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AMCman Ramblings

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  2. As I write this, I am very thrilled to report that we are sitting at 53 members. We just enjoyed a great lineup of classy AMC cars (12) all in a row, at the Flashback Weekend event at the Garden City Shopping Centre. With over 50 car clubs in Manitoba, we are consistently getting more cars out than most of the other clubs. I am confident that we will only improve on the number as there are a high number of cars on the project block & not rolling yet. Moving into the fall, I hope to get some more work done with the Javelin & I will be working throughout the winter on my wife’s hot rod, the Spirit GT. We have a plan for a big car show next year. We have spoken to the Regent Casino & they are interested in hosting the show in the spring. They are quite excited about it & would partially sponsor the event. With our ambitious plans for next year, we will be requiring assistance & I hope we can count on some of the members to volunteer with car show & newsletter preparation. See you at the next meeting. Robin Carruthers I would like to welcome Brock Philip Member #50 into our club, he just purchased a 1969 AMX. Brock was my racing partner when we raced the 1969 Hurst AMX from 1969 – 1975. Brock is going to be a real asset to our club. We have met with the Regent Casino rep. several times and we will be meeting with him again to finalize and discus details for the show. The car show will most likely be held around the second weekend in June at Club Regent Casino. Jim L’Esperance From the President From the Vice President

  3. From the Editor: • Summer is over and as I write this I am still driving my car until the snow flies. I thought when I took over the newsletter from the AMC guru Colin Hillyard that it would be a piece of cake, will I was wrong. After I finished it I thought I did a good job and realized that it was a little fun. The next one should be easier and better. • I hope you enjoy my first newsletter. Kurt and Marian’s red Rambler is a very cool car and I am looking forward to seeing Gerry’s SCRambler clone next year. If you have any story or tech. Ideas, take some pictures, write a story and email them to me at amc360@mts.net Chris Penny To be eligible for membership, all you have to be is a true AMC enthusiast. Ownership of an AMC is not required. All American Motors, Jeep, Rambler, Nash, Hudson and Jeffery models from 1902 to 1987 are recognized by the club. Members will be added to a group e-mail and will receive a quarterly newsletter in the mail. Club event announcements will be sent out via e-mail and printed in the newsletter. You can use this form to join the club or e-mail membership@amcman.com to request membership or to change your membership details. Club Executive: Robin Carruthers (president@amcman.com) Jim L’Esperance (vice-president@amcman.com) Gerry Saunders (treasurer@amcman.com) Chris Penny (secretary@amcman.com) Board: Kurt Dmytruk, Duane Beach Bob Mai (webmaster@amcman.com) NAME:_______________________________________________________ ADDRESS:____________________________________________________ CITY:_____________________PROV:_________POSTAL CODE:_________ HOME PHONE:______________WORK PHONE:_______________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS:______________________________________________ VEHICLE YEAR / MODEL:_________________________ENGINE:_________ TRANS:______________COLOUR:_________________________________ OPTIONS/REATURES:___________________________________________ *If available, send along photos of your car for our files. If you own more than one vehicle, please attach details. Mail payment to : AMC MANITOBA CAR CLUB 3 McMURRAY BAY WINNIPEG, MB R2M 4G3 Annual dues are $15.00 and include a club window sticker, a quarterly newsletter, free classifieds, updated membership roster, picture of your car on the website and invitations to all monthly meetings and club sponsored events. Website: www.amcman.com

  4. Project Car: Gerry Saunders 68 SCRambler Clone The car was originally purchased new in Sask. As a Blue 290 Automatic Roque. Thorr Erlendson Bought the car from the original owner and brought it to Eddystone Manitoba. He drove it for a couple of years and eventually parked it with the odometer reading 90,897 miles. Gerry, Colin, Robin and Jim headed out to Eddystone to pick up the rare little Rogue. with a rented trailer, breakfast in there bellies and a pocket full of cash (Gerry anyways), they traveled north on hwy 6 to pick the Rambler up. After seeing the car up close, Gerry realized the rust was pretty bad but not devastating. They loaded the car up and headed back to Winnipeg.

