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www.volusiataxreform.com. Budget Study Groups . Volunteers Diverse Group Research Finance Reports Trends / Policies / Benchmarks Review and Compare Findings Publish Information . Types of Reports. 772 Pages. 75 Pages. Other Sources of Information. Newspapers Interviews

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Budget study groups l.jpg
Budget Study Groups

  • Volunteers

    • Diverse Group

  • Research Finance Reports

    • Trends / Policies / Benchmarks

  • Review and Compare Findings

  • Publish Information

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Types of reports l.jpg
Types of Reports

772 Pages

75 Pages

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Other sources of information l.jpg
Other Sources of Information

  • Newspapers

  • Interviews

  • Public Records


    Data Bases

  • Employees

    • E Mails

    • Minutes

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Volusia county l.jpg
Volusia County

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Port orange payroll examples l.jpg
Port Orange Payroll Examples


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Per capita debt l.jpg
Per Capita Debt

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Port orange l.jpg
Port Orange

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Real cost of debts and deficits l.jpg
Real Cost of Debts and Deficits

  • Illinois Borrows $375 Million After Credit Rating Reductions By Jeremy R. Cooke Dec. 16 2009 (Bloomberg)

  • California’sA rating from Standard & Poor’s is the lowest among U.S. states.

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Debt equation l.jpg
Debt Equation

  • "There are equations in which certain relationships become progressively explosive," such as if a spiral starts in which increasing interest payments increase the deficit and debt, leading to another increase in interest payments, and so on,” Alan Greenspan

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Volusia county debt policy l.jpg
Volusia County Debt Policy

  • ( 7) The County will at all times manage its debt and sustain its financial position in order to seek and maintain the highest credit rating possible.

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County debt report 2009 l.jpg
County Debt Report 2009

“Several of the trend indicators for proprietary funds also changed from

favorable to inconclusive.”

“As of September 30, 2008, total County indebtedness was $331,007,506.00.”

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Volusia county debt policy19 l.jpg
Volusia County Debt Policy

( 6) The County shall not construct or acquire a public facility if it is unable to adequately provide for the subsequent annual operation and maintenance costs of the facility.

A Financial Condition Assessment. ..has resulted in an overall rating of Favorablefor the previous seven consecutive fiscal years.

This year the rating was Inconclusive, primarily due to the spending down of capital project programs (i.e., the Ocean Center). County Debt Report 2009

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Volusia debt trends l.jpg
Volusia Debt Trends

Debt Service % Revenues over 15%

is considered high by Agencies

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Bond ratings l.jpg
Bond Ratings

“In November of 2008, MBIA was downgraded again, requiring acceleration of the funding requirement to the debt service reserve

($2.5 million) from five years to ten months. “

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Debts draining effects l.jpg
Debts Draining Effects

2007-2008, the County received $17.2 million in sales tax revenues and used $8.5 million to pay debt service on the sales tax revenue bonds.

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Volusia county bond ratings l.jpg
Volusia County Bond Ratings


Volusia County

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County debt crisis l.jpg
County Debt Crisis

“We’re in difficult times,” Deputy

County Manager Mary Anne Connors

…county leaders have proposed new sources of financing future capital improvements and maintenance.

One such new source may be a local-option sales tax.

Without additional cash, County Manager James Dinneen warned, the outlook is “very pessimistic.”

“All of the impact fees you collect

will be going to debt service,”

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Spiraling effect l.jpg
Spiraling Effect!!

  • 2004 Volusia County sold $65.5 million in bonds to pay for roads in the 5 year Plan

    • So Far We paid 12.2 million in interest and 11.8 million in Principle

  • The debt service is about $4.8million per year, more than all the road-impact fees the county expects to collect this year or next.

  • Volusia County collects the maximum 12 cent per gallon gas tax allowed by the State …

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Implications of debt l.jpg
Implications of Debt

  • In a term limit environment there is little incentive for Elected officials to lower Debt

  • New taxes are automatically calculated as “debt servicing funds” and then shopped on Wall Street as a 30 year Note ( Bond)

  • Any voter approved increase in taxes results in higher debts, thus more money leaving the County

  • The best way to cut government spending appears to be to cut funding

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