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Fake Eyelashes and Fake Eyelashes Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Fake Eyelashes and Fake Eyelashes Tips

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Fake Eyelashes and Fake Eyelashes Tips
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Fake Eyelashes and Fake Eyelashes Tips

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  1. FAKE EYELASHES | Fake Eyelashes Tips Let's face it, it’s “THE IN THING” http://www.model21eyelashes.com

  2. So, What IS Fake Eyelashes

  3. Eyes are the most mysterious parts of your body. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their eyes and your eyes say a lot about you. Your emotions are most often portrayed through your eyes. Your eyes are very important. They may attract or repel anyone from the opposite sex. And one of the key parts of eyes, are the eyelashes.

  4. Eyelash, are the thin hair strands that extends from your eyelids. They vary from denseness and length from person to person. A Woman, particular, would do many things to have longer, fuller eyelashes. While you can opt for surgery or implant, there are many risks in which would endanger your eyesight and may not be worth it. It's also quite expensive. Hence, the best alternative is Fake Eyelashes. These are pre-maid eyelashes which will adhere to your eyelids through safe eyelash adhesive or eyelash glue.

  5. Throughout the years, false eyelashes have increased in popularity, especially with Hollywood movie stars, Performing Artists and Fashion Models. Eyes draw in your soul, we usually associate the word “exotic” by one’s mysterious eyes. Longer eyelashes frames and makes eyes darker, which in turn draws focus and seducing its subjects.

  6. Nowadays, beauty is everything. When you’re beautiful, you’re thought to be successful. They are relative, or so they say. And one of the main bases of beauty and overall aesthetic value in today’s world are the eyes. With eyelash extensions, human eyes are not only one of the most utilized body part, it’s also is one of the first things that people will see of you. When people look at you, they first look at your face or most of the time, your eyes. You also look at people using your eyes. It’s not surprising why women turn into using permanent fake eyelashes and individual fake eyelashes. You can have a fake eyelashes salon put on feather eyelashes.

  7. Here are some notable differences between Eyelash Extensions and Fake or False Eyelashes. Also, below are fake eyelashes tips: • Eyelash Extensions provide a more natural look, as compared to false eyelashes. But will cost notably more. Most Eyelash Extensions offer a permanent eyelash adhesive, which means you would not need to worry about it falling off. It will only fall of once the original eyelashes falls off due to the natural cycle.Unlike Fake Eyelashes, Eyelash Extensions are glued by a permanent adhesive to the tips of the eyelashes, which assures a 99% chance of no irritation. • One draw-back to extensions is you must not allow your eyes to touch your pillow when sleeping. • Another draw-back is you cannot rub your eyes when they itch or is irritated.