  5. Since getting the car back, Gerry has dismantled the entire car, had it sandblasted and stripped all the paint and undercoating off the entire body and undercarriage. Gerry has purchased a 1969 390 engine for the Rogue as well as a 69 T-10 four speed transmission. The summer was spent changing out the inner and outer rocker panels with pieces from a parts car and cutting out all the rusted areas. All the rusted areas have had the metal replaced with new welded in pieces. The car sits in bare bones Vinyl Wash primer awaiting the body shop. Project: The rear quarters and wheel wells are rough and will need new fabricated sheet metal, as new material is not available for the Rambler Rogue. Gerry’s body man can not start on the car until Nov. or Dec., so in the mean time he is restoring all the suspension parts, and rebuilding the motor and preparing pieces for assembly, once he gets the car back in the spring. The car will look identical to a 69 SCRambler (plan A) on the outside. The inside will be charcoal leather bucket seat interior, with HURST embossed in the seats as well as the door panels. The factory looking rallye wheels and Red Line tires will also be used on the exterior. Gerry is hopeful that the car will be completed July 06.

  6. When Kurt Dmytruk was looking for a classic car, he and his wife Marian made countless trips all over Manitoba searching for just the right car. They ultimately found the right car here in Winnipeg. Kurt and Marian were checking out the cars at the Pony Corral on Pembina Highway in the fall of 2002. Marian spotted a mint red 1964 AMC Rambler American Convertible with a for sale sign on it. The car was in really nice shape and it was completely stock, even the AM radio and factory hubcaps. The shiny red paint, a power drop-top and the wife-likes-it equaled to an easy decision for Kurt to make. The deal was struck and the couple picked up the car a few nights later in the pouring rain. The car definitely found a good home. The first thing Marian did when they got the little Rambler into their garage was to wipe it dry with towels. Although Kurt was ecstatic about the car, the performance of the Rambler was of concern. The car had its original 195 AMC inline six-cylinder engine under the hood, and the old Iron Horse was getting tired. Feature Car: Kurt and Marian’s 64 American

  7. Kurt works at Rehau Industries making PVC window frames, and was lucky enough to have access to the shop evenings and weekends to work on the car. Friend and co-worker Ed Zurek helped him meticulously rebuild the engine. “You can beat it of the line with a garden tractor” is the way Marion described it. In the winter of 2003 Kurt removed the worn-out little motor and squeezed in a freshly rebuilt AMC 290 cubic inch V-8. The donor engine was purchased from Ron Lechman, and was originally taken out of a 1967 AMC Rebel station wagon. The new engine and three speed automatic transmission was ready for installation, and Kurt prepared the engine bay. This was achieved by carefully masking off the car and cleaning and sanding everything under the hood to perfection. Marian then applied a fresh red paint job in anticipation of the new engine. Feature Car: Kurt and Marian’s 64 American

  8. Even though you couldn’t get a V-8 in a Rambler back in 64, AMC engineers were thinking ahead. With help from pal Steve Ylonen, and a few AMC donor parts, the circa 67 engine bolted right in with no welding required. This engine looks totally at home and has given this Rambler a much needed Boost. Kurt and Marian’s other car a 1964 Rambler Classic 770 2door with a 287 V-8 and automatic transmission, recently had a unfortunate meeting with the back end of another car. With the help of a few donor parts and some time and money the Classic will be as good as new. Feature Car: Kurt and Marian’s 64 American

