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Parent Engagement

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Parent Engagement. Jane Abbott Head of Programmes. What do we mean & why is it important?. Many different aspects of engagement with parents: encourage their involvement as carers (to be partners in care)

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Parent Engagement

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parent engagement

Parent Engagement

Jane AbbottHead of Programmes

what do we mean why is it important
What do we mean & why is it important?
  • Many different aspects of engagement with parents:
    • encourage their involvement as carers (to be partners in care)
    • ensure they have the information and support they need to make sense of and cope with the situation
    • seek their support (eg with research)
    • ensure that service understands their needs and can respond to them
why is it important
Why is it important?
  • Increasing emphasis on PPI
  • Parents as proxy patients
  • Growing evidence to support FCC
  • Many research studies can’t take place without parent support
other drivers
Other drivers
  • Toolkit for High Quality Neonatal Services
    • Principle 3 audit indicators include “parent feedback” and “independent national parent surveys”
  • NICE Quality Standards
    • QS 5 includes reference to evidence of regular surveys on parent experience, and states that “parents’ experience is monitored through satisfaction surveys and the evidence used to inform learning and change for improvement.”

Bliss Baby Charter Standards

Principle 4

‘Units encourage parents to be involved in plans and processes for continuous service improvement, and outcomes of care are benchmarked against local and national standards’

Specifically, “feedback from parents is regularly sought, collated and fed into decision-making processes”.

user involvement in networks

User involvement in networks

Bliss working with most networks to recruit and train parents to act as ‘user reps’

Some egs of good practice where there is a high level of parent engagement, leading to improvements in service delivery

parent satisfaction surveys

Parent satisfaction surveys

some networks have done/are doing surveys

time consuming to collect, collate & analyse

can’t currently be used to benchmark nationally

bliss picker parent survey
Bliss/Picker Parent Survey
  • 75% of networks participating
  • Not national coverage but will enable units to compare their performance with units of similar type and size across England
  • Not cheap (but then nothing is)
what else could be done

What else could be done?

parent-completed screen at discharge

linked to baby’s record on


easily collected / standard questions

Possible disadvantages:

- ‘too immediate’ a response