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Author’s position And Propaganda PowerPoint Presentation
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Author’s position And Propaganda

Author’s position And Propaganda

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Author’s position And Propaganda

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  1. Author’s position And Propaganda

  2. What is propaganda? • Spreading of information to HELP or HURT a cause. • One-sided information is presented • Often appeals to emotion rather than intellect Today we are going to take a look at the different types of propaganda.

  3. 6 propaganda techniques

  4. Bandwagon This technique tries to persuade everyone to join in and do the same thing.

  5. Testimonial An important person or famous figure endorses a product. They are NOT an expert on the product.

  6. Citing Statistics It deceives by making the message look like it is based on fact. Statistics should be questioned … “200 doctors recommend…” but maybe 400 doctors prefer another brand. “Nine out of ten families preferred …” but what the ad fails to tell is who those ten families were. Dentists recommend… Over 2 million sold

  7. Glittering Generalities "Use words that appeal to values, which often themselves are related to triggering of powerful emotions. "A common element of glittering generalities are intangible nouns that embody ideals, such as dignity, freedom, fame, integrity, justice, love and respect."

  8. Appeals to Reason/Emotion Particular words or images are used to create some kind of emotional response.

  9. Citing Authority • Appeals to authority - cite prominent figures in support of a position idea, argument, or course of action. This person is an expert on the product, such as a doctor or lawyer.

  10. Now it’s time to see if you have learned HOW an author uses propaganda techniques …. Look at each of the following questions and discuss with a partner the type of technique that was used. You must also be able to defend your answer. • The city should build a skateboard park. In a survey, 64% voters indicated that they felt the skateboard park was needed. Of all accidents in our city last year 23% involved skateboarders. • What kind of technique is being used?

  11. Bo is the best candidate. He will keep America strong and will always put the needs of the average American first. Bo’s courage and honesty will keep America free. • What kind of technique is being used? (discuss and conquer…) 3. “Just six weeks ago, the scientific community, in its strongest statement to date, confirmed that the evidence of warming is unequivocal. Global warming is real and human activity is the main cause.” – Al Gore What kind of technique is being used? (discuss)

  12. 4. An ad states that “everyone is rushing down to their Ford dealer.” What kind of technique is being used?(discuss) 5. An actor speaks at a political rally to endorse one of the candidates who is running for a particular office. What kind of technique is being used? (discuss) 6. A politician uses a sad story of a child being killed in a drive-by shooting to gain support for a year-round school measure. What kind of technique is being used? (discuss)

  13. I want you to find ads in a newspaper or a magazine and label the type of propaganda technique that was used. Do not use any of the labels that were presented in this PowerPoint. I will give you the due date for this assignment.