When Moving With Old Parents
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When Moving With Old Parents

Nothing can be more challenging then moving and settling with your old parents

in the new city. If you are a responsible child and under your obligation you are

moving with your parents in the new place then there are so many things for you

to do on this behalf. It is a responsibility centered move as along with your own

you are responsible for the settlement of your parents too. It is a beautiful

responsibility and we will tell you the best ways to cope up with that.

 Tell them calmly and quietly your plan for this move.

 Let them know the importance of this move for you.

 Try to feel and understand their mental status and condition.

 They may be mentally shattered too, so be with them and provide an

emotional support.

 While packing their belongings, know their advice for what to pack and

what not.

 There may be few things that may be connected with their emotions. Try

to incorporate them all with them.

 If your parent is under medical observation collect brief report history from

the doctor.

 Collect medicine for one or two months before making a move.

 Till they find new companions in the new place try to spend more and

more time with them.

 Go for outings with them so that they can feel fresh and rejuvenated in the

new place.

Being a child you too are responsible for the care and happiness of your parent.

Therefore be like a friend to them and try to understand their feelings and

sentiments. Support them emotionally too and help them in the speedy

adjustment in the new destination.

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