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Library Administrator Interview: Special Library – Art Museum PowerPoint Presentation
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Library Administrator Interview: Special Library – Art Museum

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Library Administrator Interview: Special Library – Art Museum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Library Administrator Interview: Special Library – Art Museum. Katherine Alford LIS 650. Behind the scenes …. At the Art Library . . . Why Ms. SUPER Librarian?. Why Super Librarian. Turned library around in short amount of time

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Library Administrator Interview: Special Library – Art Museum

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why super librarian
Why Super Librarian
  • Turned library around in short amount of time
  • Automated 5 manual and unreliable cataloging systems into 1 online, web accessible reliable system.
  • Brought in cataloging talent
  • Chaos Organization
  • Created a free wiki for outside world to see up coming events
  • Obtained grants to pay for cataloging automation and pay personnel

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mission statement of two art museums
Mission Statement of Two Art Museums
  • The two physical locations are unified under a shared mission to provide gathering places for people to experience art.
  • Mission: Both locations are unique gathering places for people to experience art through significant and varied collections, engaging exhibitions and innovative educational programming.
  • EDUCATION Division: To Make art fun; to provoke curiosity and discovery; to engage the mind, hands and hearts of visitors—these are the USA Museum’s goals

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background info
Background Info


Two Art Libraries

  • Previously work academic-type library
  • UNCG Library Science graduate
  • English background; grant writing
  • Interacts with Over 50 FT staff workers
    • Executive, Administration,
    • Curatorial, design and installation,
    • Development and Marketing,
    • Education and Registration.
    • BOARDS Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Board members, Advisory Board.
  • BRIEF History:
  • 1936 -- USA or Ultra Secret Art Museum was started. Major expansions in 1967 and 1985
  • The second Museum of Craft and Design opened in 1999.
  •  2006 the library was awarded a $99,270 Museums for America grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services IMLS for library automation.
    • Enabled the library to purchase software & equipment to convert the existing card catalog to an electronic format and hire a temporary part-time cataloger. Five manual systems used as catalogs
    • Deliverables of the grant project has and continues to include an online card catalog of library holdings accessible to the public through the Art Museum’s website. Allows visitors to discover the wide range of library resources available

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background info1
Background Info

Super Librarian

Organization & Collections

  • Docents: a person who leads guided tours especially through a museum or art gallery.
  • Curator: manager, overseer . A curator or keeper of a cultural heritage institution e.g., archive , gallery
    • Vast numbers of different genres of collections between the two locations which are within a mile of each other:
  • So many historical and Fund raising library aspects; never imagined were going on behind the scenes.
  • Never imagined there was so much to this museum of art.
  • Museum staff primarily uses the material.
  • Use is for researching artist talks, area appraisals, and museum studies.
  • The librarian’s job is much like an archivist.
  • Many of their exhibits have to have the chain of ownership traced.
  • Traveling exhibits.
    • Many are two years out in scheduling and when a museum knows a traveling exhibit is coming there are many planning decisions that have to be streamlined in preparation for the exhibit coming to the museum.
    • Registration, insurance, transportation logistics, lining up tour guides, marketing material, building cases, etc to house and display exhibits.

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art museum collections
Art Museum Collections
  • American Art
  • European Art
  • Traveling Exhibitions
  • Ceramics
  • Historic Costume
  • Ancient Americas
  • European
  • Spanish colonial
  • Asian Art
  • Contemporary Art

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The 1/3rd Rule33% internal customers (various departments within the two art museums)Manage bywalking around33% business operationsMoney, resources, meetings, policy33% externalWhat do patrons or customers need?Interact with boards both in and outside of the organizations and their leaders

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s w o t analysis
S-W-O-T Analysis
  • S-strengths, W-weaknesses
  • S – Do have a good staff, very strong, even though small, all share a common goal, serve the larger institution. Pull in knowledge from a lot of areas, and enjoy what we do
  • W – have more money, have more space. So much stuff. Shelves are crammed full, extensive weeding, book sales. Focus the materials.


T-threats (threats with regards to the institution such as funding, competition, etc)

  • O – Opportunities 1. Have the catalog online, system to catalog materials, leaps and bounds they are more accessible online to the public to see what they have. Virtually unknown before, now we can market. Was not functional. Wanted a good system in place, with the reconfiguration of the space will be able to walk in and make the materials accessible.
  • T – Mostly from the economy

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readings comparison
Readings Comparison
  • Raving Fans
    • She has developed a vision of what she wants her library to be
    • She has discovered what her patrons want– reliable online web-based catalog
    • Change has been implemented in small increments– as part of the big improvement plan
  • First, Break all the Rules
    • She felt that her employees could answer yes to all of the questions
  • Primal Leadership
    • She seems emotionally intelligent in all 4 dimensions, especially in social awareness.

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leadership and management
Leadership and Management
  • She feels satisfied that her organization’s goals are being met

Q: What are your definitions of leadership and management?

A: Trying to be proactive to the needs of the staff, taking risks (wiki). Keeping in mind what their role is, strong customer service. Looking at the needs of the user.

Set standards so that the library can be a source for reliable information. Depends on others for expertise and look for that input. Both are professionals, have interns and volunteers and a vital part and treated with respect.

Try to be responsive to customer service. Support of (information needs) of the staff. Promptly and dependable and the Go to department!

  • Lessons to pass on:
    • Never shy away from a challenge!

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conclusions recommendations
Conclusions & Recommendations
  • She is an effective leader
  • Q: What if anything surprised you about working in a museum setting versus what you learned in library science school?
  • A: Different types of resources, vaguely familiar. Museum is Exhibition driven: Working on now could be 2 years outshe was use to Corporate world Project driven.
  • Recommendations:
  • Make sure the library stays on the cutting edge
  • Library resources are an intragul part of marketing, displaying and obtaining knowledge about all art work in the collections.
  • She seems to realize her strengths and weaknesses and has learned to rely on her staff and her own personal judgment.

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This short video is a virtual tour of the Ultra Secret Art Museum Expansion facility. The tour is complied from architectural drawings of the new facility.

We will see a quick tour of the four floors: Starting with the Plaza, up the Entrance to theMuseum Café all on Second or Main floor, Plasma Screens that will preview Upcoming Exhibitions, Reception Desk, Grand Room( additionally on 2ndfloor) , then take a set of Escalators to the ( 3rd floor) Staff Offices, Conference Room, and then ending on the Fourth Floor, Special Exhibition Galleries. Let’s get started on the virtual tour!

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Questions ?

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The End

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