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Fire Safety

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Fire Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fire Safety. Hi I’m Sparky the dog and I’m here to talk to you about Fire Safety. Objective. After completing this lesson. Sparky the Dog hopes you learn the facts of fire safety and how dangerous fire’s can be. Sparky wants to teach you the precautions to take and safety tips.

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Fire Safety

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    1. Fire Safety Hi I’m Sparky the dog and I’m here to talk to you about Fire Safety

    2. Objective • After completing this lesson. Sparky the Dog hopes you learn the facts of fire safety and how dangerous fire’s can be. • Sparky wants to teach you the precautions to take and safety tips.

    3. Where do you want to start? Fire Dangers Precautions / Preventions What to do If there is a FIRE! Take the Quiz

    4. Fire Dangers • Fires are scary and very dangerous. They are loud and hot, and the smoke makes it very dark. Fires hurt and destroy things in your home. You and your family can help make your home safer from fire.

    5. Fire Dangers • Fire creates thick, black smoke and deadly gases that make it hard to see or breathe. And because fire can grow and spread very fast, you may have just a few minutes to escape. A home fire escape plan makes sure everyone in your home knows exactly what to do in a fire so you can escape quickly and safely.

    6. Fire Dangers Throughout the House • Never touch matches, lighters, or candles. If you see matches or lighters in a room, tell an adult right away. • Never put anything over a lamp, like clothes or a blanket, not even when playing. • Don’t touch radiators or heaters. Ask an adult to turn a heater on or off for you. • Don’t stand too close to the fireplace or a wood stove. You could get burned or your clothes could catch fire.

    7. Fire Dangers In The Kitchen • Don’t cook alone or without asking an adult. • Remind your parents to turn pot handles toward the center of the stove. They should never hang over the edge where someone could bump into them and knock them off the stove.

    8. Fire Dangers Around Electricity • Don’t play with electrical cords. • Never stick anything into an electrical socket. • Turn off lights, stereos, TVs and other electrical equipment when you are finished using them.

    9. Precautions/Preventions • Sparky says...Planning and practicing a home fire escape plan is a smart thing to do. Get together with your family to draw a plan of your home that includes all windows and doors. Here are some important tips to help you make your plan:

    10. Precautions/Preventions 1. Two Ways Out: Every room should have two ways out. One way out would be the door and the second way out may be a window. If your first way out is blocked by fire or smoke you should use your second way out. Emergency escape from a second story window may involve using a home fire safety ladder. If your escape plan includes an escape ladder, practice using it from a first floor window with a grown-up.

    11. Precautions/Preventions • 2. Working Smoke Alarms: Make sure your home has at least one smoke alarm on every level and outside the sleeping areas. If you sleep with your bedroom door closed, ask a grown-up to install a smoke alarm inside your bedroom. Ask a grown-up to test your smoke alarms each month by pushing the test button, and to replace the batteries once a year or when it makes a chirping sound which means the battery is running low.

    12. Precautions/Preventions • 3. Outside Meeting Place: Pick a family meeting place outside the home, where everyone will meet once they have escaped. A good meeting place would be a tree, a streetlight, a telephone pole, or a neighbor's home. Be sure to stay a safe distance from emergency vehicles.

    13. Precautions/Preventions • 4. Lots of Practice: Practice your plan with your family at least twice a year. Get your family together for tonight and practice your "great escape." Remember: Never go back inside a burning building. Once out, stay out!

    14. What to do if there is a FIRE! • Why is it important to get out of the house when there’s a fire? • Fire can grow and spread through a house so quickly that you have to get out just as soon as you can. That’s why it’s so important to have a home fire escape plan that you practice at least twice a year. That way, if fire does break out, you won’t waste a single minute wondering what to do. You’ll already know! And, I’m sure you know – that smoke alarms should be part of your escape plan.

    15. What to do if there is a FIRE! • If you are unable to leave the building, use your passive escape. • Seal all doors and vents with duct tape or towels to prevent smoke from entering the room. • Open a window at the top and bottom so fresh air can enter. Be ready to close the window immediately if it draws smoke into the room. • Call the fire department and let them know that you are still inside the building. • Wave a flashlight or light colored cloth at the window to let the fire department know where you are located. • Be patient. Rescuing all the occupants of a high-rise building can take a long time.

    16. What to do if there is a FIRE! • If any part of your clothing catches on fire, STOP immediately where you are. DROP to the ground. ROLL over and over, covering your face and mouth with your hands. Rolling this way works because you’re suffocating the fire by cutting off its access to oxygen. Don’t forget to practice!

    17. What to do if there is a FIRE! • Call for help right away. If no one has a cell phone, then call from a nearby neighbor’s house, then wait for the fire department to arrive. Never try to enter the burning building yourself. Firefighters, with their specialized training and equipment, are the only ones who should go into the house. Signed, Sparky Dial 9-1-1 in Emergencies

    18. Quiz • 1. You should plan to have _______ escape routes from each room in your home. Zero One Two


    20. Quiz • 2. When escaping from a fire: Get Your Toys Get out Fast Hide


    22. Quiz • 3. If your clothes are on fire what should you do? Stop/Drop/Roll Call for Help Stand and Wait for Help


    24. Quiz • 4. Home fires are? Loud, Hot and Dark Quiet, Hot and Bright Quiet, Hot and Dark


    26. Quiz • 5. Call 9-1-1 or the fire department only if? You need a ride There is a scary thunderstorm There is an Emergency

    27. GOOD JOB YOU REMEBERED Dial 9-1-1 in Emergencies

    28. Congratulation!!!! • Say’s GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!! • You have completed the Fire Safety Lesson and passed the QUIZ!!!

    29. I’M SORRY TRY AGAIN!!! In Emergencies Dial 9-1-1