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K ā hea Loko ( 1995- 2002)

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K ā hea Loko ( 1995- 2002) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Waikalua Loko (circa 2000) ‘A’OHE PAU KA ‘IKE I KA HALAU HO’OKAHI Not all knowledge is learned in one school. K ā hea Loko ( 1995- 2002). Objectives: Create social studies , science, and language arts curricula utilizing Hawaiian Fishponds as a resource ;

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Waikalua Loko (circa 2000)‘A’OHE PAU KA ‘IKE I KA HALAU HO’OKAHINot all knowledge is learned in one school
k hea loko 1995 2002
Kāhea Loko ( 1995- 2002)
  • Objectives:
  • Create social studies, science, and language arts curricula utilizing Hawaiian Fishponds as a resource;
  • Meet Hawaii content and performance standards;
  • Provide professional development opportunities for teachers;
  • Encourage teachers to use the community as a classroom.
Aloha ‘Āina, Love of the Land

( 2003- 2012)

  • Aloha ‘Āina builds on the success of Kāhea Loko. It incorporates not only the fishpond, but the entire ahupua’afrom the mountain to the sea.
model of culture based education
Model ofCulture-based Education

Spiritual Realm

NH Career Planning System

the akamai initiative

The AKAMAI Initiative

Self-Determination from a Financial Perspective

what do we want
What do we want?
  • The goal of Native Hawaiians is Self Determination
    • A better quality of life:
      • Education
      • Health
      • Career
      • General well-being (spiritual, emotional, etc.)
    • Being in control of our own destiny
the critical path
Reliance on Yield on

Alii Trust Assets

The Critical Path
  • But there is only one best path; or “Critical Path,” and that is through education
  • The lynchpin on that Critical Path (and indeed all paths) is the dependence on the yield generated by the management of Alii Trust assets



Lynchpin on the

Critical Path to Self Determination

additional yield multiple
Additional Yield Multiple?
  • The natural byproducts of having NH Asset Mgt firms managing Alii Trust Assets are myriad, and all in alignment with Alii Trusts’ goals, and serving Alii Trusts’ constituents:
    • Management fees kept locally, in local economy
    • NH owners/principals = NH profits
    • Hire NH employees in high skill/high paying positions
    • Opportunities to hire NH ancillary support services
    • Greater wealth; greater opportunity to improve education, health, and general welfare
    • NH Asset Mgrs will have a better understanding of the awesome responsibility/honor of managing Alii Trust Assets because we come from the neighborhoods served by Alii Trust funded programs
no handouts no excess risk
No Handouts, No Excess Risk
  • There are no additional risks assumed by the Alii Trusts by having NH Asset Mgt firms manage trust assets because:
    • Management of Alii Trust assets done competitively in the open market; not part of an in-house management program
    • Market forces will ensure that only firms delivering the best risk-adjusted returns will be engaged
    • If NH Asset Mgt firms manage trust assets, it is because they earned this right in a free and competitive marketplace
focus on the lynchpin
Focus on the Lynchpin
  • We need to develop a program to achieve self-determination from a financial perspective
  • A world-class, training program that focuses on producing NH financial talent capable of competing in the open market for jobs at top ranked non-NH asset mgt firms
  • Eventually, a percentage of these trainees will go on to start their own NH Asset Mgt Firms capable of competing in the open market for the management of Alii Trust Assets
a better way
A Better Way…
  • What if:
    • Instead of continuously funding the program with grants, the Alii Trusts made an INVESTMENT in a new NH Asset Mgt Firm?
    • The NH Asset Mgt Firm is owned by a non-profit whose mission is to RUN THE FINANCIAL ANALYST TRAINING PROGRAM
    • The Alii Trusts hold positions on the BOD of the non-profit parent to ensure their interests are being represented
a better way1
A Better Way…
  • What if:
    • The profits of the NH Asset Mgt Firm are used to fund the training program
  • The Alii Trusts still get yield on their INVESTMENT (a source of cash) instead of continuously funding the training program directly via grants (yet another drain on cash)
  • The NH Asset Mgt Firm then BECOMES THE “TRAINING VEHICLE” used to ensure our students get THE BEST training/exposure to actual operations of a real asset mgt firm, with PAID internships so they can focus on, and get paid to study rather than work odd jobs
the akamai initiative1
The AKAMAI Initiative
  • A self-funding vehicle to self determination from a financial perspective

The AKAMAI Initiative

The AKAMAI Foundation




The Kama’aina

Ex-Pat Database

The Asia-focused Financial Analyst Training Program

Japan Fund, LP

China Fund, LP

a k a m a i

AKAMAI Capital literally translated means “Smart Money.” The word AKAMAI as used in the AKAMAI Initiative and AKAMAI Capital is an acronym for:

Ala Pi’i[to ascend] - Organize the Hawaii fund management industry;

Kāhea[to call out] - Market Hawaii to the Asia-focused fund management industry; demonstrate our compelling value proposition vis-à-vis Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo;

Alu [to unite] - Bridge gap between industry, academia, and State, as well as other interested parties;

Mahi [to cultivate] – Develop a 5-year Asia-focused Financial Analyst Training Program (AFATP) from high school thru undergraduate degree (and beyond via continuing education), and a world-class, Asia-focused AKAMAI [smart] Lab & Conference Center;

Amo [to bear the burden of oversight] – Aggregate data, monitor, and report financial literacy and industry growth milestones & metrics;

Imi [to seek] – Continual search for improvement of the process;


Define your pond.How is it connected to your community?How are we preparing our youth to connect to their pond, community and world?

We are all connected…