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Budgeting for FY13. Christopher Juaire Treasurer, Student Govt. Association University of Vermont. Timeline. Forms: http ://www.uvm.edu/sga/?Page=res_clubs.html&SM=menu_clubs.html. Budget Materials are currently available online. Budgets are due Friday, February 1st.

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Budgeting for fy13

Budgeting for FY13

Christopher Juaire

Treasurer, Student Govt. Association

University of Vermont




  • Budget Materials are currently available online

  • Budgets are due Friday, February 1st

Budget Requests over $15k must set up a hearing time in February

Some numbers from last year
Some numbers from last year

  • Average request to allocated amount: 36%

  • Largest Budget: $78,122

  • Smallest Budget: $20

  • Median Budget: $3,595.00

  • Average Budget: $9019.90

  • Total Requested Amount: $3.4M

  • Total Allocated to clubs: $1.227M

  • Total Supplemental: $197,000

What accompanies a budget request1
What accompanies a budget request?

  • Contractual Agreement

  • This agreement must be turned in a hard copy form to the SGA Front Desk by 4pm on 2/1/13

What accompanies a budget request club sports only
What accompanies a budget request? (Club sports only)

  • Coach Information Sheet

  • Helps to Determine Coach’s Salary

  • All information will be checked by Leon

Filling out the budget
Filling out the budget

  • Do not alter the equations, it will not be to your benefit

  • Include the new members, or potential signers for next year

  • Get feedback from the whole club

Things to think about prioritizing
Things to think about: Prioritizing

  • 5 Items in each category are labeled crucial to club success

    • Essential to the club’s mission, purpose or function

    • Without these the club would cease to function

  • Other Less crucial things:

    • Open to as many things as possible, but keep in mind if something is not allocated for or partially allocated that item cannot be increased through supplemental funding, so stay reasonable and accurate

Things to think about items that should not be included
Things to think about: Items that should not be included

  • Things the budget will not pay for include:

    • Food, unless part of the mission of the club. i.e. Food salvage

    • Student wages

    • Gas, but you are welcome to apply for gas supplemental

    • Gifts, Prizes, rewards or donations

  • For the difference between expense and allocation clubs are expected to fundraise, yes it’s a drag I’m sorry


Things to think about unanticipated expenses that happen every year
Things to think about: Unanticipated expenses that happen every year

  • Clean up and set up expenses

  • Room usage fees

  • Technology charges (projectors etc.)

Things to think about travel
Things to think about: Travel

  • Be as specific as possible

  • Use History as a tool for predicting the future

  • Contact leagues to figure out who you are likely to compete against.

Things to think about coaches
Things to think about: Coaches

  • Coaching Salaries are determined by a matrix that takes into account:

    • Activity Level

    • Professional Certifications

    • Games/year

    • Size of club

    • Time served

  • Wages may not be increased through re-allocation, but may be increased using the 131 fund

Request vs allocation
Request vs. Allocation

  • Although requests are not often fully funded we ask that you request the FULL amount

    • This helps us understand the financial pressures of clubs

  • What can you expect to receive: (policies)

    • Hotels $120/night/room for 4ppl

    • Vans $90/day (12passenger)

    • Up to 75% of registration fees

    • Up to $900 for airfare total, 2 people minimum

Budget case study outing club
Budget Case Study: Outing Club

Budget Prepared by Cyril Brunner

Contract agreement

Outing Club Case Study

Contract Agreement

  • This form does not need to be signed by the SGA Treasurer before being turned in.

  • This form has been updated for FY13

Club information

Outing Club Case Study

Club Information

Club information1

Outing Club Case Study

Club Information

Club information2

Outing Club Case Study

Club Information

Budget summary page

Outing Club Case Study

Budget Summary Page

Wages stipends

Outing Club Case Study

Wages & Stipends

  • Should only be employees, if you don’t know if someone should be in this category or another please ask.

  • Note: Outing Club has an exemption to common Wages policies

  • No Speakers/performers

Supplies publicity

Outing Club Case Study

Supplies & Publicity

Security telephone

Outing Club Case Study

Security & Telephone


Outing Club Case Study


  • Transportation should have dates, destinations, etc. Outing Club deviates from the guidelines in this respect.

Events food

Outing Club Case Study

Events & Food

Food is only for club retreats, speakers, or cultural/religious/diversity events open to the entire student body

Dues registration equipment utilities

Outing Club Case Study

Dues & Registration Equipment & Utilities


Outing Club Case Study


  • Used for things that do not fit in the other categories

  • Generally speaking will be a small portion of your budget

Tips from those who have done it
Tips from those who have done it

  • “I would really recommend having future leaders and current leaders sit down to do the budget together so it becomes more familiar and they can model it in a similar way the following years.”

    -Erika Perry, Gymnastics

  • “Be precise with calculating costs and don't exaggerate the amounts that you need because you think SGA will give you less than you request. Know that SGA will never give you as much as you request. But, if you have substantial reasons, SGA should give you enough.”

    -Jared Necamp, Freeskiing

“Discuss your budget with the perspective leaders for next year to make sure it includes what they want, and be realistic about your clubs goals and abilities to execute events”

-Eliza Kelsten, Free2Be