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Our informative Heads-Up Display has many useful features! The race timer

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Our informative Heads-Up Display has many useful features! The race timer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Artificial Intelligence

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Our informative Heads-Up Display has many useful features! The race timer' - argyle

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Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence utilizes force vectors to navigate through space. Previous implementations of the AI used either A* or Octrees to navigate due to their versatility, but a more simplistic force vector approach was found to provide matching results while being easier to implement.

Scripted Events

Throughout the game, many scripted events are utilized. The main tool used for these events is a plug-in called iTween. It is a very versatile utility that can create paths for a camera or object to follow, as well as other scripted events, like distortions and transforms. The tool was used on the Main Menu, in the Hangar, and in the Fleet level, to name a few.

ShipPhysics, PhysicsController, and PlayerStatus

These scripts provide the core functionality of the game. ShipPhysics provides the velocity, acceleration, force, mass, and speed components for whatever object it is attached to. This is used for both the player and the AI ships. PhysicsController uses that information to handle all movement of the attached object. Finally, PlayerStatus handles all events which happen to the player. This includes the changing of the gauges, sound effects, how much damage is dealt or taken, and player death.



Strafe up, down, left,

or right.


Rotate counterclockwise

or clockwise.



Mouse Click:

Turn ship in direction of

click. Hold for easier control.

To help guide you through each race,

a waypoint system has been used.

Both the player and the enemy racers

are assigned matching sets of points.

When a ship reaches a waypoint, the

point is made non-visible and the

Following point in the set is made

visible. The first ship to reach all

waypoints wins the race!






Our informative Heads-Up Display has

many useful features! The race timer

(A) lets you know how long you've been

racing. The mini-map (B) shows objects

in the level, including you, enemy racers,

and space debris. The waypoint

indicator (C) always guides you to the

next segment of the race. The health,

shield, and tachometer (D) and (E),

display your health, shields and speed,



Enemy Racers

Admiral Bōntapίk

The leader of Angra Mainyu. He possesses a disdain for all humanity and he has been the winner of the last few Space Races. He has chosen his own fleet as a racetrack as his troops will support him.

The Story

It is the year 3465. A new planet, Eden, has been discovered, containing enough

clean, crystalized fuel to sustain a planet for millennia. Current space

technologies make travel to Eden infeasible. So the galactic federation

Galaxy United Indivisibly started the Space Race to spur scientific advances. The

planet represented by the winner receives a massive science grant from GUI and

also doesn’t die in a fiery space wreck. This year, Commander Hawk hopes to

lead his home world, New Earth, to victory after years of failure to the inhabitants

of Angra Mainyu.

Chef Meister

A genetically engineered super soldier. His model is superior to other super soldiers because he can prepare his own food. He has chosen the asteroid field near his planet as a racetrack because he wouldn’t feel like a man racing anywhere less dangerous.

The Hero

The Villain

Nova Jackal

A mercenary hired by Doctor Nefarious to kill commander Hawk. He has been outsmarted by Commander Hawk several times before and is determined to succeed this time. He has chosen his planet’s graveyard asteroid as a racetrack as he believes his ancestors will help him to win.

Doctor Nefarious

Doctor Nefarious is Commander Hawk’s arch enemy. He is determined to control Eden in order to progress his mad science and take over the galaxy. He contracted Nova Jackal and Chef Meister to make sure he gets to Eden first.

Commander Hawk

A resident of New Earth, Commander

Hawk is a bounty hunter and long time

enemy of both Admiral Bōntapίk and

Doctor Nefarious. He mainly takes on

bounty hunting jobs so he can pay for

his ship’s upkeep.