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By : Elizabeth Mae Mobley. California. State Symbols.

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state symbols
State Symbols

The state symbols in California are the State Flag, the State Seal , the California Valley Quail(bird), the Golden Poppy(flower), the Redwood(tree), the Dogface Butterfly(insect) , Blue and Gold(colors), Wine(drink),Tomato Salsa(food), the Saber Tooth Tiger(fossil),Serpentine(rock),Bentonite(gem) ,and Gold(mineral).


California’s nickname is “The Golden State” and it is for a reason. Its called “The Golden State” because it has soft grass that looks golden because of the golden sunshine. It is also called “The Golden State” because of the gold rush in the 1800s.

state motto
State Motto

California’s state motto is “Eureka(I have found it)!” The state’s motto is “Eureka(I have found it)!” Because many people who go there find what they are looking for. Like some people are looking for a sunny place where it is mostly happy everywhere. The Spanish Explorers who discovered California were looking for gold. They found it in the 1800s gold rush.


California was discovered by a crew of Spanish explorers and their leader’s name was James W. Marshall. He and his crew came to California in 1848, trying to build a gold mine. At first they thought California was a island. When they actually found some gold more people came to California for the start of the 1848 gold rush. That is how California was discovered.


California was discovered in the 1800’s and was the 31st state to become a state.


California is the most populous state with about 37,691,912 people.


California’s weather is mostly sunny with some rain. The highest temperature in California was 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

natural resources
Natural Resources

California’s natural resources are good farming land. It’s because of the sunny weather which evaporates water which condensates into clouds which get heavy and that gives a nice rain.

places to visit
Places to Visit

Here are some places you visit if you plan to go to California: You could go to Sacramento, the capital of California, or the La Brea Tar Pits, San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, or if you’re lucky, Hollywood!

famous people
Famous People

California has some famous people like the 40th president, Ronald Reagan, and all the Hollywood stars you like to watch.

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