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Informatica MDM - Multidomain PowerPoint Presentation
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Informatica MDM - Multidomain

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Informatica MDM - Multidomain
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Informatica MDM - Multidomain

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  1. Informatica MDM - Multidomain Hemang Desai Softpath

  2. Agenda • Introduction • MDM Features • Reference Data Management Accelerator • Competitive Intelligence • Enablement • Summary

  3. 2011 MDM Magic Quadrant 2011 Data Integration Magic Quadrant 2011 Data Quality Magic Quadrant Leaders Leaders Challengers Challengers Visionaries Visionaries Niche Players Niche Players Source: Gartner Research (October 2011) Source: Gartner Research (September 2011) Source: Gartner Research (June 2011) Proven Technology Leadership No 2 in DQ No 1 in Data Integration No 1 Visionary in MDM Leaders Challengers Ability to Execute Visionaries Niche Players Completeness of Vision

  4. Informatica Success Story:Large Fashion Specialty Retail in the US KEY BUSINESS IMPERATIVE High Impact 1:1 Relationship Marketing. Channels Full line Stores Rack Web Credit Card • The Challenge • Unable to achieve goals because company didn’t have a single view of the customer across multiple channels, nor did they capture key relationships across customers, products, and employees. 360-degree View of Customer Employees Household • Informatica Advantage • Informatica MDM system is used to: • Gain a consolidated customer and employee golden record. • Manage complex many-to-many relationships and hierarchies of parent customer, employees, and products. Products Items Item Classes End Users Business Use • Results / Benefits • Improve customer loyalty, KYC, SAT, Segmentation, Direct marketing, and Promotions. • Increase Revenue & Expand market share • Reduce IT operations costs Customer SAT Cross-sell/ Up-sell Sales Marketing 1-1 Marketing

  5. $ International Media GiantEnterprise MDM for Product Lifecycle Management KEY BUSINESS IMPERATIVE Enterprise MDM for Product Lifecycle Management. Product Lifecycle • The Challenge • In their current environment, the company lost sight of single and trustworthy source for many of the product attributes, resulting in the creation many manual processes for distributing and sharing information about the product, often using different sources for the same attribute. • As a result, the enterprise lacks a single version of the truth for the product. • Informatica Advantage • The company is using Informatica MDM and Informatica Data Quality to create a single, trusted repository for films and television title information (products) and the delivery of that to the right people, at the right time, and in the right format. • Results / Benefits • Informatica MDM and Data Quality improved the accuracy and consistency of title information across the different systems. • Informatica MDM and Data Quality dramatically improved the data governance of title information. Theatrical Release Pay Per View Cable Network Films and Television Series Back –End Systems/ Applications Rights Mgnt MediaMgnt MusicMgnt ERP Reporting Business Use End Users Digital Media Creation & RegistrationProcess Sales & Marketing Editing , Content Developers ContentPublishing Informatica Company Confidential – Do Not Distribute

  6. Informatica Success Story:Global 50 Leading Global Investment Bank KEY BUSINESS IMPERATIVE Counterparties Enterprise-wide Multidomain MDM to Enable Straight through Processing. GlobalCorporations MediumBusinesses SmallBusinesses • The Challenge • Bank faced two key business challenges: • Maximizing trade automation (Straight-through processing) • Managing credit risk across clients and internal investments • Informatica Advantage • Bank deployed Counterparty Master MDM system to support Trade Execution and Credit Risk Management. • MDM system will keep hundreds of downstream trading systems synchronized with the most accurate legal entity information, ensuring that trades flow automatically without manual intervention. Public Sector Private Sector Business Use • Results / Benefits • Increased client satisfaction due to quicker trade execution. • Risk managers are able to view risk concentrations fromany perspective. • $11M savings annually, freeing $300M to be invested elsewhere. End Users TradeSettlement Credit RiskManagement RiskManagers Traders

  7. Agenda • Introduction • MDM Features • Reference Data Management Accelerator • Competitive Intelligence • Enablement • Summary

  8. Informatica MDMInformatica MDM helps you to… Consolidate and rationalize master data from different systems across the enterprise to improve transactional and analytical processes. This reduces errors earlier in the process and increases the accuracy of reporting

  9. Proven Enterprise Deployments “By leveraging a well-thought-out MDM strategy, we have been able to strengthen the customer experience and support our critical compliance efforts.” — Johnson & Johnson

  10. The Information ChallengeHow to streamline and govern data across silos & providers Merchandising Analytics Human Resources Price Management Customer Experience Supply Chain External DataProviders ? Data Governance ?

