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How to Advertise your club PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Advertise your club

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How to Advertise your club - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Advertise your club
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  1. How to Advertise your club Ways you can get the word out about your club and events.

  2. ASCC Monitors • Create PowerPoint slide to advertise your club’s meeting date and times or an upcoming club event • Slide needs: • Club’s name • Date, Time, and Location of meeting or event • What the event or reason for meeting is • Some sort of design, picture etc. • Create in landscape format • Send 1-2 weeks before event • Send PowerPoint slide to

  3. Gaiser Student Center Screen • To have your club information displayed on the big screens, contact Mark Owsley at • Send PowerPoint slide 1-2 weeks before event • Include • Name of hosting club • Date, time, location, • Generic Slides like Club Meeting slides will be removed at the end of the quarter • ** Please look at other slides in Gaiser Student Center to see which slides catch your attention. You will want the font and background to contract in color so that students can see you information clearly. Also, if you have too much text it will be hard for students to read from the back of the room. Keep it simple.**

  4. Student Life/ASCC bulletin boards • 17 Student Life Boards around campus used for students activities • Bring 17 visually appealing posters (11x17)/flyers (8.5 x 11) with: • Name of club • Name of event • Date, Location, Time in prominent letters • Comments about event/ other important information • You cannot post these on the boards yourselves- you need to bring them to the Student Life Front Desk PUB 160 for approval • We will post the signs for you  • ***ASCC will gladly review your poster or flyer for suggestions before you send it down to the print shop. Just email it to Rachael at***

  5. Student email • We have the ability to send out a limited number of messages to our students. • Please send an email to Sarah Gruhler at stating • The desired date to be sent • The email title • Who the email is from and to whom responses should be made.

  6. Bathroom Calendars • Shows the Who, What, When and Where of many events • Can have reoccurring events or an upcoming event (at least a month or so beforehand) • Email Matt Brown, ASCC PR Director at asccpr@clark.edubefore the 24thof each month • It may be important to add the why: learn , meet , etc • Note: due to limited space and the volume of requests, your event may not make it on the calendar- send in information as soon as you can

  7. Handbills • Handing out flyers directly to students • Please let the Club Coordinator know when you plan to be handing out flyers. • You can use Student Life resources up to 20 pages on the copier or color paper • You just need to ask a Student Life or ASCC Staff for assistance