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Autism Support Team

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Autism Support Team . “Putting the Pieces All Together”. Why Are We Here?. To create a process that aligns with the NHCS Student Support and Intervention process. Student Support Team. Does SST require the assistance of the AST?. YES.

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Autism Support Team

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autism support team

Autism Support Team

“Putting the Pieces All Together”


Why Are We Here?

  • To create a process that aligns with the NHCS Student Support and Intervention process

Student Support Team

Does SST require the assistance of the AST?


  • Intervention Plan for Student Success

(with review timelines)

  • Design and Conduct

a Formal Evaluation

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
why are we here1
Why Are We Here?
  • To align with the Problem Solving Model with emphasis on educating teams on the use of research based strategies


1 – 7 %


5 - 15 %

Levels of Intervention


80 - 90 %

School-wide systems to support student achievement.

Adapted from Sugai and Horner

why are we here2
To create building level expertise Why Are We Here?

Educational Staff

OT / PT / SLP Service Providers

Psychologists / Administrators


Why Are We Here?

  • To afford all students a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
purpose of the ast
Purpose of the AST

Provide assistance to the Student SupportTeam in the following areas:

Assist with Intervention Plan for Student Success

Assist with the Formal Evaluation/Reevaluation Design

Assist with the Development of an IEP/IAP

who are the ast members
Who are the AST Members?
  • Psychologist
  • Liaison
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • TEACCH Representative
  • Autism Liaison
levels of support
Levels of Support


SST Strategies

Using Building

Level Experts

Levels of Intervention

SST Strategies

Classroom Strategies

autism support team1

Autism Support Team

Classroom Level Supports Prior to SST

classroom strategies prior to request for intervention assistance
Teacher Utilizes Ideas for Classroom Strategies from the following:

Resource Notebook

Strategies for Differentiated Instruction

Suggested Websites

On-site Training Opportunities per request

Consultation with building level supports

(psychologist, and/or related services)

Classroom StrategiesPrior to Request for Intervention Assistance
autism support team2

Autism Support Team

Process Related to SST

request for intervention assistance
Request for Intervention Assistance

SST Process Begins. . .

Review past classroom interventions

Review teacher concerns

Involve school psychologist

Involve building level experts

Develop additional interventions and document on Intervention Plan

when sst data suggests characteristics of autism
When SST Data Suggests Characteristics of Autism

SST should use building level experts for the development/documentation of more specific interventions focused at strengthening the intensity, duration and/or frequency of interventions over a specified period of time.

For example:

  • Observation of student
  • Provision of staff training on the use of visual structure
  • Modification of instructional presentation, curriculum, and physical environment
intervention plan for student success
Intervention Plan for Student Success

SST Process Continues. . .

Team reviews data to determine need for further analysis of student behavior

If data suggests, school psychologist completes a specific screening tool

(documented on data collection section of IPSS)

Team determines process next steps . . .

intervention plan for student success1
Intervention Plan for Student Success

Redesign Interventions Continue

Data Analysis


Continue /Monitor








Who Can Request a Formal Presentation to AST?


SST Chair


OT / PT / SLP Service Providers

request for autism support team assistance
Request for Autism Support Team Assistance

Student Name: _____________________

School: ___________________ Grade: ______ Date of Birth: _________

how can ast help when classroom strategies are needed
Determine issues related to deficits in communication, socialization, and behavior

Suggest more focused intervention strategies for the classroom

Modification of instructional presentation, curriculum, and physical environment

Provision of staff training on the use of visual structure

Observation by an AST member

How Can AST Help When Classroom Strategies Are Needed?
how can ast help when formal evaluation is needed
Guide SST in the appropriate design for formal evaluation/reevaluation

Conduct formal evaluation


Autism Screener/Questionnaire

ADOS Assessment

Collaboration with Psychologists and/or Related Services Staff

How Can AST Help When Formal Evaluation Is Needed?
how can the information from ast be shared with sst
How Can the Information from AST Be Shared with SST?

SST representative at AST reports back to SST

AST member, upon request, attends SST meeting

ast setup
There will be 4 regional teams comprised of staff members serving that region

Two cases will be presented per meeting

Members will rotate meeting responsibilities of time keeper, note taker and meeting facilitator

Agenda:12:30 - 1:00 Team prep

1:00 - 2:00 Case 1

2:00 - 3:00 Case 2

Regional Meeting Dates

Northern Region will meet the first Friday of the month

Southern Region will meet the third Friday of the month

Western Region will meet the fourth Friday of the month

Eastern Region will meet the first Thursday of the month

Regional EOP will attend meetings and complete follow-up activities such as providing SST member with copy of page 4 of the AST Request

AST Setup
nuts and bolts of the process
Designated SST member completes request document, indicating purpose

SST member submits document with any additional data to regional EOP

EOP continues the process by …

Sending AST members agenda via email

Logging in receipt of document

Scheduling for AST presentation

Distributing copies of document to team members

If no meeting is scheduled, EOP will notify team members via email by Wednesday prior to the meeting date

Knowledgeable SST member(s) present to AST

SST member takes information back to the school team

If SST member requests, designated AST member attends school level meeting with SST member

Nuts and Bolts of the Process
eop organizational responsibilities
As a group

create format for agenda

create format for AST notebook

create log-in procedure

Maintain tools on G drive

Maintain notebooks for their region

Inform designated AST member when problems arise

EOP Organizational Responsibilities