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Livescribe. Never Miss A Word. Flow of Presentation :. History of pen and paper What is Livescribe? About Livescribe Technology behind Livescribe Livescribe includes….. Smartpen Livescribe Desktop Dot paper MyScript for Livescribe Who uses it? System Requirements and Compatibility

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Never Miss A Word

Flow of presentation
Flow of Presentation :

  • History of pen and paper

  • What is Livescribe?

  • About Livescribe

  • Technology behind Livescribe

  • Livescribe includes…..

    • Smartpen

    • LivescribeDesktop

    • Dot paper

    • MyScript for Livescribe

  • Who uses it?

  • System Requirements and Compatibility

  • Advantages

  • History of pen and paper
    History of Pen and Paper

    • From prehistoric cave walls and charcoal to the modern notebook and fountain pen, the human need for spontaneous self-expression through drawing and writing has endured.

    • However, paper and pen usage presents serious limitations in an increasingly digital world.

      • static and difficult to share

      • Susceptible to loss and damage.

      • Inherent lack of connectivity

      • It is physically bound and limited

    What is livescribe
    What is Livescribe?

    • Livescribe is fundamentally changing the way people capture, access and share information with pen and paper, ensuring people will never miss a word. Located in Oakland, California.

    • Livescribe developed a breakthrough low‐cost mobile computing platform, which is an integrated system of Smartpen, dot paper, applications, and development tools designed to enhance personal productivity, learning, communication and self expression for anyone that uses pen and paper.


    • Livescribe was founded in January 2007 by Jim Marggraff, an entrepreneur and the inventor of paper‐based computing.

    • In addition, Livescribe has significant consumer hardware and software experience and includes key executives from Palm, Apple and IBM.

    Technology behind livescribe
    Technology behind Livescribe

    • Livescribe has licensed Anoto technology for use in its Pulse smartpen and dot paper.

    • Anoto AB, inventor of optical pen technology and dot pattern, holds intellectual property that allows quick and reliable transmission of handwritten text from paper to digital media.

    Livescribe includes
    Livescribe includes…

    • Smartpen:-

    • Both Echo and Pulse are fully compatible with Livescribe’s platform, capture everything consumers hear and write and provide quick access to information.

    • Echo has a sleek, ergonomic design with a rubber grip and is available in 4GB and 8GB models, recording more than 400 and 800 hours of audio respectively.

    • The Pulse smartpen is a modern titanium color and available in 2GB and 4GB models, recording more than 200 and 400 hours for audio respectively.

    Echo Smartpen

    Pulse Smartpen

    • Livescribe Desktop:-

    • Livescribe Desktop allows users to backup, search, and replay notes from their computer. Users can export their notes into a .pencast, Adobe PDF or an audio file.

    • It is also the gateway to the Livescribe Community, where users can upload and convert notes into interactive Flash movies and share them online or through Facebook.

    • In addition, customers can manage the applications

      they have on their smartpens from within Livescribe Desktop.

    • Dot Paper:-

    • The notepads have a unique dot pattern that transforms plain paper into an interactive “live” document that is used in conjunction with Smartpen.

    • Similar to the dot paper purchased at retail, the Print Your Own Paper will also include the printed controls at the bottom of each page.

    • Livescribe Desktop for Windows users can print Livescribe dot paper at home for free using certified color laser jet printers.

    • Myscript for Livescribe:-

    • MyScript is transcription software from VisionObjects that converts your handwritten notes from your smartpen into text (up to 26 languages).

    • MyScript is compatible with Windows XP, XP Tablet PC, Vista 32‐ or 64 bits and Windows 7, as well as Mac Leopard OS X 10.5.5 and Mac Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.

    • MyScript will convert text as well as shapes, drawing and tables into print.

    Who uses it
    Who uses it??

    • Livescribe’s paper‐based computing platform is well‐suited for anyone who uses pen and paper.

    • A broad set of professionals across multiple industries (i.e. journalists, lawyers and legal aides, salespersons, consultants, educators, and many other professionals) who spend much of their time in situations like meetings, seminars and interviews make up about 70 percent of Livescribe’s customer base.

    • College students and educators are also a key audience and make up about 30 percent of Livescribe’s customers.

    System requirements to use echo pulse
    System Requirements to use echo & pulse:-

    • Windows XP™ SP3, Windows Vista™ or Windows 7 operating system OR Intel‐based Mac

    • with Mac OS X 10.5.5 or later, including 10.6

    • 600MHz CPU or higher

    • 300 MB minimum free disk space

    • Available USB 2.0 port

    • Internet connection


    • Easy to share

    • No fear of Loss and damage

    • No lack of connectivity

    • Not physically bound and limited