charter schools the school accountability report card sarc n.
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Charter Schools & The School Accountability Report Card (SARC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Charter Schools & The School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

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Charter Schools & The School Accountability Report Card (SARC) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Charter Schools & The School Accountability Report Card (SARC). Charter Operations Leader Meeting 12.18.08. What is the SARC? Where did it come from?.

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charter schools the school accountability report card sarc

Charter Schools & The School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Charter Operations Leader Meeting 12.18.08

what is the sarc where did it come from
What is the SARC? Where did it come from?
  • The goal is to provide the public with important information about each public school and to communicate a school’s progress in achieving its goals
  • The School Accountability Report Card’s origin is in Proposition 98, The Classroom Instructional Improvement and Accountability Act, passed by voters in 1988
  • Prop 98 provided CA public schools with a stable source of funding, in exchange for SARC preparation and distribution
  • Since Prop 98, additional legislation has imposed further requirements for the SARC
why must charter schools prepare sarcs
Why must charter schools prepare SARCs?
  • The CA Constitution requires charter schools to prepare a SARC as a condition of receiving state funds
  • Charter schools receiving federal funds are required to prepare an annual report card that contains particular reporting elements specified in NCLB (Public Law 107-110 Section 1111(h))
what is ousd s the office of charter schools role in sarc prep and distribution
What is OUSD’s & the Office of Charter Schools’ role in SARC prep and distribution?
  • CA Charter School Act requires that the authorizer “ensure that each charter school under its authority complies with all reports required of charter schools by law” Education Code section 47604.32
  • OUSD is involved with litigation regarding the SARC, and thus all schools, including charters, are under increased scrutiny of their SARC completion and distribution
how is a sarc prepared
How is a SARC prepared?
  • State provides templates, in multiple languages
  • Much of the information may remain constant from year to year, but a significant amount changes
  • Where the template reads “Narrative to be provided by LEA”, LEA means you!
what are the 2006 2007 sarc changes
What are the 2006-2007 SARC changes?
  • AB 1061 deleted several SARC requirements
    • I. About this School: Participation in the Class Size Reduction Program
    • II. School Climate: School Discipline Practices
    • IV. Teachers: Substitute Teacher Availability, Teacher Evaluation Process
    • VIII. Student Performance: Local Assessment Results
    • X. School Completion and Postsecondary Preparation: Career Technical Education Programs, College Admission Test Preparation Course Program, SAT Reasoning Test
    • XI. Instructional Planning and Scheduling: School Instruction and Leadership, Professional Development, Instructional Minutes, Minimum Days in School Year
must i translate my sarc into additional languages
Must I translate my SARC into additional languages?
  • According to Education Code section 48985, YES, if 15% or more of the pupil in the school speak a single primary language other than English
    • This 15% threshold is based on R30 reporting
to access your r30 data
To access your R30 data...
  • Go to
  • Select “school” in level tab and “English Learners” in subject tab click submit
  • Enter first few letters of your school name
  • Select your school from the drop-down menu (ensure it says Oakland Unified) and select the box next to “Language Group Data to Determine 15 percent and Above Translation Needs”
  • If greater than 15%, translation is required
so you ve completed your sarc now what
So you’ve completed your SARC, now what?
  • Send a copy (and any required translations) to
  • Post a copy of your SARC (and any required translations) on your school’s website
  • Have at least one hard copy of your SARC in your school’s main office
    • Disseminating your SARC is required by NCLB and Education Code
do i need to send a copy to the cde
Do I need to send a copy to the CDE?
  • No, but the CDE needs an accurate link to a website address where your SARC is posted
    • This can be a link to your school’s website, or
    • Once you provide it, OUSD maintains an online copy of your SARC on its site, and you can provide this link (
  • You can inform the CDE of your chosen website by selecting “Update Your SARC Web Site Link” at
what s the timeline for completing and posting our sarc
What’s the timeline for completing and posting our SARC?
  • 2007-2008:
    • Official deadline is February 1, 2009
      • Per Assembly Bill 1061, the deadline was moved from the end of the school year to February 1
questions comments next steps
Questions? Comments? Next Steps...
  • Call or email Paige with any questions or concerns as you complete your SARC
  • Please email Paige a copy of your SARC as soon as possible