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MLEARN 2004 LEARNING ANYTIME EVERYWHERE ODESCALCHI CASTLE, BRACCIANO LAKE, ROME 5-6 JULY 2004 Giorgio Da Bormida Project coordinator GIUNTI Interactive Labs +393356517013. MLEARN2004 dates and intro. IMPORTANT DATES

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Mlearn 2004 learning anytime everywhere odescalchi castle bracciano lake rome 5 6 july 2004 mobilearn


Giorgio Da Bormida

Project coordinator

GIUNTI Interactive Labs


Mlearn2004 dates and intro
MLEARN2004 dates and intro


April 16, 2004 – paper submission

May 17, 2004 – notification of acceptance

May 31, 2004 – final camera-ready manuscript

June 11, 2004 – authors registration deadline

July 5-6, 2004 – conference dates


MOBIlearn and mLearning, the two mobile learning projects supported by the European Commission, are collaborating to organise a series of international conferences on Mobile and Ambient Learning. The conferences build upon the findings and knowledge shared in MLEARN 2002, held at the University of Birmingham, and MLEARN 2003, held at

INMARSAT in London.

The third edition of MLEARN will take place in the Odescalchi Castle on the Bracciano's Lake in Rome, Italy on July 5-6 2004.

Purpose of the conference
Purpose of the Conference

  • The main purpose of the conference is to bring together people who are interested in developing opportunities, systems and contents for learning with mobile and wireless devices and networks. Speakers and delegates will include practitioners, designers of mobile learning materials and services, hardware and software technology developers and researchers from mobile learning projects around the world

  • This is an opportunity to find out what is going on now in the field of learning with mobile devices and ambient intelligence, and to share ideas and experiences, contributing to the future research agenda of Technology-Enhanced Learning

The programme contents
The programme contents

  • This will have a number of parallel tracks relating to the use of mobile/ handheld devices, wireless networks and mobile content. Fields of interest are expected to be:

    • accessibility and mobility

    • ambient intelligence

    • ambient learning

    • intermittently connected learners

    • blended learning

    • contextual learning

    • informal and lifelong learning

    • development of content/teaching materials

    • development of international standards

    • innovation in concept, design and pedagogy

    • learning management systems

    • researching/evaluating mobile learning

    • situated collaborative learning

    • supporting and engaging the mobile learner

    • architecture of Context Aware Learning Technology Systems

    • mobile spaces for learning communities

    • learning methodologies

    • instructional design theories

    • ad hoc networks for organisational learning

    • learning objects and metadata for mobile learning

    • mobile learning applications

Who should attend
Who should attend?

  • This event will appeal to a wide range of audiences who are interested in developing opportunities for learning anytime everywhere with mobile and wireless handheld devices, including:

  • colleges/training providers

  • higher education institutions

  • independent research organisations

  • community and voluntary organisations

  • content developers

  • Learning and Skills Councils

  • Local Education Authorities

  • mobile device manufacturers and service providers

  • schools

  • software and technology developers

  • government departments

  • publishers

  • telecom operators

Call for paper
Call for paper

Submissions are invited in the following categories:

  • Full research paper: 5 pages (for Tracked session)

  • Short developers paper: 3 pages (for Developers' session)

  • Posters: 2 pages


    The tracked sessions are an opportunity to showcase recent work – get feedback, explore ideas and make contact with others working in the same field. Contributions will take the form of research paper presentations, where the presentation should last about 20 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions. A book of papers will be produced, which will contain an international book number (ISBN) to allow future worldwide library reference. A selection of research papers presented will be presented for publishing on international Journals for further education and lifelong learning.


    These sessions are primarily an opportunity to present and discuss developmental work with a group of conference members. Areas might relate to the development of hardware and software systems, learning materials, or other work in progress. The content should be designed to stimulate discussion and feedback might be used to support the presenter in continuing their work. An abstract is required to be submitted in advance for this. As an indication, final papers should be approximately 2 pages, although other formats (such as PowerPoint slides or HTML pages) may also be acceptable. This format is recommended for contributors who want to report on developmental rather than research-focused projects, where the structure will be 15 minutes for the session and 10 minutes for discussion.

