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Annual Report Boeing PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual Report Boeing

Annual Report Boeing

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Annual Report Boeing

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  1. Annual ReportBoeing By Jose Flores

  2. Executive Summary • The Boeing Company is the world's largest aerospace company. The leader in commercial aircraft, military aircraft and missiles, and space markets, Boeing employs close to 167,000 people and serves customers in 145 nations. The company has headquarters in Chicago, Ill., and is the largest exporter in the United States, with revenues of more than $58 billion in 2001. •'the%20boeing%20company%202005%20annual%20report'

  3. Part A. Introduction • Name of chief executive officer: Philip Condit Boeing Chairman and CEO • Location of home office: 100 North Riverside Plaza Chicago, IL 60606-1599 USA. • Phone: 312-544-2000 • Ending date of latest fiscal year: December 31 • Description of principal products or services that the company provides: Operates as an aerospace firm in six principal segments: Commercial Airplanes; Aircraft and Weapon Systems, Network Systems, Support Systems and Launch and Orbital Systems, collectively Integrated Defense Systems and Boeing Capital Corporation.        • Main geographic area of activity: United States, Asia other than china, Oceania, China, Europe, Africa, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean and other.

  4. Part A. Audit Report • Name of the company’s independent auditors: Deloitte & Touche LLP • What did the auditors say about the company? After reviewing the faineances the auditor concluded with no objections. They compare their report with other auditor’s reports on Boeing and concluded that the financial statements are free of material misstatement.

  5. Part A. Stock Market Information

  6. Part A. Stock Market Information The split-adjusted activity for one share of BA stock bought on October 07, 2005 is:

  7. Part A. Stock Market Information • The split-adjusted activity for one share of BA stock bought on October 07, 2005 is: • High $67.71 • Low $66.65 • Open $67.71 • Close $67.30 • Volume 3,607,600 • Base on the market information and the introduction of a new airplane, I believe that it will be a good idea to buy this company stock.

  8. Part B. Industry Situation and Company Plans • The Boeing Company operates in the aerospace industry worldwide. This company is divided in different segments some of these are Commercial Airplanes, Integrated Defense Systems (IDS), Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC), and Other. Because being such a big industry in its field the Boeing Company is growing dramatically as years go. Several new improvements have been made in the industry, one of the resent ones are the launch of the new airbus 350 and 787 Dreamliner. The 787 is a family of three super-efficient airplanes that will provide passengers with a better flying experience, including an improved cabin environment with more room and more conveniences. So, by making the passengers fell more comfortable this will make the Boeing Company able to sell more plains and grow more in their field. • •

  9. Part C. Income Statement As years pass from 2002 the net income for Boeing Company increased dramatically, as expected for new technology in the market of airplanes. In respect to their operations through the last three years there have been some ups and downs in the company. All numbers in thousands Multistep Format

  10. Part C Balance Sheet Since 2002 assets have increase dramatically in this company. As consequently its liabilities have decrease during the last three years. In the liabilities area were I saw a bigger change during the years was in the Long Term Debt were its decrease was dramatically. And last in its owner’s equity it increase by doubling its Retained Earnings from 2003 to 2004.

  11. Part C. Statement of Cash Flow

  12. Part D. Accounting Policies • With respect to result of operations, related charges have average less than 1% of historical annual revenue. The Boeing Company believes it is not reasonable likely that identifying environmental contingencies will result in additional cost that will have a material adverse on their financial position or to their operation results and cash flow trends. • Summary of significant accounting policies, Standards issued & not yet implemented, 717 program completion, goodwill & acquired intangibles, Earning per share, income tax, accounts receivable, inventories, discontinued operations commercial financial services, customer financing, property, plant, equipment, investments, differed lease income, debt, postretirement plans, share-base compensation, shareholders equity, derivative financial instruments, arrangements with off-balance sheet risk, significant group concentrations of risk, disclosures about fair value of financial instruments, contingencies, segment information, Boeing capital corporation (BCC), statement of cash flow and subsequent events (Unaudited).

  13. Part E. Financial Analysis Liquidity Ratios

  14. Part E. Financial Analysis Profitability Ratios

  15. Part E. Financial Analysis Solvency Ratio

  16. Part E. Financial Analysis Market Strength Ratios