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Oxford Heritage Assets Register

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Oxford Heritage Assets Register - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oxford Heritage Assets Register. Heritage Champions. Background to the Project. Commitment by the Council to prepare a ‘local list’ Existing policies for view cones, buildings of local interest, important parks and gardens and undesignated archaeological sites

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Oxford Heritage Assets Register

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background to the project
Background to the Project
  • Commitment by the Council to prepare a ‘local list’
  • Existing policies for view cones, buildings of local interest, important parks and gardens and undesignated archaeological sites
  • An unadopted list, does not hold weight with PIns

Oxford Heritage Asset Register

oxford s nationally valued heritage
Oxford’s nationally valued heritage


Medieval/Georgian City

Limestone Architecture


what about oxford s locally valued heritage
What about Oxford’s locally valued heritage?
  • Homes and communities
  • Industrial city
  • District centres
  • Education outside the university
  • Green spaces
planning the register
Planning the register
  • A dataset of locally valued non-designated heritage assets
  • A character based approach
  • A community partnership to develop criteria for our heritage assets
  • Community focused survey
  • Testing concepts of heritage across the City
  • East Oxford … West Oxford … Summertown … Blackbird Leys
  • Building understanding of significance and celebrating local distinctiveness
managing the process in partnership
Managing the process in partnership
  • Project board
  • Steering group
  • Working groups
  • Wider public engagement / consultation
  • Review Panel
  • Ongoing engagement
heritage assets and local listing
Heritage Assets and Local Listing
  • Non-designated heritage assets: can be identified at any time in the development decision-making process.
  • Local listing / registration: a policy decision to have special regard to conserving the significance of certain heritage assets because of their local value - a ‘material consideration’.
  • Could be a delegated officer’s decision, but this does not provide public scrutiny, accountability or ownership.
the heritage champion
The Heritage Champion
  • Maintaining political overview
  • The public’s representative in managing the process - part of partnership
  • Portfolio holder for planning policy - represents the project within the Council’s board - ultimate ‘owner’ of the register
  • The key decision-maker
creating the local list
Creating the local list
  • Create your criteria
    • research
    • drafting
    • consultation
    • council endorsement
  • Undertake area or theme survey
  • Consult the public on candidates
  • Panel review of candidates
  • Council endorse register
  • Regular updates - flexibility to react
the heritage assets criteria
The Heritage Assets Criteria
  • Registered Heritage Assets must meet all of the four following criteria:
  • Criteria 1. They must be capable of meeting the government’s definition of a heritage asset.
  • Criteria 2. They must possess heritage interest that can be conserved and enjoyed.
  • Criteria 3. They must have a value as heritage for the character and identity of the city, neighbourhood or community beyond personal or family connections, or the interest of individual property owners because of their heritage interest.
  • Criteria 4. They must have a level of significance that is greater than the general positive identified character of the local area.
the heritage champion advantage
The Heritage Champion Advantage
  • Decisions delegated to single member provide political accountability and reduce committee time
  • Dedicated Heritage Champion understands the process and implications
  • Single point of contact builds partnership working for council and officers
  • Political Heritage Champion can make executive decisions on development of the process and the register - registration and the Council’s estate?
east oxford example
East Oxford example

Understanding character and distinctiveness

The Oxford Character Assessment Toolkit


East Oxford example

Using themes

  • Outside the city
  • Before the houses
  • Housing Working
  • Health and Welfare
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Celebration and Protest
  • Entertainment and getting together
  • Notables
blackbird leys example
Blackbird Leys example

What is the heritage of a 1950s/60s housing estate?

  • What came before?
  • What was designed to be beautiful?
  • What brings people together?
  • What has been built by the community?
oxford key lessons
Oxford key lessons
  • Secure political support at the outset
  • Small groups work well together
  • Be realistic about what will be achieved
  • Being part of something bigger will help
  • Start with the big picture, detail can wait
  • Make the most of the expertise in your community, but don’t rely on them to deliver
  • The process needs professional oversight to ensure quality and public support to carry weight
  • Working with children is nice but will require a lot of additional effort