How can i contribute abstracts
How can I contribute? Abstracts…

To make a formal contribution to the MLEARN 2004 conference, please contact:

Giorgio Da Bormida - Elena Murelli

The MOBIlearn Project

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza

Via Emilia Parmense 84

29100 Piacenza - ITALY

Phone: +39-0523-599446

Fax: +39-0523-599434 -

We will send you a contributor application pack, which includes an

application form and guidance notes for writing a successful application. Alternatively these documents will be available on the conference website shortly.

Abstracts are required by 16 April 2004. All applicants will be notified within 17 May 2004 about the success of their application to contribute.

Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities
Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities

  • The conference will host an exhibition that will allow organisations to showcase their mobile learning products, give demonstrations, offer solutions and delivery mechanisms for handheld devices to an interested audience

  • We would like to invite sponsorship from organisations who have an interest in mobile learning. There are various opportunities, which could take the form of the following:

    • Lead Sponsorship (single company sponsorship)

    • Co-Sponsorship (sponsorship shared with other organisations)

    • Drinks reception sponsor

    • Inserts in to the Delegate Pack

  • If you would be interested in finding out about sponsorship arrangements for the MLEARN 2004 event, please e-mail Giorgio Da Bormida ( for further information, since broad range of options is available

Conference chairs and organisers
Conference chairs and organisers

Conference co-chairs

  • Giorgio Da Bormida, Giunti Interactive Labs

  • Elena Murelli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

  • Mike Sharples, University of Birmingham

  • Jill Attewell, LSDA

    Conference organisers

  • Please see for further information about the MOBIlearn project, and for further information about the m-learning project.

  • m-Learning and MOBIlearn are projects supported by the European Commission Directorate-General Information Society IST-2001-37187 (MOBIlearn) - IST-2000-25270 (m-learning)

General description
General description

  • At just a glance from Rome on the southern shore of lake Bracciano, the Odescalchi Castle majestically reigns as one of the most beautiful feudal residences in all of Europe.

  • Construction began in the second half of the fifteenth century, and is the realization of an ideal meeting point between military and civilian architecture.

General description 2
General description 2

  • The Hall of the Ceasars, the Secret Garden, the Ancient Tower and the hall of Arms...Five Hundred years of history come alive in the halls and gardens of Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, at the gates of Rome.

  • The fascinating rooms where Popes, Princes, and Kings lived, together with admirable works of art by Bernini, Pisanello, Antoniazzo Romano, and Zuccari, all this awaits you year-round.

  • Experience once more the style and magnificence of the past, which offers the chance to organize, and personalize, unforgetable receptions and splendid galas.

Meeting halls
Meeting halls

  • The convention center of the Odescalchi Castle offers two meeting halls.

    • The first, the Hall of the Well, covers 216 square meters and offers seating for 240 people. Accessible from the Court of Honors and opposite the Delegation Hall, it is the ideal locale for business meetings, conventions, conferences, and prestigious events.

    • The second hall, The Granary, covers 312 square meters, with seating for 500 people. The entrance road of the first tower separates this locale from the Castle, an ideal position for commercial expositions and events that require separate meeting points. The large front garden, in the shelter of the Castle walls, offers an access area from the Granary to the internal rooms of the Castle.

Meeting halls hall of the well
Meeting halls: Hall of the Well

Meeting halls the granary
Meeting halls: The Granary

How to get there by car and bus
How to get there… by car and bus

  • The Odescalchi Castle is accessible by train from Termini (central) station in Rome, on the Viterbo line.

    • Termini (central) station is connected with Fiumicino International airport by an express non-stop train

  • By bus, take the Cotral from via Lepanto in Rome.