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Building Relationships

Building Relationships

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Building Relationships

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  1. Building Relationships Cheryl Wells Community Programs Manager

  2. Direction UnitingCare CYPF Strategic Plan for 2013 to 2016 identified the need to: Build Strong relationships across the Uniting Church by Engaging with local congregations, building links with our services and their communities.

  3. Central Coast Strategy Increase participation and strengthen relationships between the Uniting Church congregations and the UnitingCare Burnside programs on the Central Coast

  4. Progress to date • Meeting held UnitingCare Community Services Consultant in Sydney to identify the types of relationships which would fit with our Strategic Plan. • A list of all Uniting Churches on Central Coast was completed.

  5. An audit was completed to identify current relationships, non current relationships and gaps with Central Coast Uniting Churches and Burnside programs. • Meeting held with UnitingCare Community Development worker to discuss plans and work so far.

  6. FUTURE WORK • Meet to discuss the outcomes of the audit with the Community Development worker in UnitingCare. • Arrange meetings with Churches that have been identified not having any relationship with a Burnside program.

  7. Welcome to Warnervale“The Welcoming Initiative” Tricia CarlsonCommunity Connector & Cheryl Wells Manager Community Programs

  8. WF&CC Warnervale Family & Community Centre has been operating in Wyong LGA since 1999. It started with a partnership between the Warnervale Regional Uniting Church, UnitingCare Burnside & Wyong Shire Council with volunteers from the Church

  9. Where is Warnervale? Northern area of the Wyong Shire between F3 and Pacific Highway. Suburbs now include Warnervale, Hamlyn Terrace, Woongarrah, Wallarah, Halloran and Wadalba.

  10. In 2001 the program received funding to employ a full time Community Connector and currently receives funding from Department Social Services. Volunteers are recruited to support the many projects at the Centre including the Welcome Initiative

  11. Welcome Initiative The Welcoming Initiative was one of the first projects started by the Centre as the Warnervale district was then a new urban release area Wyong Council estimate an increase of 8,245 households by 2031. This represents an increase of 280%

  12. What is the Welcoming Initiative? • A universal strategy aimed at welcoming and networking new and existing residents • Welcome Kit delivered by volunteers • Community events e.g. Mini Olympics & White Ribbon

  13. Warnervale Regional Uniting Church With a new Minister appointed to the Warnervale Regional Uniting Church it was an opportune time to discuss a partnership. Rev. Maz Smith came along to support our first Mini Olympics and has continued to engage more members of the congregation to become involved in our community activities.

  14. Connectedness “It is important to develop a sense of belonging or connectedness in new urban release areas, there is increasing evidence that a sense of belonging or connectedness in a community has long term benefits in terms of resilience, ability to cope and overall well-being.” Community Support & Human Services Plan for Warnervale/Wadalba 2002, p.13

  15. Reduce Crime “Evidence suggests that those who feel excluded from participation in community life are more likely to offend against that community.” Dr. Adam Graycar Director, Australian Institute of Criminology, 2001

  16. Health Benefits A study by the National Heart Foundation in 2003 found that social isolation, lack of social support and depression increased the risk of developing coronary heart disease. The level of risk is similar to smoking, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. National Heart Foundation, 2003, [online]

  17. Child Development “Child development is powerfully shaped by social capital. Trust, networks and norms of reciprocity within a child’s family, school, peer group and larger community have far reaching effects on opportunities and choices, educational achievement, behaviour and development.” Rothstein cited in Smith 2009 [online]

  18. How Welcome Kit Delivery Works • Welcome Kits are promoted in “Wagtales” our community newsletter, via word or mouth and Welcome Kit Requests are stocked at schools and local businesses. • The new resident can contact the Centre or complete a Welcome Kit Request. • A volunteer Welcome Kit Co-ordinator completes the request and places all relevant information into a bag which includes gift vouchers from local shops and a plant for the garden. • A volunteer from the WRUC picks up the kit and delivers it to the door of the resident.

  19. Welcome, “We’ve been waiting for you” We would like to give you a ‘New residents – Welcome Kit’ filled with information on local services, discounted vouchers for a range of local goods and services and a potted plant to welcome you to your new community. Please send me information about the following services: (tick the appropriate corresponding box) □ Children’s Services □ Multicultural Services □ Youth Services □ Schools □ Aged Services □ Church & Religious Organisations □ Health Services □ Hobby / Interest Groups □ Family Services □ Sporting Clubs □ Disability Services □ Other (please specify)______________ □ Transport □ Please tick this box if you would like to receive additional information on future local events. (These questions are optional but your answers can assist us provide you with the most relevant information). Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people? Yes/No What is your country of origin? ________________________________________________ Your household comprises of: (Please indicate the number of people in each age group) 0 – 4 yrs 19 – 25 yrs 65 yrs & over 5 – 12 yrs 26 – 49 yrs 13 – 18 yrs 50 – 64 yrs Total in Household

  20. The Welcome Kit

  21. A young man was walking along the beach at dawn. Ahead of him he saw an old man picking up starfish and tossing them into the water. At last the young man caught up with the old man and asked him, “Why are you doing that?” The old man explained that when the sun came up, the starfish abandoned on the sand would die. “But the beach goes on for thousands of miles and there are millions of starfish on the beach. How can your efforts make any difference, old man?” The old man looked at the little starfish in his hand as he tossed it into the waves, and replied: “IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO THIS ONE.”

  22. For more information please contact Warnervale Family & Community Centre Tricia CarlsonCommunity 4392 8734