Mike miller cs 526
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A Custom CMS for iPhone Application Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mike Miller CS 526. A Custom CMS for iPhone Application Development. Presentation Outline. General Introduction Hungry Guide Project Introduction Previous Application Workflow Design Goals for new Workflow Design Overview Implementation Outcomes Future Iterations Sources.

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Presentation Transcript
Mike miller cs 526

Mike Miller

CS 526

A Custom CMS for iPhone Application Development

Presentation outline
Presentation Outline

  • General Introduction

  • Hungry Guide Project Introduction

  • Previous Application Workflow

  • Design Goals for new Workflow

  • Design Overview

  • Implementation

  • Outcomes

  • Future Iterations

  • Sources

General introduction
General Introduction

  • Business overview

    • We produce a variety of iPhone applications

    • Content generally comes from third parties

  • iPhone development overview

    • We write iPhone exclusively in Objective-C

    • Supporting technologies include RoR, PHP and DHTML

    • Apple’s DRM complicates distribution

Hungry guide project introduction
Hungry Guide Project Introduction

  • Each book follows a predefined structure

  • Contains venues for a specific location in a city

  • LA client provides content

  • COS location houses codebase and application development

  • Client wants to produce over 300 guides

Previous application workflow
Previous Application Workflow

  • Assets and content come from LA

  • Codebase, development tool chain and DRM in COS

  • Current template is poorly designed

  • Embedding content is tedious and error-prone

Design goals for new workflow
Design Goals for new Workflow

  • Enforce better defined workflow

  • Allow for multiple projects to be created at once

  • Remove tedious, error prone process of inserting assets into a template

  • Streamline template-to-application process

Design overview
Design Overview

  • Use a common backend

  • Write a custom CMS for client input

    • Allow client to input all assets and content

    • Allow client to create associations between data models

  • Create a process for generating a preview for client signoff

  • Create a process for compiling iPhone applications after client signoff

  • Create a generic reader application and bundle assets to package for it


  • MySQL chosen for backend

  • CMS was written using RoR

    • Workflow for uploading content and creating venues

    • Workflow for creating books from a list of venues

    • Acts as Attachment for Asset management

  • CMS made heavy use of AJAX and REST

Implementation ii
Implementation II

  • PHP process provided preview and signoff

  • Ruby process compiled HTML pages and bundled assets for phone

  • Obj-C generic reader to parse HTML structure


  • Production was finished

  • Final product buggy on iPhone

    • UIWebview issues

    • Static HTML structure insufficient for dynamic app

  • Overall process shows promise

  • Process possible to refine to meet new demands

  • Lessons learned

    • Manage scope creep

    • Look into a premade CMS solution

    • Favor a native solution

    • Keep the technology stack small

Future iterations
Future Iterations

  • Adding to book creation workflow in CMS

  • Implementing client preview in RoR instead of PHP

  • Creating and bundling Obj-C source instead of DHTML

  • Creating secure download server for Obj-C source


  • Apache usage documentation

  • Apple development documentation

  • Thomas Fielding’s Doctoral Dissertation [related chapters]

  • Rails Acts As Attachment documentation