  11. Challenge Redefined: Data in Siloed Systems Others … CRM Product Systems ERP/Finance Internet/Web Location Customer Product Product Supplier Customer User Interface Application Logic Data

  12. Breaking the Silos… User Interface Others … CRM Product Systems ERP/Finance Internet/Web Application Logic Service Oriented Architecture Location Product Product Supplier Customer Customer Data Master Transaction

  13. Informatica – Single Master Data Platform User Interface Others … CRM Product Systems ERP/Finance Internet/Web Application Logic Single View of Customer Spend Consolidation Compliance and Risk Mgmt … Others… Customer Location Product Supplier Customer Data relationships Master Data Management

  14. Top business drivers for MDMAccording to Gartner Survey Internal & Channel Partner use only

  15. Why Informatica? Horizontally Integrated Out-of-the-Box • Only vendor whose platform integrates the 3 key areas, Out of the Box

  16. Why Informatica? Vertically Integrated Out-of-the-Box • A complete MDM product from data model up through UI

  17. Informatica – Universal MDM Architectural Styles Data Domains 4 3 1 2 Consolidation Registry Customer Product Centralized Coexistence Household Organization Universal MDM Uses Deployment Modes Data Integration Data Quality On premise Cloud Data Services Data Profiling Hybrid Internal & Channel Partner use only

  18. Informatica MDM An Integrated Solution Discover Relate Cleanse Master Data Management Master Data Resolve Govern Recognize Model Operational Applications Applications Deliver Timely, Trusted, Relevant Master Data Homegrown Apps External CRO’s Analytical Deliver Access CRO’s Portal/ Dashboard Data Marts Third Party Data Business Intelligence Data Warehouse

  19. Informatica MDM Hub - Detailed Functionality Hub API Core Capabilities • Schedule Group • Get Batch Group Status… Integrate • Create Customer • Get Sales Transaction… DataInteraction Consume Near Real-time Batch Real-time • Get Matched Records • Set Record State… Govern BusinessInteraction Sync Federate • Authenticate User • Register User… Data Security Secure DataGovernance Workflow State Mgmt. • Add Product Relationship • Delete Party Relationship… Row &ColumnLevel Security Relate Authentication Authorization Consolidate • Merge Records • UnMerge Records… Party& Product Party Product • Search Party • Search Product… Match Trust Framework Link Merge • Get DnB Tree • Get Axciom ID… Enrich Deterministic& Fuzzy Logic Internationalization Data Mastering • Cleanse Address • Standardize Product Name… Cleanse Organization Demographics • Get Party • Add Product… Open Cleanse Architecture Data Transformation Standardization Model Metadata Multi-Entity Configuration Content History Lineage Match Survivorship Validation Rules Party Product

  20. Start small anywhere … scale in many ways… in months, not years Proven and Pragmatic Approach to MDM Start with MDM Hubs that can scale in many directions… Transaction Across different styles Registry 3 mo Coexistence Consolidated 8 mo To Securities, Assets, Locations… Client CounterParty Asset Management 6 mo 9 mo Risk & Exposure Across solutions Across business divisions, geographies Processes and Employees

  21. Fortune 50 Global Wealth Management Firm Increasing Revenue with an Extended Customer View • Situation • Improve Financial Advisors’ (FA) productivity. • Business Problem • 70% of FAs’ time spent on back office functions. • Root Cause • Account-centric instead of customer-centric view. • Solution • Real-time access to an Extended Customer View withintheir custom-built business application. • Benefits • Increased FA productivity by 30%, resulting in almost 10% increase in revenue per FA. • Cross-sold Jumbo mortgage loans from retail bankingdivision to current customers. • Increased sales of banking products from 35,000 to 80,000 among brokerage clients. Counterparties Customers Accounts Trustee Organization Growth Retirement Income Prospects Individuals End Users Fin. AdvisorServices ContactMgmt. • Same DayAcct. Opening • Financial Advisors ComputerTelephony Profiling

