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Nova Scotia

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By: Ashley Seiferling. Nova Scotia. Where Is Nova Scotia?. Nova Scotia is by New Brunswick, Price Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. The Ocean It is by is the Atlantic Ocean. Climate of Nova Scotia. Spring: 1*c [34*f] to 17*c [63*f] Summer: 14*c [57*f] to 23*c [ 8*f]

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Nova Scotia

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where is nova scotia
Where Is Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is by New Brunswick, Price Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. The Ocean It is by is the Atlantic Ocean.

climate of nova scotia
Climate of Nova Scotia

Spring: 1*c [34*f] to 17*c [63*f]

Summer: 14*c [57*f] to 23*c [ 8*f]

Fall :5*c [41*f] to 20*c [68*f]

Winter: -20*c [-4*f] to 5*c [41*f]


what is the climate of nova scotia
What is the Climate of Nova Scotia?

The tem. July the provinces is an average of 64* F [18 * C]

While the average in January is 23* F

[-5* C] . Storms and high winds especially fall and winter 53inc. [135cm.]

There winters are not that cold and the summers are not that hot. In summers the cold sea chills the warm damp air. The cold sea often creates thick fog.

what is the landform of nova scotia
What is the landform of Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is almost completely around water. The Basalt cliffs and tower sea on the way around the Brier Island of Nova Scotia's shore.. Nova Scotia is 56 km of a coast.

Nova Scotia highland stretch to the bay of fundy to cape of Breton Island. Arctic ocean meets the Nova Scotia shore.

wildlife in nova scotia1
Wildlife in Nova Scotia

The wild life in Nova Scotia is Bears, Moose, Deer, Foxes, Skunks, Porcupines, Minks, Otters, Weasels, Ducks, Graze pheasant, Bald eagles,

Cod, Sword fish, Trout, lobsters, Oysters, Salmon.

the population is

There is about 934.100 people in Nova Scotia


the ecosystem
The ecosystem

The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources is developing an ecosystem based management planning system, Forest ecosystem based management provides a holistic way of managing resources with emphasis on the natural environment.

Ecosystems, with their focus on interconnectedness, describe the fundamental units of nature and provide a logical framework for understanding, planning, and managing natural resources.



-may-water lilies and Picher plants the violets grow throughout the



The kinds of trees in nova Scotia is

-White Spruce

-Balsam fir

There is mostly Spruce trees in Nova Scotia.

-tam rock –hemlock



The bushes are...


And the blueberries everywhere.

the effects of the region culture
The Effects of the region culture
  • So some of the effects on culture are that since they are by water there could be floods of water really big ones too. Another one is that people eat fish and when it is cool you can’t get some unless you go ice fishing. So now the food. And then the water because it freezes the water.


The facts

*Nova Scotia’s province bird is the Osprey

*Halifax is often called twin city

*The titanic sank near nova Scotia 1912.

*Sydney Crosby lived in Nova Scotia and he was famous there

*Nova Scotia Joined In 1867

*Nova Scotia’s provinces flower is the Mayflower.

*Nova Scotia's area is 55.284

reference page
Reference page.

I got all my info on Google and at the sunning dale library, books of nova Scotia

hope you enjoyed my slide show
Hope You Enjoyed My Slide Show!


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