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Facts on Mineral Right's Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Facts on Mineral Right's Business

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Facts on Mineral Right's Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facts on Mineral Right's Business. B-G PARTNERS, LLC. Started in 1983, Has three managing members of the General Partner and over one hundred and fifty Limited Partners,

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b g partners llc

Started in 1983,

Has three managing members of the General Partner and over one hundred and fifty Limited Partners,

For fifteen years, Partners continued to purchase “Class A” locations as delineated by the Majors working in the Michigan Basin.

These partnerships were all “rolled up” into two Master Limited Partnerships in 2003 and 2004.

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energy business
Energy Business

Consists of mineral rights to reduce personal liability for partners.

Partners receive their share of revenues as income from producing wells.

In partnership with a Michigan LLC, it has 594 sites that represent about 8,000 net acres.

Each site may elect to participate (at cost) in the drilling/completion expenses and receive a pro-rata share of net revenue from a successful well rather than a royalty participation.

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michigan geology
Michigan Geology

Map of Michigan geological location (Exhibit 1),

Formations are U shaped that is similar to the Permian Basin (Exhibit 2),

Antrim is 200’ at the edge and 2,000’+ in center of State (Exhibit 3),

Dundee is in 3,000’-5,000’ range,

Utica-Collingwood shale depth ranges 7,200’ to 9,700’.

PDC is at the center and 9,000’-12,000’ deep.

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Exhibit 1

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Exhibit 2

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Exhibit 4

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bradford gordon s geological targets
Bradford Gordon’s Geological Targets

Antrim, Dundee, Utica-Collingwood, St. Peter Sandstone/Trenton and Prairie du Chien,

Prospects drilled and abandoned by major oil companies,

Several up-hole targets identified for redrilling in abandoned PDC wells using new technology.

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antrim shale
Antrim Shale

Formation diagram (Exhibit 5A),

Comparison with Barnett Shale:

i) Antrim Shale covers a larger area than Barnett Shale in


ii) A bullet point list of the Antrim compared to the Barnett Shale that is supported by government documentation (Exhibit 5B+C).

iii) It underlies all of the lower peninsula of Michigan and has as much

potential as the Barnett,

iv) Requires a good fracture system.

v) Antrim Shale, as a gas play, at depths of 500’-2,000’, and 2,500’+ for

the oils.

USGS estimates success rate for finding new Antrim is at 80%… Bradford-Gordon mineral right’s sites

(Exhibit 6).

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Exhibit 5A

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Exhibit 5B

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Exhibit 5C

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antrim locations
Antrim Locations

Page 15

Exhibit 6

antrim shale continued
Antrim Shale (continued)

Opportunities in Osceola County

i) Seventeen identified properties should have an excellent

potential for success in the Antrim.

ii) Evidence of enhanced fracture content within the Antrim

locations because of geological structure associated with

currently producing fields.

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dundee fingerprint map of locations exhibit 7
Dundee-Fingerprint map of Locations (Exhibit 7)

Primarily located in Central Basin where drilling costs are low.

Various wells at Fork Field (Mecosta Co.) offer a unique chance to find additional oil at low risk; the location of the oil is known and has a significant percentage of unrecovered hydrocarbons.

In the field, a horizontal well can have 4-10 times the productivity of a vertical well. (Exhibit 8).

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Exhibit 7

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Exhibit 8

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utica collingwood shale
Utica-Collingwood Shale
  • A Michigan geologist indicated huge potential for these shales, which will be proven after additional wells are drilled.
  • An article from the 1/20/12 issue of the Michigan Oil & Gas News (MOGN) reported some details on the two wells in Kalkaska County. The geologist confirmed the analysis on these two U-C wells could be prolific.

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utica collingwood shale con t
Utica-Collingwood Shale (con’t)
  • Through research on the top twenty selected abandoned PDC wells for the U-C Shale potentials, most of the wells ranked higher than St. Pioneer 1-3, which was completed as a first commercial Collingwood Shale well in Michigan in 2010.
  • The geologist indicated the Bradford Gordon parcels in the counties (Kalkaska, Roscommon, Missaukee and Clare) have a good selection of wells that have been drilled through the U-C shales.

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upper pdc in osceola county
Upper PDC in Osceola County

Drilling mud logs and structure maps are shown for McCasey 1-7, Noreen 1-18, and St. Burdell 1-5 sites. (Exhibits 9-12A+B).

The fourth site, Zinger 1-1, has several additional oil/gas reserves in formations located in “deeper productive horizons.” (Exhibits 13A+B)

Note: B-G has mineral rights in two other wells near the site.

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Exhibit 9

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many of bradford gordon s sites are located in osceola county
Many of Bradford Gordon’s sites are located in Osceola County.

As it has a large minority of mineral properties in the county, further evaluation should be on an area wide basis instead of individually (Exhibit 14, on the next page).

Most of the top selected abandoned PDC wells for the Utica-Collingwood shale is located in that County. (Exhibit 15, on page 34)

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Exhibit 14

Page 33

exhibit 15
Exhibit 15

Exhibit 15

Page 34

potential reserves
Potential Reserves

The conversion of “6 to 1” from the gas equivalent to the oil are as follows:

Dundee 20 Bcfe 3.3 MMBOE

Antrim 695 Bcfe 115.8 MMBOE

Upper PDC 816 Bcfe 136.0 MMBOE

255.1 MMBOE

Page 35

potential reserves continued
Potential Reserves (continued)
  • With oil currently trading at a premium over natural gas, Bradford Gordon, Inc., has balanced potential resources.
    • With favorable oil outlook in the U.S., for both the long and short term, the energy industry predicts more allocation of its capital expenditure to oil-favored projects.
    • This would enable several heavily weighted natural gas producing companies to be more balanced with oil and gas equal at a 50-50 ratio.

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research on selected sites
Research on Selected Sites:

Twenty of the abandoned PDC well sites were identified for re-drilling and offsets in potential reserves, which are located primarily in Osceola and Mecosta Counties.

Comments on these sites are available on request; all have top ratings by a noted petroleum geologist.

Seismic surveys will be required but, over the ten year period, the total revenues from the Selected Six Sites is projected after drilling cost at $88.5 million, or at present value (PV) valuation of $25.6 million assuming oil at $45 per barrel and gas at $4.25 per Mcf.

The PV Valuation, on the next page, should increase in value once research on Utica-Collingwood takes place.

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pv valuation
PV Valuation

With PV at $3.034 billion and a 4% participation, the value amounts to $121.3 million - based on $80 per barrel.

In another perspective on Bradford Gordon valuation, research on the holdings on the leases was recently valued at $440 billion, with development/ production costs estimated at $12 billion for a $428 billion profit.

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Comprehensive view of locations is on our website at

Spreadsheet has interesting Purchase Narratives on each site.

February 19, 2012

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