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Aquatic Management services taken 15 years of experience and created a swimming pool management company that can handle all of your swimming pol needs. Aquatic Management Service.

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We have taken over 16 years of experience and created a

company that is the leader in pool management services by

handling all of our customers aquatic needs. Aquatic

Management (AMI) has a management program for every

aquatic facility. We will tailor our programs to meet your

individual needs. Swimming pools are a great place for families

and communities to spend quality time together. We respect the

importance of community and a local swimming pool facility and

have built a foundation of trust among our clients by meeting

their needs with professionalism and excellence.

About Us

Aquatic Management (AMI) prides itself for providing top notch

Swimming Pool Management Services, but that is not all the services

we provide, we also provide swimming pool cleaning services, aquatic

staffing services, pool maintenance services, chemicals & supply

services as well as repair & renovation services. We also assist

communities and aquatic personnel ways to grow their aquatic

programs to healthy profit centers.

If you are in need of Consulting Services for your facility, you have

come to the right place. We are ready to assist you in all of your needs

in building and designing your new aquatic facility. This includes

review and recommendations on architectural designs and the

building process.

About us

Aquatic Management Services has set the highest standard




Services. These standards are established by our policies,

and, most importantly, met by our people. We have

outstanding positions available this summer. Currently, we

are hiring, Pool Managers, Head Lifeguards, Lifeguards, Pool

Attendants, Front Gate CSR’s, Service Techs, Instructors &

coaches for the swim season. If you are interested in

pursuing Employment Opportunities with our company,

please fill out our quick and easy online application.



Pool Services

Maintenance Costs

Saltwater pool systems became very popular because they were

marketed, by the industry, that these systems require low

maintenance. They have are been marketed as requiring very

little chemicals and day-to-day upkeep. The convenience of the

concept of always being swim ready and always having soft-

water sure beats the harsh red eye and dry skin experiences that

can result with the, “sometimesreality”, chlorinated pool

system. A saltwater pool requires less free chlorine since it

creates chlorine as needed. Chlorinated pools require chlorine

to be constantly added to maintain safe levels.

Pool Services

Chemical Costs

Looking to save money on chemical cost? Saltwater system

allows a lower monthly chemical costs since you do not have to

use manufactured chlorine. You can easily save over $1,000 a

year in expenses by converting your chlorinating system to a

saltwater system. These savings in chemicals over a 3-year time

period makes the decision to switching to a saltwater system an

easy decision to make. A salt water pool creates chlorine as

needed and only when needed. While saltwater systems will

definitely be environmentally friendly they are also be more

stable for sanitizing your swimming pool water.

Commercial Aquatic Consulting Services

Aquatic Management Inc. is excited to offer Commercial Aquatic

Consulting Services. With combined experience of over 100 years

Aquatic Management Inc. is the right company for you. Whether

you’re an owner of an existing facility or if you are planning to build an

aquatic facility we can assist you. There are many new and exciting

types of swimming pools and aquatic facilities being designed and built

today. With so many new designs and equipment available to

consumers, it is important to make sure you make the right

decisions. We can help insure that your money is being spent wisely

and that you are getting the right kind of facility for your

community. With our expertise and experience in Aquatic Consulting

Services, your new facility will look great and function properly after the

building process has finished.

Commercial Aquatic Consulting Services

We offer commercial aquatic consulting services throughout the

building process. Having a qualified third party review your

facility design and components will give you the peace of mind

you need. Our mission is to help you plan for the perfect facility

for your needs and budget. AMI is a proven leader in the aquatic

industry. We want to help you plan for the commercial aquatic

facility of your dreams. Our team of experts will assist you every

step of the way!

Commercial Aquatic Consulting Services

Our Commercial Aquatic Consulting Services can assist in

your facility building process:

Review of architectural plans and design

Review of hydraulic design and filtration configuration

Periodic review of the building process from breaking ground to

the start up of the filtration system

Review of equipment specifications provided with architectural


Assist Owner in finding builders and architects for design and


Contact Us

8725 Roswell Rd #206 Atlanta, GA30350

Call: 866-233-2486

Fax: 866-463-7879

Email: [email protected]