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Tropical Grassland PowerPoint Presentation
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Tropical Grassland

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Tropical Grassland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tropical Grassland

what is the african savanna

The African savanna has the worlds largest area of savanna. It is a tropical grassland between latitude and longitude. It is a grassland covered with plants, grass, animals and trees.

Maya S

animals that live in the african savanna and how they adapt to live there
Animals that live in the African Savanna and how they adapt to live there.
  • African elephants live in the African Savanna grasslands and they have thin skins so the don’t get hot in the hot climate.
  • Zebra’s live in the African savanna too and they adapt buy have big ears to let the heat out, thin fur to keep the cool and white fur to reflect the sunlight.
  • The aardwolf is a kind of hyena, this animal that has long front legs and short behind legs and they also live in the savanna in Africa and they adapt to the heat because they also have thin have thin fur. F.Chase S. Aaron G.

plants that live in the african savanna and how the adapt to where they live

The elephant grass is a very tall grass that could grow up to 10 feet. This grass lives in the African savanna and grows along the river beds and lakes.

The Umbrella thorn acacia is one of the most famous trees in the African savanna, it seen everywhere. It grows in sand dunes and rocky places in the African savanna.

The Candelabra Tree is found near the equator in African savanna’s and they can grow up to 9 to 10 meters.

These plant are adapted to live through these difficulties for a warm season, wet season and a long dry season.

the abiotic factors and how they affect plants
The temperature in African Savanna in between 60 to 70 degrease in the summer and in winter The African savanna get 4 inches of rain a month. In the summer all the plant die but the roots still live underground and in the winter the grass grows back because of the rain. The dry seasons the grass will die and their roots will be searching for water. When the wet season is back the grass will grow. The abiotic factors and how they affect plants.….pdf


Average temperature each year in African savanna.….pdf

the resources like mineral oil and medicine plants found in the african savanna
The resources like mineral, oil and medicine plants found in the African savanna?

There are many medicine plants in African savanna here is a table that shows what plant deliver medicine. There are also oil that is petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas. The minerals are cooper and iron ect.

how has science helped prove the resources we can use
How has science helped prove the resources we can use.

We can use petroleum by giving the to vehicles and motor boats. Petroleum also is used for electricity. They are used for plastic bags. Asphalt are used for roads and they are also a petroleum product.


Human activities that affect African savanna

All the large areas in the Africa were also once savannas but the population of the countries in Africa like Kenya and Tanzania growing, some of the African savanna are developed as towns and cities. Farmers also destroy savannas by growing crops, which is needed to feed the population. Also when poachers hunt for elephants and cut their tusk for ivory and to make gold chains ect.….pdf

what is being done to protect african savannas
What is being done to protect African savannas.
  • In the African savanna some countries have made national parks to protect the savanna from being damaged or have been taken over by the population. In Kenya there have been built over 40 parks and The largest one in Kenya is the Tsavo National park.….pdf

how has the use of natural resources affect the environment and money
How has the use of natural resources affect the environment and money.
  • Petroleum affect the environment because when it’s put it car and factories is releases carbon dioxide. On the other side People can earn a lot of money selling and owning petroleum products.