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The Mobile Advertising Landscape

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The Mobile Advertising Landscape - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mobile Advertising Landscape. Jan, Uzma , Sahana , Jx MS&E 239. Overview of the mobile marketing landscape Traces a path from the marketer to the consumer Specifically, all channels in a mobile platform. Agencies. Provide marketing communications services C onsultation on

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The Mobile Advertising Landscape

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the mobile advertising landscape

The Mobile Advertising Landscape

Jan, Uzma, Sahana, Jx

MS&E 239


Overview of the mobile marketing landscape

  • Traces a path from the marketer to the consumer
  • Specifically, all channels in a mobile platform
  • Provide marketing communications services
  • Consultation on
    • Branding and Identity
    • Advertising
    • Corporate marketing
    • Media expertise
  • Communications campaigns
agency trading desks
Agency Trading Desks

Identify Segmentation Strategy

  • Internal team of an agency
  • Monitor and execute campaigns across the Exchange landscape
    • Buy and sell display inventory utilizing the DSP within that agency.
  • Ensure that ideas are efficiently delivered across media platforms
  • Integrates technology, data and inventory to manage audiences.
  • Criticism

Determine Inventory pools to reach audience

Leverage tools

media agencies
Media Agencies
  • Helps communicate with consumers
  • Identify business issues, markets and consumers
  • Clients’ media investment is evaluated and accountable
  • ROI is key

Strategic Results system

Multiple Vendor formats

demand side platform dsps
Demand Side Platform (DSPs)
  • Integrated system for buyers to satisfy their demands in the Mobile Landscape




Monetize their mobile web content

Reach potential customers

dsps companies
DSPs (Companies)
  • StrikeAd was set up in 2010 to satisfy the global need for a streamlined media planning and buying environment on mobile
  • StrikeAd Fusion - It lets media buyers create and deploy global mobile advertising campaigns
  • StrikeAd Engage – StrikeAdEngageTM offers media planners a complete managed service to get their mobile campaigns up and running
  • [a•mo•bee] offers comprehensive mobile advertising solutions to the largest mobile operators, publishers, and advertisers
  • Customers include zynga, ebay, Google, skype, Nokia, Barnes & Noble and mozilla
  • They are backed by Sequoia Capital, ACCEL, Globespan Capital, Cisco, Motorola and Telefonica
real time bidding exchanges
Real Time Bidding Exchanges
  • Create market liquidity by connecting buyers and sellers together through a real time bidding platform
rtb exchanges companies
RTB Exchanges (Companies)
  • Connects more than 25 online, video and mobile ad networks
  • Serves and monetizes more than 3,280 ad requests per second or 8.5 billion ad requests per month
  • Has served 33 billion ad impressions on more than 100 million unique smartphone devices
  • Real-time bidding will be a multi-million dollar business in the next five years.
  • Eight of the top 15 ad networks, are increasingly tapping AppNexus (comScore, June 2010).
mobile ad networks
Mobile Ad Networks
  • No ad network is dominant
    • There are at least 10 ad networks in the US alone.
  • No one really knows what ad network is biggest
    • Any figures you read about market share or revenue are estimates, if not pure guesswork.
  • Mobile ad networks are not created alike
    • Choose a partner that suits your requirements, target market, geography and budget.


mobile ad networks companies
Mobile Ad Networks (Companies)
  • Acquired by Google in Nov, 2009 for $750m
  • Ads can be targeted to specific sites or you can browse their channel categories including categories like communities, contextual search, entertainment, etc.
  • All ads are run on an auction-based pricing system
  • AdMob clients include ESPN, CBS, Geico...
  • Launching in 2008, Mojiva is headquartered in New York and offers a team with experience from Google, AdMob, DoubleClick, Microsoft and Motricity
  • Mojiva provides more than 750 million unique users worldwide and executions that can run across every device and tablet, mobile site and app.
mcrm data
  • Used for integrated management of relationship with customers
    • mobile marketing
    • mobile sales force automation
    • mobile customer service.
  • Convenient and speedy communication between organizations and customers
  • Used in situations where conventional communication channels and the Internet fail to expand customer relationships
typical activities
Typical activities
  • Single View of the Customer:
    • Create persistent customer identifiers on existing data, providing you a logically integrated view of consumers.
  • Marketing Central Nervous System:
    • Create the synapse that sends and receives signals about customer behavior, and then intelligently recalibrates based upon what they do or don’t do.
mcrm data1
  • Data analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management

Social targeting

Real-time analysis

Financial/Credit-based CRM

mobile mkt msg
Mobile Mkt/Msg
  • Layouts for mobile campaigns
  • Voting, trivia, branded media
  • Ad formats
  • SMS based, rich media
mobile mkt msg1
Mobile Mkt/Msg

SMS based

Rich Media


measurement analytics
  • Understanding how customers engage beyond the initial download or site visit is essential to the success of mobile marketing efforts.
  • Measure how customers use or engage with mobile channels
measurement analytics1


App -based

rich media
Rich Media
  • Ad platforms for serving rich media
  • Build, serve and track rich media ads
  • HTML5 based
  • Interact with Agencies, Publishers and Ad-creators
yield out ssp
Yield Out/SSP
  • Optimizes ad inventory for publishers to maximize revenue
  • Tracks revenue and performance from ads across networks
  • Provides supply-side platform
yield out ssp1
Yield Out/SSP



  • NaaS (Network as a Service)
    • Monetizingassets and functionality within networks
    • Billing, location, messaging and voice communications
  • Virtual Operators
  • Clearinghouses for providers
    • ISP’s, mobile networks, cable networks, VoIP
  • Text-messaging Ads
    • Brand messages
    • Interactive coupons
  • Interoperating of disperate technologies (roaming, BI, etc.)
  • First P2P mobile video solution
  • Mobile commerce enabling
ad servers
Ad Servers
  • Automated ad buying cycle
    • Managementof ad inventory (publishers)
    • Increased purchasing efficiency
    • Minimizedunsold publisher inventory
  • Advanced functionality
    • Sequencing ads so users see messages in a specific order
    • Excluding competition so users do not see competitors' ads directly next to one another
    • Displaying ads so an advertiser can own 100% of the inventory on a page (Roadblocks)
    • Targeting ads to users based on their previous behavior
    • Targeting specific IP-addresses i.e. targeting specific individuals or companies
mobile website tools
Mobile website tools
  • Extending websites to mobile devices
  • SaaS platform
    • SMS/MMS Ads
    • Mobile Coupons with POS integration