Leadership it begins with you
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Leadership- It begins with You. Building Corporate Savvy, Leadership Presence, Establishing Work/Live Balance, Incorporating Creative Conflict Management, and Building Leadership Legacy. Corporate Savvy. Do you have it?. Corporate Savvy: What is the Objective of Your Corporate “Game”? .

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Leadership it begins with you l.jpg

Leadership- It begins with You

Building Corporate Savvy, Leadership Presence, Establishing Work/Live Balance, Incorporating Creative Conflict Management, and Building Leadership Legacy

Corporate savvy l.jpg

Corporate Savvy

Do you have it?

Corporate savvy what is the objective of your corporate game l.jpg
Corporate Savvy: What is the Objective of Your Corporate “Game”?

  • Do you know the objectives of your team/group?

  • Do you know how the “score” is kept?

  • How do you know you’ve “won”?

Rules to remember l.jpg
Rules to Remember “Game”?

  • Be a crucial Associate

  • Develop Crucial Associates

  • Be conscious of the “Cues”

  • Look like a leader

  • It’s not what you know: It’s who knows you know.


  • Be flexible and adaptable

  • Understand your Corporation’s Values

Workplace types l.jpg
Workplace Types “Game”?

  • Those who make things happen

  • Those who watch things happen

  • Those who wonder what happened

Corporate savvy recommended reading l.jpg
Corporate Savvy: “Game”? Recommended Reading

  • Changing the Corporate Landscape. Jean M. Otte

  • Peak Performers. Charles Garfield

  • Working with Emotional Intelligence. Daniel Goleman

  • What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There. Marshall Goldsmith

  • Survival of the Savvy: High-Integrity Political Tactics for Career and Company Success. Rick Brandon and Marty Seldman

Leadership presence l.jpg

Leadership Presence “Game”?

Power-Up Your “It” Factor

When You Can Conquer Yourself, You Can Conquer the World

Leadership presence what is the it factor l.jpg
Leadership Presence: “Game”? What Is The “It” Factor?

  • Character

  • Presence

  • Assertiveness

  • Courage

  • What’s your definition? Who has “It”?

  • What’s at Stake

    • Credibility

    • Effectiveness

    • Success

      When You CanConquer Yourself, You CanConquerthe World.

What is your leadership presence l.jpg
What Is Your Leadership Presence? “Game”?

  • What helps and hinders you?

  • What is your ideal leadership presence?

  • What are your self-conscious (automatic) responses?

  • What is your leadership presence area of strength?

  • What is your leadership presence area of development?

Role of the leader l.jpg
Role of the Leader “Game”?

  • Leaders focus on relationships, communication, “How” things get done – Rapport building relationships.

  • Tasks focus on Results, Bottom Line, “What” needs to be done – Capability and Confidence.

  • Ultimately, leaders must balance between “Task” and “People” focus requiring a combination of capability and relationship building.

Leadership presence recommended reading l.jpg
Leadership Presence: Recommended Reading “Game”?

  • Leadership Presence: Dramatic Techniques To Reach Out, Motivate, and Inspire. Linda Halpern Belle, and Kathy Lubar

  • Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman. Gail Evans

  • The Four Powers of Leadership: Presence, Intention, Wisdom, Compassion. Davide Kyle

  • Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office. Lois Frankel, Ph.D.

Work life balance l.jpg

Work Life Balance “Game”?

It’s something you do, not something you have

Work life balance what s your problem l.jpg
Work Life Balance- “Game”? What’s Your Problem?

  • Are you a perfectionist?

  • Are you driven by distractions?

  • Do you procrastinate?

  • Are you a yes-person?

Achieving balance l.jpg
Achieving Balance “Game”?

  • Barriers

    • Desire for spontaneity

    • Negative Mental Programming and Self Limitation

  • Know what is important

  • Eliminate Time Wasters

  • Ask yourself – How do I……?

Work life balance recommended reading l.jpg
Work Life Balance: “Game”? Recommended Reading

  • Coming Up for Air. Beth Sawi

  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work. Richard Carlson

  • One Minute for Yourself. Spenser Johnson

  • Life Is Not Work, Work Is Not Life: Simple Balance in a 24/7 World. Robert K. Johnston and J. Walker Smith

  • Help, I’m Drowning in Email, Elizabeth Weinstein, Wall Street Journal

Creative conflict management what causes conflict l.jpg
Creative Conflict Management: What Causes Conflict? “Game”?

  • Types of Issues

    • Task – Policies, procedures, resources, roles, responsibilities

    • People – Communication, intentions, emotions – fear or anger, relationship, history, patterns

  • Causes

    • Roles, Outcome, Methods

    • Values, Approaches, Fear

  • Factors which Affect Causes

  • What s that about l.jpg
    What’s That About? “Game”?

    • Where’s that emotion coming from?

      • Ask yourself where the emotion is coming from.

      • Ask others when you sense emotions to understand their interest or position.

  • Position vs Interest

    • Position = What you want

    • Interest = Why you want it

  • Manage thyself l.jpg
    Manage Thyself “Game”?

    • Pay attention to your intentions

    • Use self-awareness as a resource

    • Balance advocacy with inquiry

    • Build shared meaning

    • Explore impasses

    • Use Humor

    Conflict management recommended reading l.jpg
    Conflict Management: Recommended Reading “Game”?

    • Women Don’t Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation—and Positive Strategies for Change. Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever

    • The Power of a Positive No: How to Say No and Still Get to Yes. William Ury

    • Little Green Book to Getting Your Way: How to Speak, Write, Present, Persuade Influence, and Sell You Point of View to Others. Jeffrey Gitomer

    • The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution. Dudley Weeks

    • Conflict Management: A Practical Guide to Developing Negotiation Strategies. Barbara A. Budjac Corvette

    • Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument

    Leadership legacy what will they remember l.jpg
    Leadership Legacy: “Game”? What Will They Remember?

    • Close your eyes and think about your life

      • Personal & Professional

    • How do you think people view you?

    • How would you define your legacy?

      • Current versus Ideal Situation

    • Do you lead in the following ways?

      • Positive Examples

      • Encourage Others

      • Developmental Objectives

      • Think Out of the Box/Challenge the Norm

      • Network

    • Do you actively think about managing your legacy?

      • Don’t let it just happen to you!

    Leadership legacy recommended reading l.jpg
    Leadership Legacy Recommended Reading “Game”?

    • Your Leadership Legacy: Why Looking Toward the Future Will Make You a Better Leader Today. Robert Galford

    • The Trusted Advisor. co-authored with Robert Galford, David Maister and Charles Green

    • The Trusted Leader. Robert Galford and Anne Siebold Drapeau

    • Succession and Failure. Robert Galford and Frank V. Cespedes, Harvard Business Review

    • Honesty is the Best Strategy. Robert Galford, Michael Beer, Russell A. Eisenstat, Anne Seibold Drapeau, and Ram Charan, Harvard Business Review

    Team contacts l.jpg
    Team Contacts “Game”?

    Lynn Martin, SVP, Sr. Service Delivery Manager

    Bank of America

    Enterprise Information & Analytics

    Office: 704.386.8949

    [email protected]

    Marti Norton, Business Manager


    Financial Reporting and Analysis

    Office: 256.730.1739

    [email protected]

    Samantha Wilson, Senior Partner

    Wilson Lee & Associates

    [email protected]

    Gwen Terrell, Sr. Global Bid Manager, Proposal Experts

    Cisco Systems

    World Wide Sales Enablement

    Office: 954.796.3239

    [email protected]