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Blogger + Jott = Crisis Communication . Paula Ganyard University Wisconsin – Green Bay. About. Me . UW-Green Bay. University Webmaster in 2002 At UWGB since 1997 Masters in Library Science For 6 years, I was the Web Services Responsible for: Main level pages Most academic departments

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Blogger jott crisis communication

Blogger + Jott = Crisis Communication

Paula Ganyard

University Wisconsin – Green Bay



UW-Green Bay

  • University Webmaster in 2002

  • At UWGB since 1997

  • Masters in Library Science

  • For 6 years, I was the Web Services

  • Responsible for:

    • Main level pages

    • Most academic departments

    • Variety of special project sites

  • Founded in 1965

  • Located in Green Bay, WI

    • Green Bay Packers

    • The city that let Brett Favre go

  • 5878 undergraduates

  • 74% of Freshmen live on campus

  • 65% of Freshmen are 1st generation college students

Today s session
Today’s Session

  • Process & Issues addressed – UWGB

  • Web Site and Emergency Plan – the fit

  • How to setup an emergency site

  • Tips

  • Q & A

Purpose of emergency uwgb edu
Purpose of

  • A place for official communication in the event of an emergency on the UW-Green Bay campus.

  • A single location for all emergency procedures to reside, making it easy for the user to find information.

  • A method of communication in the event that the University is without Internet access, power and/or phones.

Issues to address
Issues to Address

  • What if the emergency causes power or Internet outage?

    • Should not be housed on campus.

    • Updating in multiple ways would be useful.

  • How do we handle need for multiple people to have permissions that have varying level of expertise?

    • Had to be simple to use in a crisis

  • How do we handle a huge traffic spike?

    • VT traffic spike on April 16 transferred 432GB of data

    • Needed to be housed at our ISP to go their backbone

Uwgb crisis communication plan
UWGB Crisis Communication Plan


  • Emergency information on the web will be handled on three levels (same as University Emergency Plan.)

  • Users are informed to check this site in the event of an emergency or in the event that is unavailable.

Level 1 emergency
Level 1 - Emergency

  • Any incident that will not seriously affect the overall function of the University, such as a psychological crisis (suicide threat or attempt) or a broken water pipe, but impacts the university on a limited scope. Emergency Management Team is not normally activated, but some members will be involved in the incident.

Level 1 web response
Level 1 – Web Response

  • Announcement posted in the Inside section of the University main page with link to

    • Can be posted by Marketing and University Communications (M/UC) or Web Services

  • Announcement put into What’s Happening section of Current Students page

    • Can be posted by Student Affairs Webmaster or Web Services

  • Preformatted announcements ready to be used

    • Winter Storm Warning – classes cancelled

    • Winter Storm Warning – campus closed

    • Tornado Warnings

Level 2 emergency
Level 2 - Emergency

  • Any incident which causes or may cause loss of life, serious injury, significant property or environmental damage or affects an entire building or buildings, and may disrupt the overall operations of the University. Examples might be a building fire or an uncontrollable chemical spill. Outside emergency services will probably be required, as well as major efforts from campus support services. Policy considerations and decisions will usually be required from the University Administration during the time of a crisis, emergency or disaster. The Campus Emergency Operations Center may be activated by the Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor or Assistant Chancellors. The Emergency Management Team may be activated as necessary.

Level 2 web response
Level 2 – Web Response

  • Announcement in Inside section of the University main page

    • Posted by M/UC or Web Services

  • Announcement put into What’s Happening section of Current Students page

    • Posted by Student Affairs Webmaster or Web Services

  • Change in feature section to Campus Safety Alert with link to feature area

    • Can be posted by M/UC or Web Services

  • Preformatted Announcements ready to be used

Preformatted announcements
Preformatted Announcements

  • Bomb Threat

  • Building Evacuation

  • Airborne Chemical, Nuclear or Biological Release

  • Evacuation of Campus

  • Armed Intruder

  • Shelter in Place

Level 3 emergency
Level 3 - Emergency

  • Any event or occurrence, which has taken place and has seriously impaired or halted the operations of the University. In some cases, casualties and severe property damage may be sustained. A coordinated effort of all campus-wide resources is required to effectively control the situation. Outside emergency services will be essential. In a Level III emergency, the Campus Emergency Operations Center will be activated and the appropriate support and operational plans will be executed (e.g. Tornado damaging UWGB) The Emergency Management Team will be activated.

Level 3 web response
Level 3 – Web Response

  • will be redirected to

    • Can only be done by Web Services.

  • University main page will slowly be restored to normal as the situation warrants.

Additional communication channels
Additional Communication Channels

  • Parents blog –

  • UWGB Facebook

    • Maintained by Student Affairs Webmaster, but can be posted to by Web Services

  • UWGB Twitter @uwgb

    • Maintained by Student Affairs Webmaster, but can be posted by Admissions

How emergency uwgb edu is setup
How is setup

  • Hosted in Madison, Wisconsin

  • By WiscNet

  • Blogger for posting announcements via computer

    • Direct post

    • Email post

  • Jott for posting announcements via phone

    • Text recognition

    • Includes link to recording

  • Site is available nearly 24x7

What is blogger
What is Blogger?

  • Online blogging software

  • Owned by Google

    • Need a Google account

  • Group blogging

  • Allows for FTP

Blog setup
Blog Setup

  • Create a Google Account

    • Create a separate one just for the emergency site.

  • Log into www.

  • Create a new blog using the Advanced Setup

    • Give it a title

    • Enter the FTP details

    • Publish the entire blog

    • Invite authorized users to create individual accounts

What is jott
What is Jott?

  • “Capture thoughts, create to-dos and set reminders with a simple phone call.”

  • Voice to text recognition

  • Send emails

  • Create to-do lists

  • Post information to blogs

Jott setup
Jott Setup

  • Create an account with

  • Setup a land line phone and a cell phone number

  • Add a Jott link for Blogger

    • Tip – works easier if you have both open at the same time.

    • Link name = emergency

    • Blog id = 17 digit id you get from Blogger

  • Test Jott by calling 1-866-568-8123

  • Everyone that needs to post via Jott will need to create a separate account.

    • Accounts based on phone numbers

Email setup
Email Setup

  • Log into

  • Settings tab > Email

  • Enter a word into the Mail-to-blogger address box

  • Save Settings

  • NOTE: anyone that knows this email address will be able to post to the blog

Blogger jott crisis communication

  • Define roles and responsibilities

  • Train the staff and provide clear documentation.

  • Offer pertinent information

    • Emergency procedures, contacts, basic facts, maps, etc.

    • All files should be on the emergency server

  • Test the site as part of your emergency drills

    • Test all ways of posting

  • Publicize the URL so that people become aware of it



Paula Ganyard

University Webmaster

UW- Green Bay