respect character perseverance mrs rector n.
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Respect, Character, & Perseverance Mrs. Rector PowerPoint Presentation
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Respect, Character, & Perseverance Mrs. Rector

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Respect, Character, & Perseverance Mrs. Rector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Respect, Character, & Perseverance Mrs. Rector

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  1. Respect, Character, & PerseveranceMrs. Rector Room 608 Please sit where you see a planner.

  2. HOMEROOM PACKETS • Back to school registration is now done online, so no more large packets of paperwork. YAY! • Any paperwork received from individual teachers, such as information about their classroom or request for parent contact information, may be asked to be returned to school. This depends on the teacher, so pay attention in your classes today.

  3. STUDENT PLANNER Planner • Write your name and class schedule on the inside of the planner. • Take it to every class everyday. • Your planner is your hall pass. • Progress reports are taken in these once a six weeks for EACH core teacher. • Homework from each class should be written in the planner every day. Every six weeks one of your core teachers will check for this and issue a daily grade. • There is a campus map inside your planner…USE IT! • If you lose your planner you have to BUY a new one.

  4. Student Handbook • The student handbook is online at, or you may obtain a copy in the front office here at FSMS. • When your parents complete the online registration they are acknowledging that you have READ and UNDERSTAND the handbook, so make you you actually do!

  5. DRESS CODE CHANGES • Descriptions on page 50-52 of student handbook • Dress code rules apply each day of school, this includes fun days and STAAR testing days • One MAJOR change from elementary school is that you can NOT wear athletic shorts to school. Bummer! I’m a link, click on picture

  6. Cell Phones • Phones can only be used at school only for instructional purposes. • If you are using a cell phone for a non instructional purpose it will be collected and submitted to the FSMS front office. • You may only collect the phone once a $15.00 fee has been paid.

  7. STUDENT SCHEDULES • A CONFLICT in schedule means you received two English classes, or no math, etc. A conflict refers to an actual mistake in the schedule. Let your teacher know and report to the LIBRARY at the time the mistake is indicated on your schedule. For example, if you have two English classes (2nd and 3rd period), report to the library during 2nd period. • A CHANGE in schedule, you received the wrong elective. For example, I am in Athletics instead of PE. Write your request and submit them to the bucket outside the counseling office. The counseling department will contact you to address the issue.

  8. LOCKERS • Lockers will be issued during your science class. • Put your locker number and combo on the inside of your student planner. • YOU MUST KEEP BACKPACKS IN YOUR LOCKERS AT ALL TIMES EXCEPT 6TH PERIOD.

  9. TEXTBOOKS • Students will be issued books in your Social Studies class. • Mr. Adaway, Mr. Oswalt, or Mrs. White will be your Social Studies teacher.

  10. About Mrs. Rector This is my fourth year to teach at Frank Seale. I teach 6th grade English, Reading Excel, and I am the Cheerleading coach. I am originally from Midlothian and went to FSMS when it was called Midlothian Middle School a long time ago. My husband is a football and basketball coach at MHS. We have two adorable dachshund puppies names Molly & Cooper, and we are expecting our first baby in March! I am very excited to be your teacher this year! 

  11. Class Rules & Expectations • Be Prompt: Be on time. • Be Respectful: respect others around you and their belongings. • DO NOT ask questions until I am done giving instructions. • Bring supplies to class. You must have a library book every day. • DO NOT bring your backpack to my class, unless you are in my 6th period.

  12. Leaving Class • If you’re in the restroom, it means you’re not in the classroom. If you’re not in the classroom, it means you’re not learning. • I NEVER allow students to go to the restroom unless it is an absolute emergency. It is never an option to leave the room while I am teaching. • Go to the restroom between classes or hold it.

  13. Supplies You will need to bring the following items daily to my class: • Pencil---I do not allow students to write in pen. • red pen—for grading purposes only • highlighter • 2 composition notebooks—one for each semester.