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Top 10 Indoor Plants your home PowerPoint Presentation
Top 10 Indoor Plants your home

Top 10 Indoor Plants your home

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  1. Top 10 Indoor Plants your home Trees not only look beautiful but they also help in keeping our body healthy. Everyone knows that trees give us oxygen, which allows us to breathe. But everyone knows one more thing that slowly the trees and plants around us are becoming less and less. Because of this, everyone needs to plant saplings in homes. Now everyone has a garden or terris garden, this is not necessary. Not everyone has a garden, especially in cities. Due to this, the trend of establishing indoor plants has increased considerably. If you have more information about garden, indoor plant, door plant, how to caring plant, best tips for garden and organic product then visit this site Orgizon. 1. Areca Palm This plant purifies the air and prevents many diseases. It maintains moisture in the air by removing toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. It can be decorated in a beautiful floral decoration in a bedroom or living room. This plant is very high, so plant it where it is high. The dust on the leaves of this plant accumulates very quickly, so keep it clean. Also, sometimes in two to three months you can keep this plant outside in the sun. 2. Aloe Vera Aloe vera purifies the air of the house. Not only this but it also has many other benefits, it is also very good for skin and hair. This plant does not require much care, rather it grows easily. Just keep on harvesting it on time. This plant does not require much water. But keeping moisture in the plant is very important, so water it once in three to four days. 3. Pothos It is like a beautiful vine that can be planted in the drawingroom, window or stairs of the house. Its vine becomes very long and spreads far. This rope also has to be tied with rope etc. to support. 4. Boston fern It removes the polluted environment inside the house. This plant requires a lot of water, so keep it in the balcony outside the bedroom. To keep it indoors for a long time, keep in mind that this plant will retain moisture. 5. Dracaena Plant This plant is suitable for all seasons. It controls humidity in summer and removes pollution in winter. You can plant it anywhere. 6. Money Plant

  2. Some people also call it Money Tree. But this is not due to giving money, but the reason behind it is that by applying this plant at home, the air is fresh. We get sick again and again and save money by taking medicines. This is the reason why this plant is called money plant. Actually, this plant releases oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide and reduces the level of pollution in the air. This plant can be planted both indoor and outdoor. You can also apply it by filling water in the bottle without soil. 7. Snake Plant This plant also looks like a snake; hence its name is the snake plant. But do you know NASA has also described this plant as a very good air purifier. This plant does not require much sunlight, plus less water is also given. 8. Philodendron Plant This indoor plant looks like a designer cutting of its leaves. If your house is dark and not sunny, this plant is perfect for your home. This is because these plants do not need sunlight at all. 9. Green Tulsi Tulsi plant also provides oxygen. It has many medicinal properties. Relieves cold and also increases immunity. Because of which it is also used in medicine. Mixing its leaves in tea every morning and drinking it is very beneficial. So plant this plant at home. 10. Dumb Cane or Leopard Lily This plant has double-shed leaves which look quite beautiful to see. The oxygen level in the house is absolutely fine with this plant.