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Announcements. For those doing the extra credit project, nothing is due on Monday. Exam on Monday: If you are taking the exam in the ASC, please go directly there instead of picking up your exam in Jenks 237. You may start at 8:45 if you wish.

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  • For those doing the extra credit project, nothing is due on Monday.

  • Exam on Monday:

    • If you are taking the exam in the ASC, please go directly there instead of picking up your exam in Jenks 237.

    • You may start at 8:45 if you wish.

    • Please bring a bright pen (red, orange, or bright blue) for the map. Otherwise, it will be difficult to read your answers on the map.

Psalm 18 46 english
Psalm 18:46 (English)


  • Lives The LORD and blessed (is) my Rock


  • And may He be exalted the God of My salvation


  • Which prophet condemned the nations roundabout before addressing Israel?

  • Which prophet gave his children symbolic names – Jezreel, “Not Loved,” and “Not My People”?

  • What was the purpose of the book of Jonah?

Prophets of the south

Prophets of the South:

Isaiah, Micah, Joel

Introduction to isaiah
Introduction to Isaiah

  • Significance of Isaiah

  • Historical contexts

    • Southern kingdom and reigning kings

      • Uzziah [approx 790-740]

      • Jotham [750-732 – co-reign with both Uzziah and Ahaz]

      • Ahaz [735-715 – co-reign]

      • Hezekiah [715-685]

    • Foreign threats (current – Assyria; later – Babylonia)

    • The future restoration in the reference to Cyrus [539]

The critics confront isaiah
The Critics Confront Isaiah

  • The “problem” of accurate prediction

  • Subsequent divisions of the text

  • Presumed authors and date

  • Responses to the charges of “differences in style, content, and theology”:

    • Length of Isaiah’s life and ministry

    • The crisis of idolatry fits 8th century, not the 6th

    • The prediction regarding Cyrus fits into Isaiah’s contrast between idols and the LORD

    • Same themes and expressions throughout the book

Key doctrines in isaiah
Key Doctrines in Isaiah

  • The Supreme and Unique Nature of God (44:6-18) – Idols mean nothing; those who make and worship them are the greatest of fools

    • Idols are made by humans so it is illogical to worship them

    • Idols cannot tell the future; by contrast, God not only foretells; He brings it to pass

  • The Holiness of God – “the Holy One of Israel” (used 25 times)

  • The universal promise of salvation (Jews and Gentiles)

    • All nations will come to the temple (2:2 and chapter 4)

    • Foreigners will come; the temple will be a house of prayer for all nations (56:3-8)

    • The Servant of the Lord will be a light to the nations (49:6)

  • The Servant of the Lord

    • The tasks of the Servant (Israel) – 42:1-7

    • An individual who restores Israel – 42:18-20  49:1-7

    • The Suffering Servant - 52:13-53:12

The messiah in isaiah
The Messiah in Isaiah

  • Isaiah’s terms for the Messiah

    • Servant

    • Branch

    • Descendant of David

    • Righteous King

  • Key passages

    • Born of a virgin (7:13-14) – note continuity from this context to the next

    • The Child who is God (9:5-7)

    • Brings peace to earth (11:1-12)

    • Frees people from sin through His own atoning death (53:1-12)

    • Anointed by God’s Spirit (61:1-4)

Micah what does the lord require of you 6 8
Micah – “What Does the LORD Require of You?” (6:8)

  • Historical background

    • During time of Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah

    • Contemporary of Isaiah (note 4:1-5) – also prophesied in the south – and he also mentions Babylon (as did Isaiah)

  • Micah’s Messages:

    • The Sovereign Lord is coming in judgment

    • Israel’s leaders are guilty of covetousness, fraud, injustice, brutality, deceit, hypocrisy

    • Israel’s prophets are false

    • there will be a time of restoration for all peoples

      • Torah will go forth from Zion

      • A Ruler over Israel – the One from Bethlehem - Micah in the New Testament: Messiah’s birthplace (5:2 in Matt 2:6)

Before and after laid waste my vines and ruined my fig trees 1 7
Before and After:“…laid waste my vines and ruined my fig trees…” (1:7)

On the walls of jerusalem buildings they rush upon the city and run along the wall 2 9
On the Walls of Jerusalem Buildings:“They rush upon the city and run along the wall…” (2:9)

Announcements 3850064

  • Ministry to the southern kingdom – Zion, Judah, Jerusalem

  • Messages

    • The locust plague and the day of the Lord

    • Repent and return to God (2:13)

    • The great Day heralded by the outpouring of the Spirit and astronomical phenomena – 2:28-32 is part of Peter’s sermon (Acts 2:17-21) at Pentecost