  9. CONFESSION OF A CAR-GUY’S WIFEby Sharon Ste. Marie • When I first met my husband, Dave, he had long before restored his second AMX car. He was a full-fledged “car-guy”. Dave had been a member of one or two hot rod clubs, subscribed to car magazines, purchased hard cover car books, watched car television shows, attended classic car shows, collected old automobile advertisements and even owned caps, t-shirts, and jackets sporting car logos. You get the picture….he’s a true “car guy”…a guy who really enjoys classic automobiles and all that goes along with them. • I was certainly not a “car-girl”. I knew absolutely nothing about cars other than I preferred to have certain obvious requirements … cruise control, air conditioning, power door locks and power windows. Engine size, transmission type and even make and model didn’t mean a whole lot to me. • I was introduced to Dave by mutual friends. These friends gave me very little information about him. They told me where he worked, how old he was, and that he liked to go to the lake. That’s it! You’d think that the first thing out of their mouths would have been something like, “He has a classic AMC AMX 390 that he restored.” That bit of information would have been oh so very helpful. • On our very first date, Dave came to pick me up in his little red AMX. It was summer time and I had the patio doors of my condo balcony open. I heard him coming before I saw him. Just as I was thinking, “Man, that car really needs a muffler”, I saw that it was Dave driving the loud car. He had the window open and he was resting his arm on the driver’s side door. • I hadn’t been out on a date in a long time so I bravely soldiered on. I got into the car. To me, it seemed to be just a really old car. Couldn’t this guy afford a decent automobile? (as per my automobile requirements above.) He was playing the AM radio! No stereo! Not even FM radio! Wow was it ever noisy! The evening was humid and warm. Air conditioning would surely be turned on. My fine hair was not happy blowing in the wind. I scanned the dashboard and couldn’t detect anything that resembled AC. I must have made some polite comment about the weather because I recall Dave telling me he had 260 air conditioning in this car. My heart leapt with joy until he grinned and explained – 2 windows, 60 miles per hour. • Dave actually seemed proud of this car. He wasn’t apologetic about having to take me out in it at all. I began to think that this was the best he could afford. I admonished myself for being such a snob and just enjoyed the date. After all a car isn’t everything about a guy, is it? • A day or two later, I went over to Dave’s home for the first time and I saw a brand new blue half ton truck parked in his driveway. Company? He didn’t say he was expecting anyone else. Imagine my shock and glee when I discovered that this new fully loaded truck was his! Now I realized he was a decent guy with a decent car! • It wasn’t too many more car dates throughout that first summer that I got a true awakening. I started to pay attention to the looks and comments that Dave would get as we drove along in the AMX. I began to think that there must be a big deal about this car. I did some internet research and would tell Dave facts that he already knew. I’d offer information like “Dave, did you know that there were only 6,725 1968 AMX’s produced?” He’d patiently listen as I acted like I discovered the car myself. “Dave, did you know that the guy who broke the land speed record, Craig Breedlove, also set 106 speed records in an AMX.” It went on and on until I realized that I was falling in love with the car myself. Or was it the car-guy? Or maybe a bit of both. • I never did tell Dave about my first impression of him and his car until many years later.

  10. Field of dreams: This Ambassador with a new tire would look good in any driveway. This is a rare form of transportation known as the Pacer wagon. 2door rebel would be a good candidate for restoration. This Javelin in the right hands could be restored.

  11. Field of dreams: These three Ramblers and the wagon would be more than happy to donate some body or chassis parts so that another humble AMC car can live long and prosper.

  12. Tech. Corner: • AMC came out with a service bulletin in the 70's to correct Javelin front windows from falling out. The kit was basically a 1/4" thick flat piece of aluminium stock, 1 1/2" x approximately 30" long that gets bolted as seen in the pictures to the front & back window brackets. The installation makes the two brackets act like one piece & the glass bond will therefore hold longer. • I wasn't able to find 1/4" aluminums stock so I combined two 1/8" pieces (available at Princess Auto, Home Depot, etc. I used taped head 10-32 x 3/4" bolts with lock washers. I countersunk the heads flush. The scissor roller brackets are attached to the new bar in the same locations as original in countersunk holes. • I used white lithium grease in all the channels. The window went in fairly well with some fine tuning to adjust the position of the glass. The window works very smoothly now & it should not fall out again. Written by Robin Carruthers with technical information from Colin Hillyard.

  13. Summer in review: AMC Manitoba car club summer windup, generously hosted by Gerry and his wife Devil’s Lake North Dakota. Robin and Jim made a splash being the only AMC guys at the show A night at Buffalo Bills hosted by AMC Manitoba car club featured many fine AMC products, some rarely seen at shows like the red Rebel and the blue 4 door Ambassador.

  14. Summer in review: From the July 2 first ever AMC of Manitoba car club sponsored car show at Kilcona park, in Transcona. Over 50 cars of all brands came out, including this rare low mileage Marlen. A special thanks to the MS Society for help in putting the show together.