  22. Fortune 500 Financial Services ProviderEnterprise-wide Multidomain MDM to Support Compliance • Situation • In 2004, the bank was identified by the Fed. Reserve to implement rigorous standards for capital management as identified by Basel II. • Business Problem • Unable to uniquely identify counterparties at the legalentity level. • Unable to link credit exposures to counterparties and aggregate them based on legal entity hierarchies. • Root Cause • Counterparties stored in multiple locations. • Outsourced the cleansing and maintenance process, but challenges remained: • Multiple login to different applications • Non integrated workflow • Manual reconciliation • Solution • Informatica MDM uniquely identifies counterparties and legal entity hierarchies. • MDM system cross references exposures to each legal entity and provides the ability to summarize these exposures. • Benefits • Compliance with Basel II requirements. • Enables accurate calculation of capital requirements. • Better decision making by management due to greaterinsight into businesses and associated capital costs. Counterparties Corporations Cities Banks Ltd. Partnerships Insurance Companies Broker/Dealer End Users Business Use RiskAnalytics Capital Estimation Credit Analysis • Lines ofBusiness • Ent. RiskMgmt.

  23. Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Services CompanyEnterprise-wide Multidomain MDM for Operational Efficiency Core Masters • Situation • Company had four key distinct business processes –corporate account management, contract creation & administration, order to cash, rebates & reconciliation. • Business Problem • The four business processes were disconnected • Health care professionals were not connected to accountsand contracts • The accounts were not connected to orders and contracts • Unable to determine contract performance and execute rebate payments. • Root Cause • Company had separate master data for each of the fourkey business processes. • The master data lacked data quality and ownership. • Solution • Company developed five distinct core masters – customer, affiliations, product and product hierarchies, list price, sales alignment. • Master data is consumed through various applications including order entry, contracting by 14 operating companies. • Benefits • Create consistency and standardization across medical devices and pharmaceuticals divisions. • Improved customer service efficiency and effectiveness. • Ensure SOX validation and compliance. • Establish a master data foundation for contract excellence. Customers Affiliations Pricing Product/Product Hierarchies Sales Alignment End Users Business Use Contracting Order Entry Warehousing/Analytics Compliance Order Entry Contracting Marketing Sales R&D

  24. Informatica MDM – Business CriticalThe Ultimate Measure of Software “Applications and even Trading Systems can have downtime – but the MDM Hub cannot go down…ever” Uptime ROI “Very few systems can measure their ROI in the billions…” US Intelligence Organization Accuracy “If we miss a match, you’re risking people’s lives. It’s that simple…” “Changing an application is hard - changing MDM requires redoing the entire IT landscape” Reach

  25. Informatica Master Data Process Flow Informatica Trust FrameworkTM Consumers (Master Reference or Relationship Data) Rules-based Configuration Tools Sources(Reference or Relationship Data) Consolidation Process Staging Queued for Merging Landing ETL f(x) Data Warehouse Auto Merge Manual Merge ETL Dynamic Cell-Level Survivorship Insert/Update Data Source Match Un-Merge Delta Detection and Cleansing f(x) Queued for Matching f(x) Events Msg Queue Raw Reject Target Data Model Management Name Data Consumer New Apply Trust and Validation Apply Trust and Validation Address Product XML/SOAP f(x) Msg Queue/ Services Insert/Update f(x) Metadata Application Rules Content Hierarchy Validation State Mgmt Workflow Event Trigger History Lineage X Ref Trust Score Audit Delta Detection and Cleansing Application

