advanced computer networks prof venus w samawi l.
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Advanced Computer Networks Prof. Venus W. Samawi PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Computer Networks Prof. Venus W. Samawi

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Advanced Computer Networks Prof. Venus W. Samawi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced Computer Networks Prof. Venus W. Samawi. Welcome to . Time: 2pm –5pm Tuesday Winter 2008 3 credits. What is Advance Network about?. Second Graduate-Level Networking Course Assume a first-course “Introduction to Networking” csci5211, csci421 or equivalent We’ll learn about

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advanced computer networks prof venus w samawi

Advanced Computer NetworksProf. Venus W. Samawi

Welcome to

Time: 2pm –5pm Tuesday

Winter 2008 3 credits


what is advance network about
What is Advance Network about?
  • Second Graduate-Level Networking Course
    • Assume a first-course “Introduction to Networking”
    • csci5211, csci421 or equivalent
  • We’ll learn about
    • Fundamental networking principles and techniques
    • Advanced networking mechanisms, protocols and practices
      • foundational material: long half life
      • deeper understanding of R& D issues in today’s Internet
      • mix of theory and practice
      • case studies
  • Who is it for?
    • primarily for graduate students who want to learn more about networking and systems
    • undergraduate students encouraged, but special permission


course topics
Course Topics
  • Review of Networking Basics (netwrok)
  • Network Architectural, Design, Implementation Principles
    • Case studies: IP multicast and anycast
  • Multimedia Networking; Overlay and P2P Networks
  • Congestion Control, Active Queue Management and Beyond
  • Packet Scheduling; QoS Architectures and Mechanisms
  • Router Design
  • Intra-Domain Routing and Traffic Engineering
  • Inter-Domain Routing and BGP; BGP Policy Issues;
  • Internet Measurement Basics: Traffic, Performances, etc.
  • Routing Measurement, Routing Instability and Improvements
  • Network Security and Malware
  • 802.11, Wireless Mesh Networks; TCP Performance and IP Mobility
  • Internet Architecture Revisited


course materials
Course Materials
  • No Required Textbooks
    • Some Recommended Textbooks that will be referenced
      • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach by Kurose & Ross, 3rdEdition, Addison Wesley
      • Computer Networks: A Systems Approach

by Peterson and Davies, 3nd Ed, Morgan Kaufmann

    • Other Useful Textbooks:
      • Computer Networks by A. Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall, 4th ed
      • An Engineering Approach to Computer Networks by S. Keshav
  • Assigned readings: 3-4 required papers
    • Posted on class website (tentatively, updated as we go along)
    • Optional papers for background, supplementary and further readings
  • Lecture notes


course requirements
Course Requirements
  • Will be Fast-Paced !
  • Do assigned readings
    • Be prepared, read and review textbook/lecture notes on your own in advance!
    • Self-reading materials in textbook: read by your own and will not be lectured
  • So we can spend more class time on discussion and problem solving!
  • Attend and participate in class activities
    • Please ask and answer questions in (and out of) class!
    • Let’s try to make the class interactive and fun!


course prerequisite
Course Prerequisite
  • First-Course on Computer Networks
  • Algorithms, Computer Architecture, OS
    • Not necessary, but helpful
  • Basic knowledge of probability
  • Programming experiences in C/C++
    • Required!

More importantly

  • Willing to learn and work hard
  • Love to ask questions and solve problems


office hours
Office Hours
  • Dr. Venus Office Hours:
  • Email:

Office Hours: Sunday 1-2pm


  • Workload
    • Two presentation assignments (5 marks each)
    • One term project: (5 marks)

Phase I: paper design; Phase II: implementation

    • One mid-term(25 marks)
    • One final essay (5 marks)
    • Class participation: 5%
  • Focus more on critical thinking, problem solving, “heads-on/hands-on” experiences!
    • Read and critique research papers
    • Understand, formulate and solve problems
    • Term Project (Phase II) using C/C++, or Java


policies and guidelines
Policies and Guidelines
  • No late hw/project
    • Please start working on your hw assignments/projects early and hand them in on time!
  • Make-up exams: only if final conflicts
  • Incomplete: not granted, unless
    • proof of emergency, “agreement for incomplete” form
  • Scholastic behavior:
    • You are encouraged to study in groups, but do your work independently!
    • Acknowledge reference/credit if receive help!
    • switch off your mobiles