Information management function sheets and beos
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Information Management, Function Sheets and BEOs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Management, Function Sheets and BEOs. On the agenda today:. Project Timeline Recap Production Schedule Importance of function sheets What is a BEO? Class time with your group to finish project timeline discussion. Project Schedule/Timeline.

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On the agenda today
On the agenda today:

  • Project Timeline Recap

  • Production Schedule

  • Importance of function sheets

  • What is a BEO?

  • Class time with your group to finish project timeline discussion

Information management function sheets and beos

Project Schedule/Timeline

A chronological to do list for your entire planning process

Information management function sheets and beos

Production Schedule

As you near the event, this document becomes a production schedule, detailing the to do items on a more frequent basis to set up the event

Information management
Information Management

As a planner, you will generate, receive, collect, seek out, send out, sort, analyze and store a large amount of information. It is your job to manage- or organize- all of this information.

You do 3 things with information
You do 3 things with information:

Assess- inventory/review of all information pertaining to your event to find gaps or redundancy

Organize- establish filing systems, storage methods and tracking systems

Control- standard operation procedures to handle communications, record keeping, etc


  • Design your documents for efficiency and clarity

    • Who will be reading/using it?

    • What is the purpose?

    • What action is required?

Document suggestions
Document Suggestions

  • Create templates for everything

    • Proposals

    • Timelines

    • Budgets

  • Create checklists to help keep you organized and prevent redundant work

    • Site inspection checklists

    • Client interview forms

    • Evaluations

Your event planning bible
Your Event Planning Bible

Production book/Operations manual/Event Binders: your onsite reference and guidebook which includes all important facets of your event

Your binder should include
Your Binder Should include

  • Contracts

  • Budget

  • Function Sheets

  • Banquet Event Orders (BEOs)

  • Floor Plans

  • Event Agenda

  • IMC Tactics and Samples

  • All Communications Received

  • Etc…

What to do with information following an event
What to do with information following an Event

  • Create an archive- can provide insight into the practices, policies and priorities for future planning for that

Function sheets
Function Sheets

  • Created by the planner so that all important event details are in an easy to read format that can be shared with the venue, caterer, AV team and other necessary parties

Function sheet tips
Function Sheet Tips

  • For an event with multiple days or multiple meetings/smaller events on a single day, create a function sheet for each one

  • If the same space is needed or event occurs multiple times within a larger event, include a function sheet for each need

Function sheets will include
Function Sheets will include:

  • Function sheet date or version

  • Planner name and contact information

  • Event date

  • Event start and end times

  • Event setup and teardown times

  • Venue name and contact information

  • Site (room or specific location)

  • Anticipated attendance

Function sheets will include1
Function Sheets will include:

  • Room set (seating type and total seats needed)

  • Other setup requirements (such as staging, additional tables, room temperature)

  • AV needs

  • F&B

  • Décor

  • Other

The next step
The Next Step

  • The venue planning staff will take your function sheets and create a document called the banquet event order (BEO)

    • Includes most of the information from your function sheets

    • Planner is required to sign off on the BEOs; once signed, constitutes a binding agreement on the setup needs of your event

Beo tips
BEO Tips

  • Don’t overlook what you consider to be minor or “given” details on the BEOs

  • If you are an outside planner, make sure you have sign off ability

  • Double check everything!

Your weekly assignment
Your weekly assignment

Assignment #6 due by 5:00 PM on Friday in my inbox… one project timeline per group, and I will compile.