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APY60 is a breakthrough product within the yoga realm. This top caliber yoga instructional series delivers professional yoga instruction at a highly affordable price. Its affordability is only one of the benefits which are gathering the masses as it has been created by one of the most respected Yoga instructors within North America. By acquiring the APY60 Yoga System one is guaranteeing their success by participating in a art that has a track record going back millenia. Why gamble on your success when you can go with a proven and highly effective method for losing weight and attaining peace of mind.

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APY60 Ultimate Yoga System

Find Peace While Unleashing the Fat Burning Power of Yoga


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APY60is a new breakthrough fitness program that incorporates the renowned power of Yoga and its many accompanying benefits. The creator of APY60, Kurt Johnsen, is the founder of American Power Yoga and has built a reputation as being one of the most adept yoga and martial art instructors in North America. His influence has touched many lives and is sought out by celebrities, athletes and countless others who are seeking to acquire complete well-being by enhancing the health of both their mind and body.


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There are many features and benefits which make this fitness program stand out amongst the countless other systems on the market. Firstly, since yoga is the primary component of this fitness program one cannot deny its effectiveness since yoga is an art backed by thousands of years of proven results and development.


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Of course, Yogas' long existence has transformed this art into a complex regimen that is difficult to follow without proper guidance and instruction. Fortunately, Kurt Johnsen's expertise in teaching Yoga will greatly benefit both the novice and experienced yoga follower alike.


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Kurt Johnsen's mastery of Yoga enables him to unveil the mystery and disarm the complexity behind this highly acclaimed practice. His simplified approach to performing yoga ensures that everyone, no matter the restrictions, will be able to participate and reap the rewards of this highly acclaimed activity.


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The APY60 yoga program is a 60 day indepth fitness system that has been designed to deliver enhanced fat loss and mind altering capabilities. Once one completes the course, they can expect to see vast improvements in their body,peace of mind and overall complete well-being.


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The benefits of Yoga are many and below are some of the documented advantages one can expect to receive from participating:

* Increased Flexibility

* Increased Strength

* Increased Muscle Tone

* Back and Joint Pain Prevention through realignment exercises

* Optimized Breathing for Optimal Oxygenation of the Body and Organs

* Increased Energy

* Mental Calmness and Stress Reduction

* Increased Self-Confidence

* ...and countless other benefits to enhance ones mind and body


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The beauty of this fitness program is that one is able to practice yoga within the comfort of their own home and determine their own pace as they receive clear instruction from one of the most highly acclaimed yoga instructors within North America. Typically, one seeking to obtain such a high level of guidance would be expected to pay an exorbitant amount of money per class but the APY60 yoga system introduces a level of affordability which makes this training accessible to everyone- no matter the budget.


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When one buys the APY60 yoga program online they will receive the day-by-day coaching and conditioning sessions from Kurt Johnsen, 10 American Power Yoga Classes, the step-by-step workbook to further assist in gauging accomplishments- as well as, Kurt's nutrition guide and food and eating instructional DVD.


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In addition, for a limited time, all online orders will be accompanied with some bonus gifts to further guarantee and seal ones success in their journey to lose weight and regain peace of mind.

These Being:

* An additional endurance class for more workout intensity

* Pocket calendar which offers tips

* His innovative habit builder kit