12 th Grade NAEP Preparedness Research Plans and Progress - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

12 th grade naep preparedness research plans and progress n.
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12 th Grade NAEP Preparedness Research Plans and Progress PowerPoint Presentation
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12 th Grade NAEP Preparedness Research Plans and Progress

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12 th Grade NAEP Preparedness Research Plans and Progress
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12 th Grade NAEP Preparedness Research Plans and Progress

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  1. 12th Grade NAEPPreparedness ResearchPlans and Progress Cornelia Orr, Executive Director National Assessment Governing Board

  2. The Board’s Work on Preparedness Has Been Underway for Nearly a Decade 2002 2005 2006 2009 2010-2012 12th Grade Commission Established Board Resolution on Reporting12th Grade Preparedness Grade 12 Reading& Mathematics Frameworks Revised Board Approves Preparedness Research Plan Conduct Research Studies and Develop Preparedness Report • The Governing Board has demonstrated a rigorous, comprehensive, and methodical approach to research and has not presumed the equivalence of college and career preparedness. This research will help inform the definition of preparedness in terms of NAEP. Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  3. Key Considerations for the Governing Board • Statements in NAEP reports must be shaped and supported by validity evidence (validity framework) • Recognize NAEP has limitations • Reporting on NAEP 12th grade preparedness may or may not prove to be feasible • Consider additional Grade 12 academic areas in the future Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  4. Purpose: Technical Panel on 12th Grade Preparedness Research • Identify technically appropriate and valid ways to use grade 12 NAEP for reporting preparedness • Assist in planning research and validity studies • Recommend research designs and priorities for implementation in 2008, 2009, and thereafter • Focus on 12th grade reading and mathematics Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  5. Technical Panel on 12th Grade Preparedness Research: Members Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  6. Panel’s Key Conclusions • Reporting on 12th grade preparedness seems feasible • Use multipronged approach to collect validity information • Avoid representing 12th grade NAEP as the single authoritative definition or conception of preparedness • Consider the national context related to preparedness Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  7. Preparedness: Working Definitions • Preparedness for College:reading and mathematics knowledge and skills to qualify for placement into entry level college credit courses that meet general education requirements, without the need for remedial coursework in math or reading • Preparedness for Workplace Training:reading and mathematics knowledge and skills needed to qualify for a job trainingprogram without remediation in math or reading • “Preparedness” versus “Readiness” Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  8. Types of Research Studies • Content alignment • Judgmental standard-setting • Statistical relationship • Survey of Postsecondary Institutions • Benchmarking Studies Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  9. Study Interrelationships Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  10. Data for Preparedness Research • 2009 NAEP 12th grade Reading and Mathematics • National and state level data • 11 states voluntarily participated • Linkages to state data systems (only 1 in 2009) • Advance planning • Confidentiality assurance processes • Follow-up for post secondary college/career status • Planning for 2013 Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  11. Grade 12 NAEPResults for 11 states Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  12. Research Studies Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  13. Reference Points on the NAEP Scale (Scenario 1) Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  14. Reference Points on the NAEP Scale (Scenario 2) Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  15. Reference Points on the NAEP Scale (Scenario 3) Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  16. Next Steps • Develop summary report of validity evidence • Validity Framework – external reviews • Develop preparedness reports • Based on national data analyses • Research-focused report • Public-focused report • Issue Preparedness Report in 2012 Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  17. Questions and Discussion • What are the results from the preparedness research so far? • The content of NAEP is similar to the content assessed on common indicators of college preparedness, that is, the ACT, SAT, and ACCUPLACER. • Some content on NAEP is similar to WorkKeys, though the content on NAEP is generally broader than the content on WorkKeys and WorkKeys measures some content that is not in NAEP. • The linking of NAEP to SAT: NAEP proficient is about at 500 on the SAT for both reading and mathematics, the college board readiness benchmark. • How can states use the NAEP preparedness research? • As a resource for state and/or consortia standard setting • To provide reference points for state readiness/preparedness definitions Cornelia Orr, NAGB

  18. Other Questions? Dr. Cornelia S. Orr Executive Director National Assessment governing Board 800 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 825 Washington, DC 20002-4233 www.nagb.org Cornelia Orr, NAGB