was full of Mt. Dew and Spam He grinned at our boy with a twinkle in his moustache And I just realized nothing rhymes with moustache He opened his pack and found a terrible thing A program with which our boy would have a terrible fling It solved his equations but it had a toll The program devoured our poor boy’s soul It changed our young lad right where he stood And it has changed you too if you think these jokes are good So if someone says MathCAD, don’t kick the bucket Simply yell loudly, “MathCAD? Well… <writers block>!”

  7. Another Approach… Color all: Counter-Current Heat Exchangers Red Co-Current Heat Exchangers Blue CSTRs Yellow Centrifuges Magenta Dr. Ludlows Green

  8. Add this in somewhere…

  9. This has been a… Mitch the Beverage Procurement Engineer Production