fundraiser fund raiser fund raiser
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FUNDRAISER Fund Raiser Fund-Raiser

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FUNDRAISER Fund Raiser Fund-Raiser. No matter how you spell it… It all means one thing… Increasing revenue for the organization !. FUNDRAISING. *Fundraising is the biggest challenge non profits face.

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fundraiser fund raiser fund raiser
FUNDRAISERFund RaiserFund-Raiser

No matter how you spell it…

It all means one thing…

Increasing revenue for the organization!



*Fundraising is the biggest challenge non profits face.

*People often wonder if there is a simple formula for soliciting funds, and the answer to that question is, no, there is no easy way that fits all situation because each situation presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. But there are several basic guidelines that might be helpful.

resource development
Resource Development

Fundraising for non-profits are handled by Development professionals specializing in…




Major Donor/Individual

Planned Giving


It doesn’t matter what type of non profit organization you are involved with, one things stands true with them all, fundraising begins at home.
fundraising and the board
Fundraising and the Board

If Board Members expect the community to support their organization, the first thing they need to do is write checks of their own.

  • Donations should be viewed as an investment than a gift.
  • Expectation of donors.
  • Easier to ask someone else to contribute, if you are contributing.
  • All of us can’t write a seven figure check, but we can write a check.
  • Board Members’ companies should be at the top of the prospect list.
  • Corporate fundraising should not be initiated without asking the board whether they have any contacts at the targeted company.
fundraising how and where to begin
FundraisingHow And Where To Begin…
prospects how do i begin generate a list
PROSPECTSHow Do I Begin? Generate A List
  • Business Cards (collected at events)
  • Business Community
  • Articles in local newspapers, philanthropic news, book of lists
  • Other non-profits in the area and who’s funding them?
top 10 corporate givers in 2002
Top 10Corporate Givers In 2002

Ford Motor Company JPMorganChase

Citigroup Bank of America

GE Foundation Walmart Foundation

Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo

SBC Foundation MBNA

research how do i begin
  • Corporate Giving Directory
  • Internet
  • Annual Reports

Giving Guidelines

  • Do we fit under their guidelines?
  • What types of organizations do they generally give?
  • Who is the contact person/does that person sit on any boards you are familiar with?
  • Do they give outside of the guidelines?
fundraising team
Fundraising Team

Share your lists of prospects with your team

  • Have them identify those corporations they have contacts.
  • Identify those companies your member can make a call.
  • Identify companies your member can make a formal introduction.
  • Corporate lead no name- ask people in the same business who may know someone in the company you are trying to make contact.
  • Write a brief letter of introduction.
  • Follow up with phone call and set up appointment asking your team member to attend with you.
the meeting
The Meeting
  • It’s about information, information and more information.
  • Fundraisers that succeed manage information about their business prospects as well.
  • Listen to what the decision maker is saying during the meeting. What are they interested in, why do they like our organization. What do they expect in return? Corporate funders must be engaged in ways that address their corporate needs.
  • If you believe in the organization, then you should be unafraid to present your case to corporate funders.

Raising funds is an investment in the future. You should aim to build a network of funders, many who will start giving smaller on a steady basis and others who will give larger periodic gifts.

When you are turned down, keep trying. No, could certainly be yes-only later. Fundraisers must continue to ask again and again.

Follow up, follow up and follow up…

why corporate america gives
WHYCorporate America Gives
  • Marketing the corporate name
  • Positioning the corporation as a good citizen
  • Image
  • Employer/Employee relationship
ten rules
  • Ask for a gift, don’t wait.
  • Be professional, look professional.
  • Be accountable-personally and for the organization.
  • Be honest--listen to your heart.
  • Speak with conviction for your cause.
  • If you can’t, recruit someone who can.
  • A prospect is simply a donor without motivation.
  • A donor is a fundraiser who has yet to share their convictions with a friend.
  • A good fundraiser--is a friendly motivator.
  • A successful fundraiser has thick skin, a soft heart, exceptional hearing, quick mind, a slow tongue and no shame!