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St. Luke’s Children’s Advocacy and Community Education PowerPoint Presentation
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St. Luke’s Children’s Advocacy and Community Education

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St. Luke’s Children’s Advocacy and Community Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Injury Prevention Assistant Coordinator Internship St. Luke’s Children’s Advocacy and Community Education Melissa Paterson Sherry Iverson and Alissa McKinley Fall 2013. Resource. St. Luke’s Children’s Advocacy and Community Education.

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St. Luke’s Children’s Advocacy and Community Education

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Injury Prevention Assistant Coordinator Internship

St. Luke’s Children’s Advocacy and Community Education

Melissa Paterson

Sherry Iverson and Alissa McKinley

Fall 2013


St. Luke’s Children’s Advocacy and Community Education

This is very effective, because it helps to test their knowledge about each topic. If they respond with the wrong answer they are told what is right and repeat the correct answer. The flyers are effective for the parents to walk away with so they are able to reinforce the ideas already stated to their children at home.

This internship has helped me to greatly serve as a resource person on these certain prevention topics. My knowledge on child safety and how important it is to get your child to follow the rules of the road and wear a helmet have very much been increased due to this internship. I am able to tell someone how a helmet fits, the rules of riding a bike, and how to be a safe pedestrian. A long with these topics, I am able to communicate about various other topics such as button batteries, Halloween safety, falling furniture safety, and toys that are safe to give toddlers. If I am not able to answer any of the questions I at least know where to send them, who to talk to, and what they will be able to help them with.

  • The departments ran out of this office include:
  • PEPP
  • Idaho Perinatal Project
  • Injury Prevention/ Safe Kids Treasure Valley
  • Birth and Parenting classes


The focus of this internship included children’s awareness and injury prevention. Keeping kids safe and making sure they know what to do to stay safe is what I was able to communicate throughout the duration of this internship. Mainly, I informed children on bike, helmet, and pedestrian safety throughout the Treasure Valley, as well as, a few surrounding locations. I also helped with bulletin boards that informed new parents on Button Batteries, Halloween safety, Falling Furniture, and Safe Toys for Christmas.


Having first hand experience helped me to learn where I stand as a health educator, but also how much it is needed. When asked questions or providing a program, there were a large number of individuals who did not know enough about the specified topics. This internship has helped me to learn about topics I was not even aware were problems. The bulletin boards have helped me to learn more about problematic areas for younger children, but the programs and events have really helped me to learn more about what works and does not work. Each group is different, but after using certain strategies continuously I have learned what techniques work with different age groups in kids. My knowledge has improved on pedestrian safety and how a helmet fits, as well as, how to communicate these important safety issues to children and their parents. I have a better understanding of these topics as a whole, and big risk areas for Idaho children.



Most planning was done for the Boise State Football game booths. Before the games we would talk about what we should do for each audience trying to be reached, whether it was for children or men’s health. It is important to identify what is going to draw these specific group of people in and what is going to make these groups want to participate in each activity we have planned. For example, for the game before Halloween I needed to plan out a way for children to know the good and bad about this specific holiday. I was able to put together a witches caldron full of items that children would typically see on Halloween, such as, masks, face paint, glow sticks, open candy, closed candy, and flip flops. When they pulled one item out them would tell us if it was good or bad and why.

Another area of planning came about when the Morley Nelson community center wanted to inform their kids on helmet, bike, and pedestrian safety. The kids were in first through fourth grade, and the best way to get this group involved is to be interactive with them. Hands on games they could play to help them learn how a helmet fits properly or how to follow the rules of the road. It is important that kids learn these things at a young age and in a way that is going to stick with them.

Most planning was done in a collaborative way with supervisors or the other intern for St. Luke’s Men’s Health to figure out what was going to work best for the audience interested in the point we wanted to put across.

Words of Advice

Other strategies implemented into educating parents on child safety were bulletin boards. Often there is a new mothers group that meets at the Children’s Advocacy and Community Education building each week. It is easy for toddlers to get into things they shouldn’t and after reading through the safe kids website I was able to implement pictures and wording used, as well as, my own ideas. The strategy used was making it quick and easy for mothers to understand what they are looking at, and why they should take precautions to each subject. This helps to get the word out, without having to directly tell each and every individual mother who walks into the door.

To the next intern: Have fun! Be prepared to be creative. This is a great internship with a chance to be as creative as you want. Be original and have a good time, because this is the perfect internship to do so. Use materials and ideas already there and make them your own. You know they will work, but it still gives you a chance to do what you want with it. Plan out every bulletin board! They don’t always turn out the way you imagined them to.

Thank you Alissa and Sherry! I had a great semester and it was a privilege to have you as my supervisors.


After planning these events, a lot of the same strategies were implemented in various areas of programming. One important tool used a lot was a tricolored bike tire we used as a question wheel for children to answer about bike, helmet, pedestrian, and sports safety. This was used at the Meridian Safety Day, football games, and a car seat check. Depending on the color the wheel stops on the child is asked a question about one of the three topics. Whether or not the child answers the question correctly they are usually given a flyer and slap bracelet that is also a reflector so kids remember to be seen.