  15. 1960 Rambler Super 4-door.  Body is rusty but has all good glass, chrome, grill, stainless, dash, fair interior, push-button AT.  Engine not seized, not running.  Asking $500 OBO.  Contact John at (204) 663-9098 1974 Javelin 360 4V parts car, good front fenders, bumpers and trunk.  Contact Dan Masse at (204) 791-1226 1969 AMX 390 4-speed project car.  Missing engine, tranny and front bumper.  Minor damage on hood.  Rest of car is almost perfectly rust-free.  Ex race car.  Has Mopar 8-3/4 rear end.  Pics available upon request.  Car is in central Alberta.  Contact dsmopars@shaw.ca or call (780) 349-2244 1 only, 14 x 6.0, 5-bolt, 8-oval window AMC Rallye wheel.  Will need blasting and refinish, but otherwise runs true and lug holes good.  Comes with chrome "Volcano-style" centre cap, bearing part number 3222651.  Asking $25.00.  Call Bob at (204) 235-1697 (Transcona). 1973 Gremlin X 304, needs minor repair.  Selling due to injury.  Picture available upon request.  Best reasonable offer.  Contact Greg at grandle@shaw.ca or (807) 939-1297 1981 Eagle parts car, including 258-ci 6-cylinder engine.  Runs very well.  Manual transmission and front and rear seats also available.  Contact Karmyhn at karmyhnj@hotmail.com 1958/1959 Rambler tail light lens, N.O.S., $12.00  Same years tail light lens, used, $6.00  Contact Joe at (204) 728-7497 or jbholmes@mts.net '71-'74 AMX/Javelin rear trunk spoiler.  Needs finishing repairs on right-side corner, $300.00.  Call Kim at (204) 222-1611 79 Concord for parts call Lawrence Friesen at 694-4177 1969 AMX 360 4-speed.  Needs rear quarter-panel, floor pan, trunk pan, inner rocker panels work.  Otherwise good condition, with 1970 Ram Air hood, new grille, tail lights, 4 sets of headlight bezels, front and rear bumpers, chrome bits.  40,000 miles, Ohio car.  $3500 as is.  Clear title.  E-mail jaymonday@wallmart.com or call (865) 993-2455 New auto trans mount, red dash grab handle, and good black dash for '74 Javelin.  Call Terry or Teresa at (204) 368-2433 1968 Javelin, 232 straight six, complete car, lots of extra parts.  Good body, interior, suspension.  Transmission needs to be rebuilt, otherwise good.  Have so far invested $2500.  Asking $2000.  Firm offer.  E-mail Chris Dann at ckdann2001@hotmail.com or call (204) 998-4666 or (204) 663-0236 after 4:30 PM.  Pictures available upon request. 1964 AMC American for parts.  Engine, 3-speed transmission and other parts available.  Will sell very reasonably.  Contact Don at dsommer@grenergy.com 1966 Ambassador 2-door hardtop, good running condition, 287 automatic, some rust in the lower-rear quarters.  Call Don at (204) 255-7010 1977 AMX Hornet A/C unit.  Will trade for front valence, rear louvers and grille.  Will sell for $800 OBO.  Contact Glenn at (705) 942-1963 or gmeinecke22@msn.com Twin grip center section with 287 gears out of 75 Matador $50 call or email Chris Penny 586-3301 amc360@mts.net Classified: For Sale

  16. Classified: Wanted • Rear trunk fin to fit a '74 Javelin and looking for some 10-inch rear rims to put on a set • of 295/50's.  Call Terry (204) 368-2474 • Right-front fender for an '81 AMC Spirit needed.  Call Robert (204) 772-3304 or • (204) 958-1250 • Tail light lenses and fender extensions for '68 Rebel.  Please contact Rick at • atrude57chevy@hotmail.com • Transmission, heater housing or heater core for '68 AMX 390.  Contact Joe at • (204) 728-7497 or jbholmes@mts.net • Trunk spoiler for '73 Javelin.  Call Terry or Teresa at (204) 368-2433 • '69 AMX fuel tank sending unit.  Call Andre at (204) 223-5447 • '65 Ambassador Rambler, or compatible Rambler, control cable running from the dash, • through the firewall, to the vacuum wiper box.  Must have the small washer attached • to the end that goes in the box.  Please contact Stuart at stuart@busatcomputers.com • '68 AMX side pipes, doors and mirrors.  Call Terry at (204) 368-2433 • '70 AMX hood and grille.  E-mail Fred at fredcryer3@shaw.ca • '64 Rambler American convertible or 2-door hardtop right-hand vent window assembly • and right door glass.  E-mail Gord at kaytordg@mts.net • Gage cluster 140-mph speedo for '68–'70 Javelin or AMX. Call Dan Funk at (204) 223-9406

  17. Event calendar for 2006: • World of Wheels March 31 – April 2 2006 • Winnipeg Convention Centre. • Prime Steel show April 8 – 9 2006 • Grand Forks Alaris Centre. • Rod-a-Rama April 28 – 30 2006 • East end Community Centre. • If you are interested in showing your car in a AMC club display at the World of Wheels please contact the club president Robin Carruthers.

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