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MSA: Reading Grade 10

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MSA: Reading Grade 10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MSA: Reading Grade 10. Maryland Assessment Group Conference, Ocean City, MD November 21, 2002. Download this presentation at:. MSA Schedule Year 1. September, contract awarded October 4, construction of forms December, forms to printer March, tests administered

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msa reading grade 10

MSA: Reading Grade 10

Maryland Assessment Group Conference, Ocean City, MD

November 21, 2002

msa schedule year 1
MSA Schedule Year 1
  • September, contract awarded
  • October 4, construction of forms
  • December, forms to printer
  • March, tests administered
  • May, scoring completed
  • July, standard setting
  • August, reports delivered to schools


terranova reading
TerraNova: Reading

Engaging and familiar presentation

  • Themes that provide context and purpose
  • Pre-reading introduction


terranova reading passages
TerraNova: Reading Passages
  • Challenging selections and adaptations of
    • classic and contemporary literature
    • articles from magazines and newspapers
  • Original illustrations and photographs
  • Longer passages


terranova standards based
TerraNova: Standards Based
  • Standards for the English Language Arts
    • developed by the IRA and NCTE
  • NAEP—reading stances and purposes for reading
    • Reading for literary experience
    • Reading to gain knowledge
    • Reading to perform a task


terranova test development
TerraNova: Test Development
  • Authentic passages
    • Well known authors and publications
  • Cultural and topical diversity
    • Wide range of subjects, authors, perspectives, and geographical locations
    • Reviewed for ethnic, regional, and gender bias
    • Statistical data used to eliminate items that appeared biased


terranova session format
TerraNova: Session Format
  • Two parts
  • Theme page read by teacher
  • Multiple passages related to theme
    • Support student understanding of the theme
    • Have graphical stimuli
      • No answer cues
      • Support less able student


terranova directions items
TerraNova: Directions & Items
  • Directions to students
  • Logical arrangement of items
  • Item stems are clear
  • Distractors (item choices)
  • Expert Reviewers
    • Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams
    • Dr. Jerry Treadway


reading grade 10 test format
Reading Grade 10: Test Format
  • Looks much like Grade 9 English
  • Selected Response
  • Constructed and Brief Constructed Responses, both single and paired


md hsa english i sample item
MD HSA English I Sample Item

Read the story “The Tree of Love.” Then answer

the following:

The author includes the story about Uncle LoveJoy in paragraph 15 to emphasize

F    the injustice of slavery

G   Old Willa's unusual size

H   the values of storytelling

J    Old Willa's special powers


md hsa english i sample item12
MD HSA English I Sample Item

Read the poem “Absence.” Then answer

Numbers 5 through 8.

5. What is the meaning of the word ample as

it is used in line 8?

A bottomless

B fat

C free

D spacious


md hsa english i sample item13
MD HSA English I Sample Item

Read the story the “An Unlikely Star.” Then answer Numbers 27 through 30.

Based on the first paragraph, a reader could most likely predict that the passage would be about?

A the foolishness of playing the lottery

B a character who undergoes a change for the better

C meetings that are scheduled at a teacher’s conference

D how kindergarten children rarely agree on their favorite fairy tale


terranova sample reading item
TerraNova: Sample Reading Item
  • 2 Nelson is sent alone into the area that is on fire because

F there aren’t enough human firefighters

  • G the situation is physically dangerous for humans

H Keisha thinks it’s too late to save the trapped workers

J Keisha wants to show off Nelson’s abilities


terranova objective 03 analyze text
TerraNova: Objective 03 Analyze Text

This item measures the student’s ability to interpret the text by drawing a conclusions about Nelson’s purpose. Other items in the objective focus on determining an implied main idea, gathering supporting evidence, inferring relationships such a cause and effect, identifying story elements such as plot and setting, analyzing characters and/or their actions, and recognizing the use of literary and persuasive techniques.


terranova reading item
TerraNova: Reading Item
  • 42 Thornton refers to “stowing sleeping bags.” The word stowing probably means
  • F rolling them up and putting them away

G repairing damage done to the bags

H taking the bags to the laundry and having them cleaned

J hanging them up to dry somewhere else


terranova objective 02 basic understanding
TerraNova: Objective 02 Basic Understanding

In this item, the student is asked to identify the meaning of a grade-level vocabulary word. Other items in this objective focus on measuring the student’s ability to recall passage details, sequence events, understand a stated main idea and gather stated information from the graphics


support materials
Support Materials
  • Classroom Connections to TerraNova, The Second Edition—MD Supplement in 2003
    • Exemplar Items
    • Thinking Skills Exemplars
    • Teaching Activities
    • Practice Activities and Scoring Guide
  • Teacher’s Guide to TerraNova, The Second Edition


terranova an exemplar

TerraNova: An Exemplar

Theme Page

Reading Passage


support materials20
Support Materials
  • Writing Roadmap: on-line writing assessment
  • Maryland End-Of Course Item Banks
  • Standards Based Item Banks
  • Secondary Item Banks


reports and other supports
Reports and Other Supports
  • Electronic and paper reports to supplement the state’s information
  • Supplement to the CC to TN to fill out MD objectives
  • Additional item banks.


contact information
Contact Information
  • For sample materials & questions about ordering:


  • For questions about these materials or TerraNova, The Second Edition: