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  1. Bridging the Digital Divide through Supporting the Development of e-Educational Leadership in APEC Countries

  2. Introduction • A component of the APEC Cyber Education Cooperation (ACEC) Project funded by the APEC Education Foundation (AEF). • Centre for IT in Education (CITE), The University of Hong Kong is a member of the consortium for the ACEC. • CITE undertakes the project to make available to teachers and administrators in APEC member economies information & services to improve the use of ICT in education.

  3. CITE’s specific role: • To promote and support the development of e-Education Leadership in ICT for educational administrators, school principals and teachers in the APEC community.

  4. International e-Educational Leadership Pilot Workshop, 25-28 March 2002, Bangkok Workshop Focus • Vision building for ICT in education • Approaches and strategies for ICT implementation • Developing ICT implementation plans

  5. International e-Educational Leadership Pilot Workshop, 25-28 March 2002, Bangkok Workshop Participants 40 participants from 11 APEC economies, including • Government officials, inspectors • School principals • Key teachers, ICT coordinators • Teacher educators

  6. The workshop referred to and drew on: • Documents on ICT related education policy and implementation strategies in the region

  7. …as well as case studies on Innovative Practices:

  8. The case studies reveal the importance of ‘partnerships in e-leadership’ in the implementation and integration of ICT use in schools & classrooms. • Provided to stimulate participants to reflect on & develop ICT integration policies & implementation strategies at national or school levels.

  9. International e-Educational Leadership Regional Workshop, 19-21 February 2003, Cebu, The Philippines • The workshop is a small but important component of the ACEC initiative on “Bridging The Digital Divide in the APEC region”

  10. Workshop Focus • Exploring ICT-supported Classroom Practices in Education: Identifying Models and Success Factors for ICT in Education • Identifying and promoting eLeadership and Innovation through technology • Establishing international collaboration in eLeadership in APEC region

  11. Workshop Participants 37 participants from 10 APEC economies, including • Government officials, inspectors • School principals • Key teachers • Technology planners and developers • Teacher educators and researchers

  12. Workshop Activities • Mix of delegate, plenary and small group presentations

  13. Workshop Activities • Interacting online using 10 broadband connected PCs

  14. Workshop Activities • Access to online workshop resource room

  15. Online Workshop Resource Room • Allowed all participants to contribute their ideas and input during and after the workshop was completed • participant/group input their work into relevant online folders and present their implementation plan(s) to all delegates • participants and their colleagues able to continue cross-national discussions and communications following the workshop

  16. Database of Case studies on Innovative Practices in ICT

  17. Database of Case Studies on Innovative Practices in ICT • 25 out of 174 case studies arising from The Second International Information Technology in Education Study (SITES), an international comparative research study on IT in education • A collection of innovative practices in the use of ICT identified by 28 countries involved in the SITES study

  18. Workshop Activities • Everyone participated and contributed • Learning from each other, learning by doing, learning through problem solving • Learning through collaboration • Learning through technology application • Productive outcomes from the workshop – for individuals, groups and APEC region as a whole

  19. Proposed future collaborative activities Delegates developed a number of proposals for future collaborative ventures in the APEC community. Funds are sort to support these projects, including: • To evaluate e-learning platforms with guidelines and recommendations for the design and development of pedagogically sound and culturally appropriate e-learning platforms for the APEC region

  20. Proposed future collaborative activities • To build on and develop further case studies on innovation and change through the use of ICT in the APEC region; • To establish a program to support schools and communities in evaluating ICT integration into learning and teaching; and • Collaborative research on the integration of ICT in teacher education and on ICT competencies

  21. Workshop Feedback • Online case studies and workshop activities stimulated participants: • to review their own ICT development planning in their economies; • to reflect on key issues regarding eLeadership; • to realise the importance of cross level planning (national/regional, school and individual); and • to request further collaborative activities on eLeadership in the APEC region

  22. ACEC Project Website: