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Military obstacle detection system ( mods ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Military obstacle detection system ( mods )

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Military obstacle detection system ( mods ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BAE Systems Design Project. Military obstacle detection system ( mods ). Tom Williams (Pricing). Quinn Burlingame ( Powerpoint ). Group 8. Ian Davis (Web Page). Matt O’Donnell (Brochure). Rob Flanagan (CAD, prototyping).

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Presentation Transcript
group 8

Tom Williams (Pricing)

Quinn Burlingame (Powerpoint)

Group 8

Ian Davis (Web Page)

Matt O’Donnell (Brochure)

Rob Flanagan (CAD, prototyping)

the problem
The BAE Systems Project: Design a way for military convoy humvee operations to detect obstacles in advance, offer a course of action for obstacle avoidance to the driver, and maintain spacing between members of the convoy. The design should be as cost effective, efficient, durable, and user friendly as possible, and it should be a product that can update the current fleet of military humvees without major modifications.The problem
the design

The MODS is a simple, cost-efficient, and effective system for obstacle detection and prevention, as well as a following distance indicator.

The Design

The MODS system detects obstacles using Ladar

Uses a high frequency signal transmitted from one humvee to a receiver on the next to maintain spacing

features continued

The MODS system can detect obstacles up to 1700 meters under perfect conditions, about half that under bad conditions.

A simple readout gives the driver information about approaching obstacles

This allows the driver to make the decision in real time about avoidance of an oncoming obstacle

Features continued
user interface

The MODS system is high tech, but it also allows for simple, direct, and decisive communication of the data and information it gathers to the user

User interface
convoy spacing maintenance

A supersonic, adjustable frequency transmitter is attached to the back of each humvee, and a receiver is attached to the front

This system produces a simple distance readout to help drivers maintain following distance

Convoy spacing maintenance

Speed of convoy = 50 km/hr = 13.89 m/s

Maximum g-force human can withstand before being

thrown from a vehicle = 1.3 g’s

Acceleration (a) = 1.3 g’s = 1.3 * 9.8 = 12.74 m/s2

Radius (r) = v2/a r = (13.89) 2/12.74

r = 15.14 m

calculations cont

Average reaction time = 0.215 s

Distance traveled while reacting:

d = vt

d = 13.89 * 0.215

d = 3 m

Radius as a function of velocity:

R(v) = v2/12.74

Calculations cont.
spec ladar

Contracted by the military

  • Detects image of terrain
  • Preprocesses the image in the sensor
  • Sends information to the input software
    • Information converted to real time and range
  • 3-D image displayed on laptop screen
  • Laptop installed with a Hyper-X chip
    • Increases speed and memory of processor
Spec Ladar
  • Specs:
  • Range: 940 – 1180 m
  • Accuracy (while moving): 8 in.
  • Frequency: 850 nm
  • Input Power: 9 – 30 VDC
toughsonic distance sensor ts

Stainless steel encased sensor

    • rigid
    • withstand being underwater
  • Sends out an ultra-sonic beam
  • Beam bounces off of object in front of it and comes back
  • Sensor detects beam
  • Converts information to show distance between objects
  • Incorporates a SYNC feature
    • permits multiple sensors without “cross talk”
ToughSonic Distance Sensor ("TS")
  • Specs:
  • Range: 25 cm – 9.1 m
  • Measure Rate: 50 mSec
  • Input Power: 10 – 30 VDC
universal laser sensor

Sends out a laser beam at a slight angle towards the ground

Laser bounces off of ground and comes back to receiver

System computes distance

Displays information on readout screen

Any spike in distance, due to hole in ground, will result in an alert on the readout

Once alert detected, a program will continually show the distance to the obstacle

Universal laser sensor


-Range: Up to 250m

-Accuracy: +/- 1 cm

-Power: 10 – 30 VDC


Spec Ladar – 3rd Generation

      • max: $10,000 min: $5,000
  • HyperX DDR3 Chip
      • max: $400 min: $313
  • ToughSonic Waterproof (distance sensor)
      • max: $595 min: $495
  • Universal Laser Sensor
      • max: $2,000 min: $1,700


8hrs (1day) per vehicle and 2 people working on each vehicle.


48 paid hrs.


16hrs of testing and 2 people needed per vehicle.

16hrs*2people*3vehicles= 96 paid hrs.