A seminar by alex coetzee and ben ehrlich
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A seminar by Alex Coetzee and Ben Ehrlich - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A seminar by Alex Coetzee and Ben Ehrlich. Build Your Own Arcade Machine. Build Your Own Arcade Machine: The History and Howto. In this seminar, you will learn: History of arcade games Basic understanding of arcade-wiring Theoretical application of power tools

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A seminar by alex coetzee and ben ehrlich

A seminar by Alex Coetzee and Ben Ehrlich

Build Your Own Arcade Machine

Build your own arcade machine the history and howto
Build Your Own Arcade Machine: The History and Howto

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • History of arcade games

  • Basic understanding of arcade-wiring

  • Theoretical application of power tools

  • How to build an arcade machine!

Tennis for two
Tennis for Two

In 1958, William Higinbotham created the first videogame, Tennis for Two. It was never commercially distributed, and nothing was patented.

Space war
Space War!

In 1962, Steve Russel and a team of engineers created ‘Space War!’, a thrilling space game. Though it was a technological breakthrough, it was seen as a novelty, and spent years in

the basement of MIT.

Which came first
Which Came First?

Which came first,

A: Arcades

B: Home-Consoles


Ralph Baer.

Ralph baer
Ralph Baer

Ralph Baer is today considered the father of video games.

  • ‘Oddysey’

  • Channel 3

1972 a big year for arcades
1972: A Big Year for Arcades

  • Pong released to masses

  • Release of Ralph Baer’s Oddysey

Pong 1972
Pong - 1972

  • A game of ‘tennis’

  • Lawsuit with William Higinbotham

Tank 1973
Tank - 1973

“We started a football game called Xs and Os, but then we thought a game with tanks would be more fun, so we made that instead.” –Steve Bristow

Night driver 1973
Night Driver -1973

  • Arcade ‘dark ages’

Breakout 1976
Breakout - 1976

  • Still extremely popular today

  • Marked beginning of ‘interchangeable paddle games’

Space invaders 1978

  • First videogame blockbuster

  • Lead to the creation of the arcade token

Welcome to the official golden age of arcades

1978 marks the official beginning of the first Arcade Golden Age

Asteroids 1979
Asteroids - 1979

  • Another space game

  • Legal action with the creators of Space War

Star castle 1980
Star Castle - 1980

  • First Cinematronics game

  • Featured first* colored arcade graphics

  • Stars in background pornography

Welcome to the real golden age of arcades

Though it is not widely accepted, it is debated that 1980 marks the actual beginning of the Golden Age.

Missile command 1980
Missile Command - 1980

  • Created in heat of cold war

  • One of first trackball games

Pac man 1980
Pac-Man - 1980

  • Do I even have to talk about Pac-Man?

Interesting fact
Interesting Fact!

In the mid 1980s, Atari invested in a new branch called Pizza time theatre.

Centipede 1981
Centipede - 1981

  • Scroller-shooter

Donkey kong 1981
Donkey Kong - 1981

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

  • Made up for losses

  • King-Kong lawsuit

Frogger 1981
Frogger - 1981

  • Never before was America so in love with an amphibian

Galaga 1981
Galaga - 1981

  • Best arcade game ever made (Fact)

  • Ben Ehrlich is a beast at Galaga (Also Fact)

  • Ben Ehrlich smokes chumps like you at Galaga (Very Fact)

Interesting fact1
Interesting Fact

A KillScreen is a level in a game in which the game can not handle increasing the difficulty by any increment, resulting in internal confusion.

Arcade game movies
Arcade Game Movies

The following arcade games were made into movies:

  • Mrs. Pac Man

  • Mario Bros

  • Donkey Kong Junior

Mrs pac man 1981
Mrs. Pac Man - 1981

  • First decent arcade sequel

  • Featured more than one level

Tempest 1981
Tempest -1981

  • Astounding vector graphics

Joust 1982
Joust - 1982

  • Flying ostriches!

    • Nuff said.

Pole position 1982
Pole Position - 1982

  • Started arcade racing

  • Faked 3D graphics

Q bert 1982
Q-Bert -1982

  • Massive release issues

  • Caused ‘distributor freeze’

Dragon s lair

  • First Lazerdisc (precursor to DVD) game

  • Featured animated graphics

Mario bros 1983
Mario Bros - 1983

  • Quintessential arcade platformer

  • Set presidents for future games

Star wars 1983
Star Wars - 1983

  • First game to make use of flight yoke

And then
And Then:

Nothing interesting happened for 11 years.

The history conclusion
The History: Conclusion

  • Arcades, and game’s in general have gone over HUGE leaps and bounds over the last 30 years.

  • Galaga is a really good game.

What makes an arcade machine tick
What Makes an Arcade Machine Tick?

  • What is a PCB?

  • Can a regular computer run an arcade machine?

  • How do joysticks and buttons get incorporated?

  • Why is all this beef in my

    fridge? I don’t even like


A seminar by alex coetzee and ben ehrlich

  • PCB: Printed Circuit Board

  • Primary storage medium

  • Created a standard

They re all run by computers
They’re All Run By Computers

  • Computers are VERY popular in arcades today

Mame 1999
MAME - 1999

  • In 1999 Nicola Salmoria programmed the groundwork for MAME

  • The arcade emulator

Building an arcade machine the game s
Building An Arcade Machine: The Game(s)

So you have two choices: A PCB, which can run one game but is specialized, or MAME, which can run multiple games, but requires a dedicated computer.


  • Seeing Microsoft Windows is a buzzkill


    • Premade

    • Custom

Wood working
Wood Working

An arcade machine is basically a wooden cabinet. None the less, construction can be difficult. Here’s a guide:

The right tool for the right job
The Right Tool For The Right Job

Here are some tools you should use:

  • Circular Saw

  • Jigsaw

  • Drill/Screw Gun

  • Clamps

Building an arcade machine the plan
Building an Arcade Machine: The Plan

Arcade machines come in many different varieties. The most popular is the upright.

Extra time
Extra Time?

  • Steve Wiebe Sets World Record For Donkey Kong

  • The History of Twin Galaxies - As Told By Walter Day

  • An Arcade PCB

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