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CWNA-107 Dumps Questions

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CWNA-107 Dumps Questions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Braindumps4IT is the best site for all vendors exam and now provide testified CWNA-107 dumps. We have best study material for preparation of CWNP CWNA-107 exam with CWNA-107 braindumps questions answers and CWNP - Certified Wireless Network Administrator CWNA-107 practice test software. Braindumps4IT provide latest Braindumps4IT CWNA-107 real exam questions answers. Download CWNA-107 PDF Practice Test with updated CWNA-107 questions answers and prepare your CWNP - Certified Wireless Network Administrator CWNA-107 exam easily.

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cwna 107


CWNP - Certified Wireless Network Administrator

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cwna 107 questions answers

CWNA-107 Questions Answers

Question: 1

What parameter of the client driver should be configured on a Windows

computer to optimize moving from one AP to another within the ESS?

A. Band preference

B. Roaming threshold

C. ESSID selection

D. SSID selection

Answer: C

cwna 107 questions answers 1

CWNA-107 Questions Answers

Question: 2

When a client station sends a broadcast probe request frame with a wildcard

SSID, how do APs respond?

A. For each probe request frame, only one AP may reply with a probe response.

B. Each AP responds in turn after preparing a probe response and winning


C. Each AP checks with the DHCP server to see if it can respond and then acts


D. After waiting a SIFS, all APs reply at the same time with a probe response.

Answer: B

cwna 107 questions answers 2

CWNA-107 Questions Answers

Question: 3

ABC Company is planning a point-to-multipoint outdoor bridge deployment

with standalone (autonomous) 802.11 bridge units. 802.1X/EAP will be used for

bridge authentication. A Linux-based RADIUS server will be used for

authentication. What device in the bridge Implementation as the 802.1X


A. All non-root bridges

B. The root bridge

C. The Ethernet switch

D. The RADIUS server

Answer: B

cwna 107 questions answers 3

CWNA-107 Questions Answers

Question: 4

What statements about the beamwidth of an RF antenna are true?

A. Horizontal and vertical beamwidth are calculated at the points in which the

main lobe decreases power by 3 dB

B. Vertical beamwidth is displayed (in degree) on the antenna’s Azimuth chart.

C. When antenna gain is lower, the beamwidth is also lower in both the

horizontal and vertical dimensions.

D. The beamwidth patterns on an antenna polar chart indicate the point at

which the RF signal stops propagating.

Answer: A

cwna 107 questions answers 4

CWNA-107 Questions Answers

Question: 5

What statement about the SSID is true?

A. The SSID is a security session identifier used in RSNs.

B. The SSID must be included in an association request frame.

C. The SSID is an alphanumeric value assigned to devicemanufacturers

by the IEEE.

D. The SSID is a pseudo-random number assigned to each client by an


Answer: D

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