  26. Multi-Deployment: Informatica Data ControlsPower your existing applications with MDM Informatica data controls deliver and leverage the benefit of MDM to Business Users on any application CRM, SFA, ERP, Supply Chain and Legacy applications Capabilities: Provides Master Data ‘In-Context’ for Business Users Enhances the capabilities of existing application investments Examples: Hierarchy Manager History Viewer Duplicate Detection SFDC Account IDC Hierarchy Management Control Internal & Channel Partner use only

  27. Multi-DeploymentWherever, Whenever, However… • Federated MDM • Different instances for various divisions (M&A, Regulatory,…) • Support cross-enterprise, cross-instance business processes • Interoperability and Consistency • MDM in the Cloud • Initial Loading • Performance Bursting • User Acceptance Testing • Partner-driven processes/data • MDM as a Service • For Cloud Applications • Shared dataset • Shared business process • Value added services … Customer Product Internal & Channel Partner use only

  28. Why Customers Select Informatica for MDMComprehensive, Unified, Open, Economical MDM Comprehensive Unified Open Economical

  29. Agenda • Introduction • MDM Features • Reference Data Management Accelerator • Competitive Intelligence • Enablement • Summary

  30. Vendor – Competitive Summary

  31. FS - Reference Data Management • Comprehensive data model: ~ 75 entity types, ~ 12 instrument types, ~ 40 relationship types • Robust Rules Package - Data Quality, Match, Survivorship • Out-of-the-box business user interface • Out-of the box analyst interface

  32. Corporations Corporations Counterparty Reference Data KEY BUSINESS IMPERATIVE Improve Credit Risk Management Analysis and Regulatory Compliance (i.e. Basel, Dodd-Frank Act) Credit risk Market risk Operational risk • The Challenge • Inconsistent and inaccurate counterparty information in existing risk applications • Inaccurate risk rating and analysis = higher capital reserves • Non-compliance with Basel requirements • Informatica Advantage • Ability to access existing counterparty information regardless of source and format • Identify and address unforeseen data quality issues • Accurately recognize, resolve, and relate counterparties to each other with detailed hierarchies • Synchronize with downstream systems and databases Data Stewards Cities Cities Banks Banks Insurance Companies Insurance Companies Ltd. Partnerships Ltd. Partnerships Broker/Dealer Broker/Dealer • Expected Benefits • Consistent and accurate counterparty information to improve credit risk exposure analysis and reporting • Achieve Basel and other regulations Existing Data Data Integration & Data Quality

  33. Rating Rating Rating Rating Counterparty Centralize, manage, and manipulate Counterparty relationships providing a global view of exposure Exposure Global Ultimate Counterparty B Counterparty A Position Position Subsidiary Portfolio Portfolio Obligor Issuer DEF Mutual Funds ----------- ----------- GHI Bonds ----------- ----------- JKL Securities ----------- ----------- MNO Mortgage ----------- -----------

  34. Corporations Corporations Corporations Corporations Managing Counterparty Reference Data with Informatica MDM Existing Counterparty Data in Different Systems Cities Cities Cities Cities Banks Banks Banks Banks Insurance Companies Insurance Companies Insurance Companies Insurance Companies • Golden Record • Legal Entity Identification • Define Relationship Hierarchies Ltd. Partnerships Ltd. Partnerships Ltd. Partnerships Ltd. Partnerships Broker/Dealer Broker/Dealer Broker/Dealer Broker/Dealer

  35. Agenda • Introduction • MDM Features • Reference Data Management Accelerator • Competitive Intelligence • Enablement • Summary

  36. Internal & Channel Partner use only

  37. Agenda • Introduction • MDM Features • Reference Data Management Accelerator • Competitive Intelligence • Enablement • Summary

  38. MDM - Enablement

  39. Agenda • Introduction • MDM Features • Reference Data Management Accelerator • Competitive Intelligence • Enablement • Summary

  40. Informatica Solution Business Users PowerCenter Real Time Applications PowerCenter / PowerExchange BI Exceptions DQ Scorecard MDM – Data Governance Data Quality Legacy Applications RDBMS CEP Proactive Monitoring B2B Data Exchange Structured MDM Legacy XML Metadata Manager