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Wellness at Modern

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Wellness at Modern. Wellness i s “an integrated method of functioning which is oriented to maximizing the potential of which an individual is capable. “ - Halbert Dunn High-level wellness. WELLNESS IS……. …. energy, vitality & passion, hunger for more …?

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Wellness at Modern

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Wellness is “an integrated method of functioning which is oriented to maximizing the potential of which an individual is capable. “

- Halbert Dunn

High-level wellness

wellness is
  • ….energy, vitality & passion, hunger for more …?
  • ……drive to work, perseverance and pushing ourselves beyond the limit…?
  • Growth, connectivity, movement, slow and steady …?
how do i know i am well
How do I know I am well?
  • Good physical health ( nutrition & exercise components)
  • Sense of purpose or meaning in daily activities.
  • Progressive functioning in work related areas.
  • Productive social interactions.
  • Sense of being connected ( to the community, world etc) .
  • Financial security.
does a wellness program
  • help people achieve their full potential?
  • recognize and address the whole person (multi-dimensional approach)?
  • affirm and mobilize people’s positive qualities and strengths?
social wellness
Social wellness:
  • The ability to successfully interact with people in our world, participating in and feeling connected to your community.
  • Social well-being is enhanced by establishing supportive social networks through meaningful relationships with family, friends and colleagues.
occupational wellness
occupational wellness
  • "A great place to work is one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with.” — Robert Levering, Co-Founder, Great Place to Work”

The teacher Career Cycle & links to wellness

  • REAL professional and talent development
developing occupational wellness
Developing occupational wellness:
  • Identifying motivators
  • Pursuing personal interests and exploring new ones
  • Matching learning and work styles
  • Encouraging independence and interdependance
intellectual wellness
Intellectual wellness:


engaging the individual in creative and stimulating mental activities to expand their knowledge and skills and help them discover the potential for sharing their gifts with others.

indicators of intellectual wellness
Indicators of intellectual wellness:
  • Promoting openness to new ideas
  • Encouraging a culture of feedback and criticism
  • Embrace “ differenness”
what we have learnt
What we HAVE learnt :
  • Spot the opportunity
  • Spot the talent and clear the path for growth
  • Encourage the Open –Door Policy
  • Encourage learning without boundaries
  • Encourage independence and interdependence