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An Introduction to LINGOs PowerPoint Presentation
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An Introduction to LINGOs

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An Introduction to LINGOs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Introduction to LINGOs. Eric Berg. A Quick History of LINGOs. Steering Committee Meeting. eLearning to Learning. Target areas agreed upon. LINGOs Incorporated. 501(c) 3 Received.

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An Introduction to LINGOs

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Presentation Transcript
a quick history of lingos
A Quick History of LINGOs

Steering Committee Meeting


to Learning

Target areas

agreed upon

LINGOs Incorporated

501(c) 3 Received

Started with eLearning managers sharing experiences and broadened into a vision of shared acquisition, development and implementation of learning resources for international NGOs

target areas
Target Areas


Off the Shelf

Single NGO Built

Joint NGO Built

Acquire, share and/or develop content for international NGOs

Information Exchange




Provide opportunities and venues

Initial target to have common platform

If not a common platform at least common standards for tools

Tools & Standards




Virtual Classroom



Management Training

IT Training

Harvard Manage Mentor Series


Ninth House

Cisco Certification

Microsoft Certification

MS – Digital Literacy

EU Computer Driver Lic

Project Management

Other Topics


Project Management Institute

Int’l Institute Lrng.

Auralog Language Training

MindLeaders Library

NGO created content



Learning Management System

Authoring System


Outstart Trainer

PowerPoint Conversion Tool

Virtual Meeting-Classroom Tool


Articulate Presenter


Enabling Field-to-Field Learning

Three Day Trainings for Latin America and African Field Offices

Dominican Republic Senegal



Monthly Webinars


Virtual (Elluminate)

Expert Presenters

Shared Experiences

Member Selected

Project Workspaces

Document Repository

Notices and Calendar

Semi-Annual Member Mtg.

Technical Training Calls

eLearning Guild Member Meeting – Spring

Masie Learning - Fall

Topic Specific Training Calls

Topic Specific Sharing Calls


Recent and Upcoming Webinars

Elluminate: Getting Started for Moderators

Elluminate: Part 2 for Moderators

Communities of Practive: Setting up Virtual Communties at State Farm Insurance

Turnover in Humanitarian Agencies (ARC)

DM &E: What’s Cooking at IRC, World Vision and more

Elluminate Live: Getting Started for Moderators

Elluminate Live: Part 2 for Moderators

NGO Project Management Initiative

Online Learning Mastery Series: Setting Up and Managing a Virtual Class

Learning Strategies Framework and Tools from Intrepid Learning



Linda English: Member Services

Implementation Strategy for each member

Course development


Mario Lima: Executive Director

CEO and Chief Visionary

Sets Strategic Direction

Recruits new members, engage non-active members

Organizational Administration

Mike Culligan – Projects and Technology

Overall Technology Strategy

Major Initiatives

Operational Details

Eric Berg: Board Chair

Recruits new members, engage non-active members

Partnerships (tech companies, content companies, NGO consortiums, etc.)

Organizational Administration

Robb Allen: IT Project Manager and System

Intralearn LMS

Development Tools

Technical access to all vendors

the learning portal lingos learning connection
The Learning Portal (“LINGOs Learning Connection”)

A central location for learning for international NGOs

Accessible to all LINGOS members staff and possibly partners

Leverages the knowledge and resources of the leading international NGO/PVOs

Provides rich tools for a blended learning environment

Manages and tracks the performance and career development of learners


Let’s now go online and look at the LINGOs Learning Connection, some courses including the Care Safety Course and the Harvard Management Series and briefly visit the LINGOs SharePoint site

lingos member benefits
LINGOs Member Benefits
  • Access to all LINGOs content including MindLeaders, Ninth House, and Auralog
  • Tools/Software including IntraLearn, Elluminate, Trainer, Articulate, Thesis
  • Group Discounts/Donations including Harvard Management Series
  • Full voting rights on all LINGOs course selection, resource allocation and issues
  • LMS maintenance and management
  • Unlimited access to SharePoint
  • Premium eLearning Guild membership
  • All Conference Benefits (Masie, eLearning Guild, etc)

Membership Levels and Costs

$1000 one time initiation fee

  • Level One Benefits $3300/yr
  • LMS access at LINGOs Port Only (no custom port)
  • 24/7 support for up to 100 users per month
  • Up to 10 Gig of bandwidth per month
  • Additional bandwidth @ $15 per gig per month
  • Level Two Benefits $6600/yr
  • Unique Portal on LINGOs LMS
  • 24/7 support for up to 500 users per month
  • Up to 25 Gig of bandwidth per month
  • Additional bandwidth @ $15 per Gig per month

Thanks for your time