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Fenqjen Luo, Ph. D.

PTED 7281-06 INDEPENDENT PROJECT: LF08 MATHEMATICS & TECHNOLOGY Using Computer Simulation Methods to Teach Mathematics. Fenqjen Luo, Ph. D. Review. Parent Pathway National Science Digital Library. Pathway Middle School Portal. Pathway

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Fenqjen Luo, Ph. D.

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  1. PTED 7281-06INDEPENDENT PROJECT:LF08 MATHEMATICS & TECHNOLOGYUsing Computer Simulation Methods to Teach Mathematics Fenqjen Luo, Ph. D.

  2. Review Parent Pathway National Science Digital Library Pathway Middle School Portal Pathway AMSER: Applied Math and Science Education Repository National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Pathway is like a hub…..

  3. Project Review • DATA ANALYSIS AND PROBABILITY • Students will use counting techniques and determine probability. Students will demonstrate understanding of data analysis by posing questions to be answered by collecting data. Students will organize, represent, investigate, interpret, and make inferences from data. • MM1D1. Students will determine the number of outcomes related to a given event. • a. Apply the addition and multiplication principles of counting. • b. Calculate and use simple permutations and combinations. Level 1 Website(s) Level 2 Website(s) Level 3 Website(s)

  4. Computer Simulation Methods Computer Simulation Programs and Programming Java Scripts Geometer’s Sketchpad Fathom Shape Makers Templates? PowerPoint?

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