singleton swash myrtle beach south carolina n.
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Singleton Swash Myrtle Beach, South Carolina PowerPoint Presentation
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Singleton Swash Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Singleton Swash Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Singleton Swash Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Scientific Investigation. Singleton Swash. What environmental problems do you see? . What happens to the mouth of Singleton Swash?. Long Shore Current. Wave Energy. Design an Experiment?.

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singleton swash
Singleton Swash

What environmental problems do you see?

design an experiment
Design an Experiment?

Question: How is the water quality affected by the closing of the mouth at Singleton Swash?

How are you going to collect data?

What kind of data are you going to collect?

When will go out to sample?

sampling technique
Sampling Technique

Using Equipment:

Treat the tools kindly

Use the tools as instructed

Use iPod to collect data

Test each water sample

Clean up lab area

sampling calendar
Sampling Calendar

How often do you need to sample?

The days which have the highest tidal range is ideal.


For each month:

Color in days of highest tidal range

Circle days of lowest tidal range

  • Spring Tides- when highest tidal ranges occur
    • Moon, Sun and Earth are in alignment
    • Occurs during the full or new moon phase
  • Neap Tides- when lower tidal ranges occur
    • Moon is at a 90˚ from the earth and Sun
    • Occurs during the 1st and 3rd quarter moons