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Balai beach PowerPoint Presentation
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Balai beach

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Balai beach - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Harbour. Acque Dolci. Scoglio Lungo. Balai beach. Platamona. The Harbour.

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Balai beach

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    1. Harbour Acque Dolci Scoglio Lungo Balai beach Platamona

    2. The Harbour The harbour - a modern construction- is quite visible from Balai beach. There are two kinds of harbour: the tourist port is in the town, near the centre; the other port is situated in the industrial zone where big ships dock.

    3. Balai beach Porto Torres is very interesting town able to capture the attention of its visitors. Balai is a big beach. You can choose among the sand or rocks and from these you can dive. Here, in summer lots tourists arrive. A very famous rock is “Rocca Manna”. Near this rock there are other beaches like “Scoglio Ricco”, especially rocky, and “Ponte”, where you can find a flatter area to put your towels. Balai beach is situated in the outskirts of the town, along the road that leads to Platamona.

    4. Ponte Platamona Rocca Manna Balai

    5. Balai beach is famous also because there is an ancient church. Inside it you can find a rocky cript where, during the “Festa Grande”, in the first week of June, the three martyrs (Gavino, Proto and Gianuario) are brought there from “S. Gavino basilica”. Church of Balai lontano Little church

    6. Scoglio Lungo Scoglio Lungo beach is nearby the centre. Scoglio Lungo is a long beach as the name suffuses and in winter is covered by a lot of seaweed.

    7. The Acque Dolci is the whole of some beaches built artificially by human. Even if are artificial they are also charming. Acque Dolci

    8. In Porto Torres there is a wonderful sea front, especially in summer night when is all lights are up. Sea front starts from the harbour to Balai and we can travel along all this thanks to the spacious walk. Sea front

    9. A.S. 2006-07 – Classe 1 A Valeria De Bona Erica Maselli Elisa Piras Gabriela Merella